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When the unthinkable happens and an innocent life is placed in jeopardy, Raine is forced to make a terrible choice: one that will shake her to her very core and cause her to question not only herself, but everything she has ever believed. Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series 14 books in series. Smoky Mountain Tracks Publisher's Summary. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free. Cancel anytime. Book 1.

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The very walls were shaking, dishes were breaking from the force of the vibrations going throughout the walls and floor, and the dogs outside were barking louder than ever. It hovered over the cottage for several minutes before ascending back up and disappearing. These are all people who are very conservative and rational, and they hate discussions regarding the supernatural, so I have no doubt in my mind that they were telling the truth.

I was lying in my bed when a dark figure climbed through my bedroom window. It felt so surreal, at this point I realized it was a dream. Eyes still closed, I only had the sensation of ascension. I felt myself stop, and opened my eyes to a dark room with reddish lights. I felt just a soft pinch on the back of my left hand and the front of my right.

Next thing I knew, I was back in my bed with the uncontrollable urge to cry. I ran downstairs to my babysitter and just cried in her arms. And obviously, I believed it. The next few years, the metal would often cause my skin to bubble up around it, cause warts, set off metal detectors, and confound every doctor I went to. It was noticeably more irritable in places like church, airports, and next to circuit breakers. I never got it removed, because I was scared of being anesthetized, and I kind of liked feeling different having it there.

I believe it was aliens with all my being. I also still have the scar on my left hand, though it has shrunken considerably. I had a chemistry professor in high school who was a very upright, respectable man. He also coached the soccer team that I played on. His friend and the dog ran into the dunes, leaving just my teacher and his girlfriend.

As they were sitting there, a bright light started moving across the sky, and then rapidly got bigger as it approached them. Within a minute, a giant space ship was hovering above the ocean. It hovered for 30 seconds perfectly silent, and then shot off again, rapidly shrinking and then disappearing in the distance. Him and his girlfriend were absolutely flabbergasted. When the friend and his dog showed up, neither of them had seen or heard anything, though they were past the dunes and away from the beach.

His skeptical parents devised a clever solution to prove if the story was true- they brought each of them into a different room, gave them a blank sheet of paper and a pen, and had them independently draw the ship they had seen. They both drew the exact same picture, with the same shape and ring of lights around the middle, and estimated its width and distance from the shore similarly.

At this point telling our class the story, my teacher drew the ship on the white board for added visual effect, and it was a wide oval with a ring of lights in the middle and a bright light on the bottom. I got up from watching TV to close the blinds and happened to look up at the sky. I saw what looked like a formation of three lights in the shape of a triangle. They appeared to be on a craft of the same shape. You can see in the video that I set the camera down for a sec to grab my wife for a witness. Sorry for the poor quality, I was way too excited.

For a full disclaimer, this was shot on the west side of Chicago, facing north. I just kinda shook it off after maybe 15 minutes as a weird coincidence and hopped up to meander my way home. When I got home all the lights were off which I found kinda weird until I went to plug my phone in. October of , my dad calls me and says he wants to go camping for the weekend and that he was leaving right away, this is like 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

I agree, he picks me up, and we head out to the Mogollon Rim. It gets dark before we get there and rains a little bit.

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Very weird vibe, we pass a stranded motorist, and we are usually the type to stop and help but we decided against it. I tell him to stop the car, he does, and shuts off the lights. The light slowly gets bigger and kind of twists, and slowly moves from left to right. When it left, it left VERY fast. And when it left, it lit up the forest. Still shook up, we got to our destination and set up camp, had a great weekend. My family noticed a star-like thing in the sky and decided to look at it through a telescope since it was still light outside and seemed strange.

This thing literally had tiny black spots crawling all over it, and was only slightly moving. My brother and dad got in the car to try and get a closer look, and witnessed something from this object literally land into some bushes far away and it was still glowing. We were on the porch having a smoke around 11pm. I was leaning on the railing when suddenly what I thought was a plane in the distance turned towards us.

It was flying so low that the front lights blinded us. Though the craft was steadily gliding, it was all happening so fast. As the object got closer we noticed it was a huge triangle, almost venti black, and had three huge circular lights on the bottom. It was so close, just above the trees right in front of the building.

It was so silent. Then the huge black triangle mother fucker turned on a DIME right In front of us and disappeared over the tops of the buildings. I was maybe 11 or 12 and we would always play hide and seek at night around neighboring houses with friends. Hard to say how high, but it was almost gliding. It was also more elongated, like a star destroyer shape from Star Wars.

