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And honestly, I never really know. I was just in a rush, a rush to be published, a rush to be heard. Do you consider yourself a feminist writer? Mike Corrao is a young writer working out of Minneapolis.

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Revisions happen a bit slower. Which did you start with, or have you always been involved in both?

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However, my filmmaking and writing processes are starkly different. Writing on the other hand is a solo effort. I come up with an idea.

Lambda Literary

JF: They do say writing is the loneliest job. MC: For a little while, I had a friend who would pick up used journals from thrift shops for me. Can you tell me a little bit about it? They take one look at his five-foot-five, surfer-shirt-wearin', baggy-jeans-slouchin', Pop Tart-eatin', spiked-hair-head self and you can just see confusion firebombs exploding in their heads, like they are thinking, Oh no, Cyd Charisse, that young man is not your homes.

Though the book earned plenty of praise, not every critic was charmed. But when she reread the book five years later, Cohn had a slight change of heart. And probably for worse. Stine went to a recent YA reading, he noticed far more and something women in attendance than teenagers. He was puzzled, so he asked Pettit why this might be. I think YA authors are freer to take you on a ride instead of constructing overwrought sentences and impressing you with their skill. For Picoult, who has written about murder, abuse, and school shootings in her books for adults, this was news.

Sammy was the one who said no, it should really be dark so Happily Ever After has much more at stake. Find the "Kernel of Hope. For example, S. Ninety-nine percent of books for teens have that at least at the end. Because there are none. I left the schoolyard and petty bullies like Rowan long ago when my years at Catholic school were finally up. My work has appeared in every major queer mag in the country and most of the better known national daily newspapers, including the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Google me and you get about two million references. Google Lee Rowan and you get—no joke—a list of closet organizers. So maybe I am envious—because my closets are a mess. Who knew Rowan was the leader of the actual business, though?

Brad Vance Author

Oh my—yes, i have. A lot. I actually have always been a writer who writes. And includes Gertrude Stein among others. I took over the project when my dear friend, the photographer Tee Corinne, was diagnosed with liver cancer she died a few months later. So by all means castigate me for doing a lesbian history. So tedious. Envious of what? Your bad attitude? Your ability to clear a room or enrage a comments list? My kingdom for a hatpin! The other half disagree, mostly whining and complaning. Boo hoo. Deal with it.

Own it. And then go off and blog amongst yourselves that the rest of us actual queers are just jealous of your hetero privilege and stupendously successful writing careers in a sub-genre and your own publisher refers to it as sub-genre, Rowan, so I am not defaming you. I told her that she might have less of a language problem if she were reading something less low-brow, but that was probably mean of me.

What slash fiction tells us about female sexuality

Or fuschia. I just think that among all your fanciful claims should be some facts. So why all the secrecy? My life is the proverbial open book. I want to thank respondents like Paul Bens, Tasha and Mel among others who read the article carefully and articulated their responses with such care and consideration and made me think more about the issues I was discussing.

This is why I write. Tilting at windmills has not gone out of fashion, I see. What could be more gratifying? I am a member of a organization sic , Lambda Literary, which Rowan does not respect nor esteem. If you so disrespect Lambda Literary, why continue to post here or read anything we write? Why not focus on the things that you do respect, whatever those might be, since there has not been a single positive comment from you on this page or anywhere else I can find.

Get it now, folks? This is what I mean by co-optation and objectification. These people revile us—Rowan said it succinctly above. So why should we embrace them? Not all of us are English mother tongue and I try very hard to speak and write a different language from mine. Elisa, dear. I wanted only to highlight that Justin has all the right, and the basis, to comment and his comment has not to be dismessed since his characters are a fox and a cougar.

I like to think I live in a country where we can buy pretty much any book we like. After a quick visit to Amazon. Would that be you? I tried the same quick search on Amazon. Which of your books did Canada ban? You said:. Ok, go with the number a professional deviation. I use themes to classify them, and the themes that most are near to what you are referring are probably:. All of them are men, so even the Alpha Male character is part of the Gay Romance imaginery. All of the are Historical Romances. Again I found: Johnny Miles, M.

