Manual Missives: Letters to a Friend

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The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society

It has been quite a long time since I last penned you a missive along the lines of our comatose epistolary exchanges that started more than a decade ago. Indeed you have been quite quiet and this silence, I dare say, is not golden. If it is true that we shall be asked about our divine endowments on the day of judgement, then certainly you and I have questions to answers about our literary endowments on that Day.

A Letter to Best Friend

And speaking about the Holy book, the Blessed Quran, was it not during this Holy month of Ramadan that this book was revealed? Truly Ramadan is the month of fasting; but is it not also the month of Quran? Then shall we not remind each other about the importance of devotion to this Tome of light and blessings during this holy month? They send each other long letters about their life and culture. This is usually done by people who have nothing better to do. Or just by people who have an interest in learning about other peoples lifes. I live in the U. S and prefer penpals who live in Europe,Asia,and Australia.

A guy who only text during work hours when he's trying to kill time.

Urban Dictionary: Penpal

The conversations are normaaly generic in detail and he often asks to hang out without any indication of when that will be. During the weekend or after work hours the pen pal is unavailable and if he does wanna see you, it's to come over to your house with intentions of having sex. Jane: pen pal is texting you? Who's that?

Beckie : I don't know who exactly but if we don't go out or talk when I'm off work I just call them my pen pal. They kill time when I'm bored.

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YY Flouncy And if you feel like you are a bit rusty with your letter writing skills, by all means consider joining the society to help improve your skills! Any questions?

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I look forward to a new Pen Friend Exchange! Write Letters,. Write Often! Lady Pamela.

Friendship, love and letter-writing

Thursday, January 11, Contact me per email for exceptions to this rule. This is where I personally select a pen friend for you based on your completed application. This is not a perfect system, but I do try my best.

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You might not get a response from me immediately, but I hope to start working on them this weekend. It usally takes me about days to get it all worked out. I believe this is reasonable and amounts to 1 letter a month. My new Jane Austen wax seal! Mine was a custom order, but the process was relatively simple. With my seal being a custom order, and that fact that this company is based in Hong Kong, it did take a few weeks to receive. I was pleased with the packaging when it arrived I got to work on making my Jane Austen Silhouette seal right away.

This seal takes a bit more wax than others, so my first attempts were rather poor. But practice is definitely the key to success! I am very pleased with the results! Thank you Stamptitude! I am sure that this wax seal will quickly become one of my favorites! Write Often,.