Of course, I told my friends, but none of them believed me. Not really spoken about it much since. The cabin was situated in a small clearing in the forest. It was pitch black out except for the bonfire. All of a sudden all the woodsy sounds stopped. No crickets, no birds, no bullfrogs.

The adults were all drunk and carrying on but we kids noticed immediately. The night was suddenly silent except for the rustling of the tree tops. It was way too slow and way too low to be a plane. It had 3 lights at the back and we could just make out a massive triangular shape. It was a black that made the night sky above it seem lighter. I think there were 4 or 5 of us kids and we had been playing a little ways away from the fire. Well, once we saw it, you better believe we hauled ass to the adults pointing to the sky and yelling. I was scared.

The adults thought we were just being dramatic but when my mom looked up, she saw it. Then everyone saw it. As we watched, it turned above the clearing then blasted out of view without a sound. As soon as it was gone the crickets started chirping again. The whole thing lasted maybe a few minutes but I had such a terrible feeling of dread in my stomach.

My mom and I still talk about it sometimes. Scary stuff. Met a guy while I was tripping on LSD who was working a snowcone stand. He looked like a carnival worker and had a pentagram necklace and an illuminati ring not joking. He must have sensed we were on something so he proceeded to unload his crazy story on us.

He saw a saucer hover above a radio tower where he worked and claimed others were there to witness during the middle of the day as well. In addition, he had another sighting when cruising around with his then girlfriend very late at night. They followed it for half an hour through oilfield roads and finally saw it land in an open field.

It flashed its light at them so they flashed the headlights back. Then they both blinked and looked down and it was exactly something like 3 hours later and neither could recall exactly what had happened. He said he talked to the newspaper and somebody writing a book about alien encounters. I assumed that he was high on meth or coke or something and was just making up stories to account for his blacking out in the middle of a wild bender night.

Sure enough, he was in the local paper and was quoted in a book published long ago and told his abduction story there. Too dark to make out what it looked like, but it kept making these weird fucking snorting noises. But this just struck me as really weird and unexplained. Needless to say, I booked it the fuck out. We were hiking with friends and my sister and I got separated from the group as we stopped to look at the night sky.

It was a gorgeous summer night, very clear. I remember being able to see the huge array of stars extending over the sky like a carefully crafted mantle made out of glitter. We stopped on a high rock and when we turned around to continue our way up the trail, we saw this little person about meters away from us. I will never forget and to this day I avoid going hiking by myself or late at night. Also when it sort of waved, I noticed it had long fingers too. It had normal sized eyes and no mouth or at least none we could see. I was driving down a road in the middle of the day there are fields on both sides , no other cars on the road.

I saw what looked like a falling star, it was a big white ball of light with a tail, and it was hard to look at, even with sunglasses on. I had time to pull over and stop, still watching it fall straight down. This thing was going way faster than it should have, and so I was struggling to get my phone out of my pocket without taking my eyes off of it. Without warning, when it reached about eye level, it leveled off. I watched this thing go from vertical to horizontal in less than a second. It disappeared behind a line of trees and I noped out of there. I was coming home one night from work at about 2am.

I approached a church that I passed every single day. The first weird thing I noticed was a radio tower-esque light hovering above it. It was red and was blinking in an unusual manner. Most radio towers have an alert light that has some kind of pattern to it. This one was just going nuts. The next thing I noticed was that all of the streetlights in the parking lot were out. This place has a VERY well lit parking lot that was completely black.

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I pulled up to it and immediately hit the breaks. Hovering about ft above the steeple was a long airship with these weird vents protruding off the sides. The vents seemed to be spotlights that was illuminating the church-yard and some of the street. It made no noise. It just hovered there like a weird balloon perfectly silent. It even drifted slightly to one side. I was I shock.

After watching it in shock for what seemed like 20 minutes but it was probably just seconds it shot off. Like 0 to in mere milliseconds. I tried to follow it but in moments it was a speck, and then it was gone. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, stone sober, with the closeness that I did….

I kick myself for not taking a photo, but my phone at the time was a blackberry with a 3-megapixel camera so it would have just looked like a black blob. I was listening to the local radio when all of a sudden it cuts out. Not sure if this was a coincidence or not but it creeped me out. However, I got up and gazed out of the window only to see all the street lights were off.

Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series

Most street lights tend to turn off by 3AM, which is why this is extra weird. I look up far into the sky and see two red and blue lines in the sky, standing completely still. Motionless in the sky. My first thought was a military aircraft or something I was an 8-year-old who was obsessed with planes and UFOs etc but what convinced me that they were something more is the fact that they started circling each other and eventually blasted off crazy fast into the sky.

They just turned into blurs. I might have been seeing things, but as soon as they had left the radio came back into tune. The street lights turned back on , and I could now hear all the cars in the distance, and the wind. When the UFOs were above my street, everything was silent. But it felt really real and afterwards I was sure it had actually happened. I remember laying on the couch reading and as I was about to drift of I was waken again by these really bright lights.

They hurt my eyes and it was really hard to see anything. Like I was falling and never hitting the ground. My body hurt, mostly my legs like someone had stuck a knife into them , or like they had been removed. I just remember it being really uncomfortable and terrified, and the pain in my legs. I just lay there feeling watched and my legs hurting a lot. It was terrifying whatever it was. I was doing wildlife research in a remote part of WV that required us to be out late at night.


Close enough to DC, but remote enough that there are a lot of secret bases etc. Witnessed it with another colleague. I tell my friend to look up and he also sees the faint object circling the star. I was freaked out, yet excited at the same time. Witnessed an alien abduction back in …. This takes place when I was A friend of mine wanted me to help her grandparents set up their computer. I said sure and ride my bicycle to their house. I get there and clouds appear so I decide to make this pretty quick.

I set up the computer and install AOL for them, showing them all how it works and such. All of a sudden a cold breeze went through the room. It was odd as all the doors and windows were shut. The grandparents looked toward the kitchen and what I saw made me freeze in place. There were three creatures standing in the kitchen. Two of them were short grey creatures with a thicker neck than described with the eyes closer to the sides of their heads.

They wore silver jumpsuits. In between them was a taller creature looking like a humanoid mantis wearing a black robe with a yellow stripe going down the middle. They walk to another room and a minute later return with the robed creature carrying the granddaughter in its arms. I was very scared. More of the situation than of them and the grandparents were looking at them too but not doing anything. All of a sudden the light stretched around them and they vanished. An odd glow remained for a few seconds before fading.

After a minute of an awkward silence and the grandfather repeating she will be brought back soon I decided to leave. I rode my bicycle back home fast as I could while looking back to see if some ship was hiding in the clouds. The next day I did tell my friend what happened and she did tell me it has happened before.

The grandparents and other family members have tried to stop it but to no avail. They just accepted it with a look of defeat and moved on. They flew off out of sight, and I never could really explain it. This happened two and a half years ago. I try to ignore it and I tell myself I am dreaming, but then I look outside my window.

I see some sort of triangle above my house with extremely powerful flashing lights. I see another movement in my TV screen, so I decide to book it into the master bedroom downstairs and hide under the gigantic covers.

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I slowly peek out and see four different figures surrounding the giant queen sized bed I then see the power flicker out on the monitor on my desk. I see the figure in the dark reach down and touch my head, I pass out and start having really vivid dreams that I knew were dreams. Like I could feel that they were fake and that I needed to wake up, but every time I did I woke up to a kind of surgical light and a very scary sensation I now know to be sleep paralysis.

Every time I would go back to sleep I would feel some sort of tingling sensation in my legs, arms and head. After a few times of waking up to the light, I woke back up in the bed room with the figures standing over me whispering in a rough scratchy voice about something. The one closest to me touched my head and I semi passed out again with the sensation of sleep paralysis freezing me into a fearful kind of passing out.

I wake up the next morning, my clothes completely drenched in sweat and something super sticky. I was afraid to sleep for about two years I have barely slept without sleep paralysis until a few months ago. I have always kept this to my self, I now am afraid of being alone, my paranoia has heightened and sleep is very hard to come by. I also have long scar like marks on my legs head and arms where I had felt the sort of feeling you get when you are being numbed and cut into aka a tingling feeling. This place was in the middle of nowhere, and we spent 45 days hiking through the wilderness.

Though I did sneak my personal can of peanut butter and a bag of crackers with me, so I had enough to eat. On the second night, I saw a UFO. It was triangle-shaped, with a bright light on each corner. It would zip around the sky, traveling what must have been 50 miles in a fraction of a second. For a while, I watched it zip around in utter fascination, not believing what I was seeing. And man, these beings were evil. I know, and they know, that something truly awful was going to happen to me.