Kei, Mark R. Probst, D. Manly, Mark Alders, J. Sagmiller, Dusk Peterson, J. Jim P.

Same as above. But most of the time this plot revolve around the fact that, indeed, the straight man was not so straight. Banis, D. Manly, Gary Martine. No male authors here, of course. Then you wanto a prove that this is the new black. This is a bit more difficult to prove. Go back on to see when I wrote them and see if there is a trend it would take me too much time. I will use exactly the contrary method: how many books I have in my reading list, unread, in the last years? I read mostly ebooks, so this is more simple to count :. I will not consider the years since I was not reading only Gay Romance then.

But you can easily see that from to the production is times bigger. Did the readers both male than female discover it? On this point I want to agree with you I think : before the typical reader of Gay Romance was a gay man. After the women in mass since also before there were women, but they were like the men, lurking , discovered Gay Romance.

Yes, if someone asked me what sort of fiction I write or favor, I would say gay spec fic. But I am I a gay writer who loves spec fic or a spec fic writer who happens to be gay? And, I am sure, many readers feel the same way. A perfect novel about an incredible pair of men in love. I did so because the work was, in my opinion, excellent. But their stories moved me. But I believed and still do that a great book is a great book.

Needless to say I was shocked, offended, and more than a little pissed off. How many gay male authors are writing for gay men? I know, with my personal writing, I am for gay readers sometimes specifically gay male teens with my YA fiction and anyone else who enjoys the story is… well, gravy. That, to me, oversteps the boundary of the author-reader pact.

Do I think all of these things are true and endemic to women writing gay erotica or romance? Obviously not. Maybe some authors do fetishize gay sex like straight men do horribly so with lesbians. And poor writing is only cured by practice and sharing your work, so perhaps some books have been rushed through the system. And I encourage anyone to write a great book about gay characters I care about. How am I to feel about that? Or the authors of such books?

Everyone is allowed their opinion. A story written by a gay man about a cougar and a fox clearly does not fit into that category. I think you need to consider where you are—the Lambda Literary Foundation, which is all about queer literature.

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  • Nobody here is objecting to gay fiction, much less gay fiction written by gay men. Obviously the above comment is my interpretation of the column. The Fetishizing of Queer Sexuality. About : Victoria Brownworth Victoria A. Brownworth is an award-winning journalist, editor and writer and the author and editor of nearly 30 books. I have quite a bit to say so bear with me. Now to address some of what you, Victoria, put in your opinion article. To keep things in context, your comments, Victoria, are in italics while mine are not. Quelle suprise!

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    Well, the computer crashed and sent that before I had a change to proof. Ah well. Maybe it belongs on another post…. I am, however, incredibly gratified that you spelled my name right. You are also on Amazon, Ms. I call credibility-fail. Cue Lee Rowan with a bag full of derail. Andrew said: Lee, although I find this article problematic in some ways, you and your band of fine BIG NAME authors are doing yourselves no favors in the way you are conducting yourselves online.

    Marth said: Which is basically the same thing I said with bigger words. Lee said: What I see in your post is not righteous indignation, Victoria: it is plain old envy. Steve let see the positive side, we are discussing right? This is demonstrably untrue. Donaghe— 4.

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    • Fishback — 4 stars Lavender Boys by S. Taylor — 1. A Queer Erotic Thesaurus by A. Peterkin nonfiction — 5 stars Pirates of the Narrow Seas by M. Kei — 4. Tasha I should probably let Justin replies, but Tasha I think this is a highly offensive comment. Andrew: Amen. Paul ostracize, dismessed? I read mostly ebooks, so this is more simple to count : 1 book 13 books books books books books and the year is not yet complete I will not consider the years since I was not reading only Gay Romance then.

      And your English is better than mine most of the time.