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They found an early Neolithic house, older than those at Skara Brae. With students and archaeologists from her own school and the University of Central Lancashire, Professor Downes has spent the last three summers digging between tides and documenting the artifacts. The waters and storms that exposed these sites will also, before long, destroy them.

The Disease That Rots the World: Shores of Silver Seas: Collected Short Stories 2000 - 2006

The coastal survey forecasts that Cata Sand will lose about 80 feet of beach by Among them is Maeshowe, a passage tomb built in B. Its entryway aligns with the setting midwinter sun, much like a tomb at Newgrange, miles south in Ireland. More than 4, years after Maeshowe was built, Vikings broke in and carved runes on the walls. The most sprawling neolithic Orkney site, the Ness of Brodgar, is only now emerging on a neck of land surrounded by water.

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Its discovery was pure serendipity. In , a couple hired a farmer to plow a sheep field outside their retirement home to ready the ground for a wildflower meadow. On the final turn, he hit a stone — one that had notches carved into it. The stone was part of a group of monumentally scaled structures, all buried. Near them was an impossibly massive wall, also buried, 18 feet thick in places. The Ness totals six acres, about eight American football fields, and is rich with artwork and heaps of cattle bone from mass feasts, said Nick Card, director of the site.

With less than 10 percent excavated, he said, 35, items have been collected.

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Archaeologists and students trowel the soil, whisk dirt off promising bits, then bag them. The grand spaces at the Ness of Brodgar, like the homely kitchens of Skara Brae and the tomb at Maeshowe, were built thousands of years before scribes first told of Buddha and Moses, Lord Vishnu and Jesus Christ. Sign up to receive our in-depth journalism about climate change around the world. Written by Jim Dwyer. Photographs and drone video by Josh Haner.

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Now they face dire threats from climate change. So people are fighting for these places and their stories. Skara Brae.

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There are more than sites in this area. Maeshowe chambered tomb. Area of detail. A Neolithic chambered tomb on Sanday Island. Measuring a section of the Knowe of Swandro on Rousay Island. Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust.

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  8. I hope you read and enjoy them all, much as you would enjoy standing on the shores of silver seas watching the sun set over a warm summer evening. I completed these stories shortly after divorcing my first wife, a tumultuous time for my family. I made the trip on a twenty year old Honda cc motorcycle with my pet cat in a backpack in fact, that cat made this trip TWICE — the third time she got to ride in a car!

    That girlfriend is now my long-time and most adored wife, and these stories reflect a transitional period of increasing maturity and a growing sense of human empathy.

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