I started scrambling for something to do. Of all things, that gave them some hesitation, so I kept yelling. At this point the ship was probably yards above me. Fucking terrifying. A couple years later I awoke to a being grabbing my ankles trying to drag me out of my apartment. It might have been sleep paralysis for all I know. I tried telling a couple people when I got home, but all they said was that I must have been hallucinating from the lack of food which I doubt or that I was imagining things.

A few weeks ago. Was working promo outside one of the bars in town. Standing there holding the sign, fully sober, wide awake, never hallucinated, and no lights were there to cause sunspots in my eyes or any logical explanation. For some reason I look up. I sometimes look up just to make sure the sign is still facing the right way I usually hold it half arsed and get paid to stand around doing fuck all. There I see what was either one large craft or four smaller crafts.

Where 2 and 4 are red lights and 1 is the front. They all moved uniform and they seemed quite low down, so it was either 4 amazingly synced crafts or a single low craft. My guess would be a single low flying craft. The issue is town was dead, it was silence save for the bouncers chatting with staff outside. You could hear cars a block or two away not that there were any that night.

But this thing that seemed to float over the buildings low down made no noise whatsoever. Nobody said a thing. I used to live next to the beach in a apartment complex. One night I was with my friend looking at the ocean from the balcony. After a while my friend tell me it was so dark that if I stand up over there the only thing she could see are my teeth and we started laughing.

Seconds later we see a light on the ocean it slowly came out of the water. What we saw was like a orb shaped ball of light. It kept going up slowly and it suddenly flied fast to the sky at light speed disappearing in the dark sky. Everything happens in like 8 seconds we both were freak out and went inside the apartment. It was a a scary but incredible experience. Years later I saw a report on national geographic about orb shaped lights flying around forest in USA.

I knew it was the same thing I saw. Painesville, Ohio. Rewind to August ? It lasted for about 3 seconds, then disappeared totally and completely. It appeared without warning, no sound at any point, floated from left to right about the length of a house and lawn, and disappeared completely. It was low, too. About feet high. To this day my brother and I maintain what we saw. My dad claims it was a lightning ball? I call malarkey due the lime green color and slight smokey exhaust. I think a little background on my family is necessary. My parents are pretty old and super religious — not the type of people who are into extraterrestrials or pranks per se.

Anyway, on to the story. It was early evening and the my brother and sister were out riding their bicycles in the driveway and on the allotment. According to both of my parents, the ship slowly approached the house and it was enormous. It was triangular in shape and had windows all along the bottom of the aircraft that you could see into.

The weird part, according to my dad, was that the ship appeared to be metal not a blimp but it did not emit any sound which was strange due to the ships massive size. Needless to say, after the gawked at it for a minute or so, they all kind of freaked out and hid in the basement.

Nothing really happened after. Basically some creature ran out from the trees on the other side of the highway, jumped the median and sprinted towards the trees on our side. It was black, had long gangly limbs and moppy black long stringy hair. This thing moved so fucking weird I can see it clearly to this day. It galloped so awkwardly, did not run at all like a deer or anything of the sort, when it jumped it jumped off of the back two legs and landed again on the back two legs before coming down and galloping across the road.

Everyone in the car said the same thing. It was large, and terrifying and the way it moved was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. Me and my sister have seen the same UFO multiple times on our own property. It looks like a large ball of very bright shining orange light that comes from high up in the sky and slowly lowers until its just meters from the ground. We live out in the sticks, on an old farm that we inherited from our parents. After this had happened a few times, we saw the light again and my sister being extremely stubborn decides to stay up all night to see if she could figure out what was happening, but when it had gotten pretty late i got tired and decided to go to bed.

When I woke up, my sister was very much not herself. She has never really been the same since that night. She did eventually start to go back to her normal self, but she completely dodges any questions about what went down that night. Even to this day, I will never be able to empirically prove what I experienced. I am currently 26 years old, this happened on June 16th, I remember it vividly, It was immediately embedded in to my long term memory when it all happened, in psychology I believe they refer to these events as a flashbulb memories.

Anyways, I was living in my parents home at the time. I was playing WoW at the time, enjoying the idea that I had a legitimate excuse not to go out and do anything. I try for about 30 anxious minutes to get the internet to work, and you guessed it… nothing. I head to my room, frustrated. Here I am… home alone, no internet and irritated as hell.

