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The Camera Assistant's Manual

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A Day in the Life of an AC (Camera Assistant)

Porter asked for an assistant after returning from a long location shoot. This Camera Assistant had some additional duties that the Camera Boy did not have.

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Because all of the early cameras were hand cranked, the Camera Assistant had to count the humber of turns of the crank and keep a log of the number of frames shot. Other duties included slating the scene, keeping track of footage, loading and unloading film, carrying and setting up the equipment, and anything else that the Camera Assistant may have been asked to do.


Think about how much filmmaking has changed since Almost years later, camera assistants are still on set having evolved their duties as the tech behind filmmaking transformed. This track-record of how the AC has changed, and yet survived, comforts me when outside forces appear threatening to the job. From the Book of Hart :. The Camera Assistant is wary as someone approaches the sacred machine, as watchful as a mother grizzly bear with her cubs.

Yes, someone may touch the camera, may look through the eyepiece, may even change the direction the camera is pointing, but no harm shall befall that wondrous machine while the noble Camera Assistant is standing sentinel.

Camera Assisting

No president, queen, or prime minister ever enjoyed protection as vigilant. When the camera moves to the next set or location, the Camera Assistant places a casual but resolute hand on the magazine or handle, and walks alongside in a procession of vigilance and confidence. This delicate precision machine is to be kept safe, warm, and dry at all costs, even when the Camera Assistant may not be.

Cameraman Chris Weaver lists his thoughts on what it takes to be an excellent camera assistant AC :. Being a professional Camera Assistant can be the hardest job on the crew. It carries more responsibility than most people think and even worse… while everyone else is on a tea break, the Camera Assistant is usually working, loading magazines, filling out Camera Report Sheets or organizing the camera equipment for the next set-up. So, without further ado… let us begin!

The Camera Assistant's Manual by David E. Elkins | Waterstones

Anyway, here are some of my favorite tips from the list:. When you are on a shoot, always try to listen in on conversations between the Director and the Cinematographer or Camera Operator. You can pick up on stuff and anticipate what will be needed next.