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Other than that, I dont know what the point of the story is. The flashbacks make no sense. The revenge plot against Shameka makes no sense. Wow, she gave your boyfriend laced weed. Big whoop. He's sitting there smoking and snorting cocaine like it's going out of style, but laced weed is a no no. The revenge plot in my opinion was petty. I can see that perhaps the author wrote this first book with the second book in mind.

She knows how it will end up in the second book and tries to throw references in the first, but considering her audience doesnt know what she knows, we have no idea what she's talking about. There were so many ideas thrown out there that it just didnt come together in a congruent way. This is just my opinion, as obviously others liked this book. I am perhaps just a person that prefers a character driven story rather than a plot driven story.

To me, the characters even if they are crazy should make sense. To just throw out a bunch of random actions to drive the plot is not a good way to develop a story, in my humble opinion. View 1 comment. Oct 23, OOSA rated it liked it. Snake Pit Tangie is a woman on a mission. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She's also one that shouldn't be crossed. She stays ahead of the game and never allows anyone to see her sweat. The hip hop industry can be treacherous. If one is not careful, they could lose it all in an instant. Who loses what?

After a few chapters, however, it did pick up.

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The only way I can describe this book is - RAW. Everything is in your face. There were times when I thought the sex was a little over the top. The twists will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fabiola Joseph does a great job of taking you behind the scenes of hip hop and showing the grime that can lurk in the bling. Reviewed by: Jas Nov 14, Ericka rated it it was amazing. Sneaky, money grubbing, low- down, deceitful, cold hearted. Those are the very words to come to mind when describing the main character in this very well thought out story.

Readers meet Tangie a young beautiful female on the come up, she went from rump shaking in music videos to marrying one of the hottest rappers on the scene, Mr Tayvon Too Fine. Go Sneaky, money grubbing, low- down, deceitful, cold hearted. Good thing he didn't find out she was also sleeping with his bodyguard, and one of his rivals. When it came to getting something Tangie wanted or wanted done she had no problem using sex as her weapon.

Please don't dare to cross this snake or you will get bitten in the worst way, that's what she told the last person that crossed her. She was almost right but somewhere towards the end things go horribly wrong, just when things had started to go so right. The person that she seeked revenge on was feeling the pain, she was rich, pregnant and just finally realizing that she loved Tayvon. Yes she finally loved him and not just for his money or his fame. But her plan back fires and the wrong person ends up getting hurt.

The Art Of Deceit was the perfect name for this book, because it had to be an art form that Tangie was born with. Being that deceitful cant be learned on the streets or in any school, you have to straight be born with it. It amazed me through the whole book how Tangie could be so wicked, I'm talking not a morsel of remorse or guilt for the things that she did. I also have to give Ms.

Tangie her props too because she was one smart cookie, you had to be smart to think of the things she did to get back at her enemy. Although in the end she wasn't smart enough. This story grabbed my attention from day one, the story was told in first person and was told well. The plot flowed, I never knew what Tangie was gonna do next which means the story had me guessing, which is a good thing. The ending I never really saw coming it was a total surprise. The authors were very creative, and descriptive in telling this story.

So now you already know what time it it. Would I recommend this book to anyone else? Hell yeah this book was fire. How would I rate this book on a scale of ? Ten baby straight 10 Would I buy any other books from these authors based off this one? Yes I would The Art Of Deceit takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of hip-hop through the eyes of Tangie, a video vixen turned opportunist.

When the threat of exposure at the hands of Shamika, the girl The Art Of Deceit takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of hip-hop through the eyes of Tangie, a video vixen turned opportunist. The Art Of Deceit offers a new spin on a familiar theme. It was a very entertaining read filled with erotic sex scenes, an unexpected love story and a tangled web of deception.

Fabiola Joseph has weaved an engaging tale that holds your attention until the very end. Dec 07, L. Hardy rated it it was amazing. Freshman author Fabiola Joseph has penned a stellar work! She takes you through the ins and out of a celebrity, hip-hop, world that few get to bear witness to but most are intrigued by. The main character, Tangie, is a woman on a mission as she uses her beauty, charisma, street smarts, and sexuality all for evil.

She even said herself, that she is a snake! She is the character that you love to hate as she weaves her web, ensnaring not-so innocent victims along the way. That is the part that leave Freshman author Fabiola Joseph has penned a stellar work! That is the part that leaves me not really being too mad at all her treacherous pursuits at the end of the day, because aside from maybe Amira and Black, all of the characters had dirt with them.