My parents at the time were out at a work related event. I remember laying on my bed just staring at the ceiling, turn my head to look at my old retro alarm clock, it read: pm. I immediately sprung up, eyes wide open, startled as hell! I head to the door not really thinking much of it, I honestly thought they were church people just soliciting their beliefs. I ask them a bunch of questions… It turns out that they were in fact the FBI and someone had allegedly tried to poison the city water.

I called my parents to let them know what was going on, they okay-ed the situation. I tried to ask if there was a motive or if it was terrorist.. The guys taking water samples turn on their flashlights, as one of the flash lights, flashes over the tallest of the suited men, I see a reflection from his face, like there was metal under his face.

The guy with the flash light quickly directs the light somewhere else. The suited guy with the Geiger-Counter turns it on. The thing just starts going haywire. Not even 3 seconds later, It felt as if I was being pulled into a million different directions, I could not see anything at first just excruciating pain, I thought I was in the process of being disintegrated alive. Out of nowhere, I see nothing but white, I literally thought I was in what religious people call heaven.

I try to walk but nothing, then white room gets sucked into itself, and I see my life flash before my eyes, I see everything, Disneyland at 5, my first kiss at 15, watch happen on TV with mom and dad, everything. I see earth suspended in space, I am watching Earth from above, and I fall…. I am falling, heart racing, numbness, disbelief. I see the ground getting closer and closer, I know this is it, and I know I will die.

I woke up in my bed with a cold sweat and a panic, I freaked the fuck out and ran downstairs to find my parents cooking dinner. I run back upstairs and see the time is pm. I was relieved find out it was a dream. BUT, it gets creepy. I go back down stairs and ask my parents when they got home. I asked how their company event went and they said it was last week.

I asked them what time I feel asleep. I go to my computer and find that my WoW account was logged in and where I left off before the internet went down. I check my computer for the date date, and It was the 23th. I have literally no memory of a full week. I try to recall what had happened in my dream, it was a a blur.

I go back upstairs and see that it looked like someone went through my closet. I have never told anyone about this till now. I still have the Geiger-Counter and dont know what to do with it. I can post a pic of it if someone wants but, I dont really want to, for my own protection. I will though as I know this sounds crazy.

Silent Night: A Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, Audiobook Trailer

This may have just been a very vivid childhood dream, but whenever I think about it, it never feels like it. It has to be, though…. Anyway, my mom was a single mom who worked an overnight shift when I was young. Despite this being totally illegal, she used to let me stay home by myself overnight in our apartment.

One night, I remember seeing this being in my bedroom. I cowered under my comforter as I watched the being draw glowing lines along the wall near my door. I asked the being what it meant and in my head it told me that I would eventually understand some day. You know the grey ones with the big eyes. I kind of remember it being like a sickly greenish white, but it did have big eyes.

Last halloween me and my friends were on a dock about to light off some fireworks. We had all just arrived and were still just shooting the shit to see if anyone else would show up. Myself and my buddy were looking up at the stars when right above a hill behind our town we seen a light and it looked really odd. It was sort of blueish grey in color, but what was interesting was it had a metallic rainbow colored halo around it in the shape of a magnetic field like how you see the magnetic field of the earth it was just hovering there at first, but then it slowly moved in a sort of wavy motion from east to west and then when it got to the edge of the hill it hovered for a minute longer and then shot straight up into the sky.

I will never forget the color of that magnetic rainbow force field looking thing. December 29th we left my house at 6pm. We rode our bikes to the woods down the block and hung out there for a bit. My friend was crushing the iced lake with a fence pole we found and suddenly I heard foot steps behind me. I got up and ran to my friends and the lake was frozen back over. We checked the time, it was We then saw the most amazing shooting star horizon to horizon above us, we even heard it.

We hid in the woods and saw a star slowly move across the sky. The woods are just a few blocks away. This event occurred in and has haunted me everyday since. I work in networking and all of ours are late. I usually get off around 2am and then I am up for a few hours before I go to bed. This evening I got off work and it was raining really bad on my way home. When I got home, by chance, the clouds broke and I stepped outside to have a quick smoke. One of my buddies called me and we were chatting about work.

It was still not raining and there were low lying clouds.

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There are orange street lights in Allen and they were reflecting off the bottom of the clouds creating an artificial light. There was a pretty good breeze whipping around, but no rain. I was facing the west and I look to my right and I see a black cube moving out of the north and traveling south at about mph.