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Now I am forever stuck in my ways without sunshine to see. Just an electric ray cast adrift in sub time. Electric tentacles swing to and fro. Silently pulsating faster. Gliding through eons of silence to join in the dance. The mind tricks the eye. Is it you that I see? Long have I waited Down under the Sea. As I float here so impatiently. She walked on down the hall. To follow is to see.

Break it again. Ten meters over the ground.

Eden Node Machine, 1982

Her collar and her cuffs were of sable. While hovering above the table. I twittered when I felt her caresses. Then laughing she completely undresses. She tried to inflate my mind, yeah. My head was swollen and round. Just trying to remain on the ground. Then we erase all time until everything is one perfect day. Amoreena Had Enough Yesterday Beautiful brain has turned.

Eden – machines of urbanization

Jars of formaldehyde. Terribly bad. Dad works his days away, mending the rust on an old wooden time machine. Sawing sawdust. Amoreena had enough yesterday. Where has her purpose gone, entrepreneur. The need to create something kept in a drawer. Words exit from her mouth and fall on the floor. Drawing the line again. Drafting a war. Peace is the same for you for nothing at all. Unearthly light casts a shadow into another place. Another place and time. There is no other way. No other way to fly. Over the face of that jolly fellow. Sugary sweet makes you nice to swallow.

Out of your mind. Green Faery say goodbye. I see you there flying solo. On to your favorite place in the morning sky. Another day to shine. Relinquish your control for what you deem Holy.

Eden makes it easy to meet the requirements

Carving all that you know into the table. Marching toward the truth. We were wasting the days of youth. Test your luck for the prize, over and over. History can be shaped. You have the power. Add a little more sand. Extend the hour. Marching toward the truth we were wasting the days of youth. Goodnight Anne Berlin, sweet skin, salt and sin. Wonder why the scenery spins. You need to be alone. Sentimental scientist all wrong. No wonder he fell under her spell. Goodnight Anne Berlin, to the sweet hereafter kiss.

Sleep tight Anne Berlin. You know it to be a dream…. Standing alone with too much to say, only yesterday. Last week seemed like an eternity. Working this town Fair calliope. And you had hoped to be better.

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And you will keep it together. Another State Fair along the road. We all have the fear of getting left behind. Aw, a state of mind. This Is Strange I was jumping a trampoline without any savior. When my head rose above the trees, I met my new neighbor. This is strange. Alligators Eat Gumdrops Alligators eating gumdrops. Presweetened Blueberry blonde. Take a day trip to the fun shops. Chocolate coating keeps you warm. Assaulted batteries are bad news. Chrysalide Would you like to make the evening news? Tighten up your wires and your screws.

Your look is so determined and confused. Delicately wipe off all the dust. Paint another coat over the rust. Shed another tear dear if you must. Hold on to me chrysalide. Has your coveted insecticide already touched your mind? Does the turning give you butterflies?

The Eden Project - Statues ft. Leah Kelly

What have you left behind? Hold onto me chrysalide. In a dream I take you home tonight, frolicking in the sky. Your well adjusted harness is secure. Your well adjusted mentally obscure, beautiful, misguided and demure. High upon the ledge you seem alight.

Machines of Eden

Standing graceful tall into the night. Ready to employ eternal flight. She left her green beret on the bus we took to town. Nose rings and pretty things gathered in a sari shop. Her eyes were so surprised when I stopped breathing. You think you hide it, but girl it shows. People love to stare. Rose incense in the air.

I need a bite to eat. Help me get back on my feet. We left the sari shop for a bowl of be bim bop. She smiled in my eyes. I really want samosas. What does it mean this chemical dream? One time they trembled for you brought you honey and bees. Lost in the flowers overcloud. Jupiter In the morning when I heard you calling as I watched the fountain blowing up to the sky. Sparkling we come down. Making only a sound. Out of breath and out of what is left beside us? Lying here to guide us? My astrolabe. Search the Heavens again. The spot on your lung is pneumonia. The spot on your heart is from her.

The storm in your head is why they call you Jupiter. Velvet And Corduroy Velvet and corduroy. Sharing an Almond-Joy. Ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Come see the Frozen Girl before she melts away on Saturday. Giggling as they chew. Consuming all that is left in a Sapphic way, then they run away. Velvet and corduroy. Another Almond-Joy. Glaring she walks away seeking another boy. Shampoo Pretty little horses sound real fine. The songs they play are in tune. The King has played the wrong chess piece this time. You lose.

There it comes, there it goes. Old enough, enough to know. Let it go. Leave it up to me to shape your mind. It will wash away with shampoo. All Her Seasick Parties Dramamine and her seasick parties. Broken toes are the signs of fashion. Broken noses will heal fantastic. Nothing to do with you. Lost in America. You gotta be more hysterical kiss some ass and show some class.

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