She just played a game of chess not checkers and was more strategic. I loved the reference to a scene in the movie "Natural Born Killers" to describe this chick because if you ever start feeling sympathetic towards Tangie or start feeling a little 'Captain Save a Ho-ish' just keep that passage in mind and you'll straighten up! This is a page-turner that takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions from beginning to end!

Sex, Drugs, and Hip-Hop!! Jul 02, Olivia rated it really liked it. The prime example is Tay's telling Tangie that she's "just a star fucker. He tells his bodyguard "She got a nigga hooked and there's nothing that I could do about it. But I digress I've read books before where a character did or said something that was so overboard it made the character ridiculous.

That's not the case here. The characters in this book are very well developed and realistic. Their words and actions are consistent and in sync with the characterization the author has set out to show the reader. The women characters in this book intrigued me. Tangie The main character set off a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Admiration - She's a go-getter who lets nothing get in her way. When she sees something she wants, she goes after it. No matter what else she has going on, her eyes remain on her ultimate goal.

Hate - I hated her for the things she did to get what she wanted - Seducing Carl and rubbing it in his face that they'll never be together because he doesn't make enough money for her. Taking the groupie to the hotel room as a "gift" for Tayvon and her rejection of Amira because leaving Tay would be walking away from what she'd aspired to all her life and losing the material things that it represented.

Sympathy - Her sexuality rules her. She uses sex to control and manipulate, with the exception of Amira. Her grief over Amira's death was heartwrenching. The author vividly paints the picture of the denial phase and the reader can't help but feel sorry for Tangie. In different places in the story, we get brief glimpses of a sad little girl who feels like she's on her own with no one else to look out for her well-being and happiness.

I would be interested to know the kind of childhood she had. Her mother instilled a lot of her attitude in her. It would also be interesting to know her mother's story. Finally, I must admit that Tangie is a woman that I fear. The insecure part of me quakes at the thought that a woman like her might decide she wants my significant other, whether it be for money, sex, or whatever. Someone like me would have not no chance whatsoever in trying to stand up to or fight against the ruthlessness with which she operates.

Shamika While on the surface, Shamika isn't a nice person, I sympathized with her character. Not because of what Tangie did to her, but because of who she is. She's a hood chick struggling to fit in. Her actions are a desperate attempt to come up from the lower ranks to the upper eschelon. With her preoccupation with trying to fit in and be the person she thinks she should be, she doesn't realize that she's trying too hard and pushing Black to look elsewhere. It's obvious that she comes from a background of poverty or just barely making it. She wants a big house like Tay and Tangie's instead of the simple townhome that she and Black share.

She envies Tangie's jewelry and clothes. The material things that she sees Tangie with is what she wants for herself. It's hard for me to determine whether she truly does love Black or whether she's holding on to his potential. In her words, they have a "thug love," not a kissy, kissy love like Tangie and Tay.

In my opinion, she doesn't know what love is and is simply looking for a method of come-up.

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Amira This character was only in the book for a short while, but her presence had the greatest impact on the story by bringing out the other side of Tangie's character. Amira was a tragic character. Because of her career in the spotlight, her personal relationships were affected. She was having to suppress who she was to keep her fans happy, but in meeting and falling in love with Tangie, she was willing to risk her career.

A Treacherous Game: Street Deceptions

When Tangie wasn't brave enough to admit to reciprocal feelings, Amira wasn't emotionally able to cope with it. Tangie was her downfall. I can't wait for the sequel to find out what happens. Part of me hopes that Tay isn't really dead, that maybe it's one of the body guards or Carmello. I want to know whose baby Tangie is carrying. I'm a little surprised that with her mindset of sex as a tool, she wouldn't make sure the men wrap it up or that she wasn't on some type of birth control. While the story is entertaining, I'm a little disappointed that she didn't get any punishment for her actions.

Yes, she lost Amira, but that loss doesn't seem to have changed her. It's as if she cried it out and now she's moved on with her life. She uses and abuses people and it doesn't seem to affect her at all. Her character remains consistent in her "all about me" attitude. She doesnt' seem to grow from that. Maybe in the sequel she will.

I applaud the author for a well-written story. She is certainly a wonderful storyteller. This was my first time reading her work and I look forward to reading more. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. A copy of this book was provided by the author for review. I received no compensation. Apr 13, Sistar Tea rated it liked it. Joseph and I will take a chance on her again. I was not crazy about this book. There were too many stereotypical characters and plots all jammed into the book to give the reader shock value.

This did not work well for me. The book dragged as I had to read through sex act after sex act. With the amount of sex it has, this book should be classified as porn, I think it even surpasses the term "Erotica" The usual suspects are here: The Gold-digger Sleeping With The Enemy This is my first read by Ms. With the amount of sex it has, this book should be classified as porn, I think it even surpasses the term "Erotica" The usual suspects are here: The Gold-digger - Tangie typical money hungry chick with money etched on the brain.

The Hood-Rat - Shamika the one you can take out the hood but can't take the hood out of her. The Rich star - Tay'von "Too Fine" Miller super fine and super rich lives by the notion it's not tricking if you have it. The Up and coming rapper Black Dialect has a head on his shoulders but is trying to stay on top after a costly mistake Supporting characters Carl Tay'von bodyguard sexy and know his place that is until he mixes it up with Tangie Tony Tay'von bodyguard sexy and not falling for Tangie web of deceit Carmello record label owner wants to sign Tay'von. Reminds me of the record label owner Red from the movie "The Five Heartbeats" wanted to know more about him.

This is not the world I live in. I just can't comprehend some of things taking place in this novel. There were many holes in the story and some scenes didn't make sense to me even after all was revealed. There were twists but I cannot say they were unexpected. Since this was written in first person POV there were things and thoughts that Tangie shouldn't have been privy to, and this happened a lot.

Joseph clearly has talent; I think she will go far in the future. Even with the flaws, I felt the characters. I wanted to strangle most of them most of the time. Needed more background on Tangie. Wanted to here more from Connie who was mention in synopsis but never brought forth in novel. I felt as if this was written with part two already in mind, where as it felt like the reader should know certain things already but we weren't told.

Will check out part two to see if she can save this for me. Mar 30, Locksie rated it really liked it Shelves: completed. The world of music videos is one of fame, sex, money, and glamour. Tangie is the latest video vixen who is sexy, alluring, and very good at what she does. Oh no! Tangie is hard core and will do whatever it takes to make what she wants a reality. Know how to play the game or get out of her way!

As for love?

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Well, that has not even been factored into Vixen!! But sometimes what we dream, plan, and hope for does not always come to us the way we had planned. Step to the forefront Mr. But both have secrets and selfish reasons why they should be a couple…and love has nothing to do with it!

The art of deceit takes perfecting, and Tangie uses everyone and everything to perfect her craft! I enjoyed reading about Tangie, although I had no love for her! Her desire for sex is unquenchable and is showcased in many scenes in the book. Joseph did a fine job with the character development. Scandal, lies, deceit, and sex make this an entertaining read, and an interesting colorful cast of characters kept me intrigued. Star Rating 3.

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Dec 22, Norlita Brown rated it really liked it. Fabiola Joseph brings to readers urban street literature and erotica in perfect harmony. Her work demands the attention of the reader from the very first word, refusing to let your mind rest until you have read it in completion.

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Once done you will be left in awe of Joseph as a writer with a wonderfully creative mind. Although Joseph struggles slightly with shifts in POV and tense, the depth in her skill developing the story's characters, plot, climax and amazing finale will assure you have an enj Fabiola Joseph brings to readers urban street literature and erotica in perfect harmony. Although Joseph struggles slightly with shifts in POV and tense, the depth in her skill developing the story's characters, plot, climax and amazing finale will assure you have an enjoyable read.

Joseph has taken a clean canvas and filled it vividly with color as she explores the sexuality of both man and woman. She walks you through the struggles they face as they try to identify who they are and more importantly who they love. Joseph will not rest until she has you emotionally involved with one or many of the characters she created.

Whether it be Tangie, Tayvon, Amira or Black, you can not walk away without rooting for someone. You would do yourself an injustice not to take the trip with Tangie and Tayvon as they discover the true Art of Deceit! Jan 04, Te'Amo rated it really liked it. This is the first books by Fabiola that I have read. Throughout it all, they manage always to rely on each other, realizing the true meaning of love, friendship, and loyalty. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Aggressive and vigorous, Hassan Waters is the product of his environment, raised in the projects, with no mother and a father who constantly abuses him mentally and physically.

After his first committed crime at a very young age of 13, Hassan became angrier, lashing out into society as one of Chicago's worst nightmare youngsters involving himself in theft, drugs, and money. When he meets someone of the opposite of his character and falls in love, but he has to fight for his life, and is surprised by the beauty's loyalty in the end. Product Details.

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