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In , cutting short a successful career in the law and diplomacy, Grotius was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Louvestein fortress in Holland by order of the stadtholder, Prince Maurice of Nassau, for having attempted to orchestrate a compromise between the Calvinist and anti-Spanish party, led by Maurice, and the more moderate Remonstrant party, who advocated self-government of the Dutch states in matters of religion.

After a dramatic escape two years later his wife smuggled him out of jail in a book trunk , Grotius took refuge in France, where he survived on meagre pensions, settling in in the country house of the President de Meme near Senlis, close to the property of de Thou fils, who gave him free access to his father's splendid library. There Grotius began writing his master work, "De jure belli ac pacis". Many of the ideas developed therein had been outlined in an unpublished work of his youth, "De jure praedae", the manuscript of which he had brought with him, enabling him to finish the treatise in under a year.

The fundamental importance of the mature work is its attempt, a century before the spread of the Enlightenment, "to obtain a principle of right, and a basis for society and government, outside the church or the Bible" M. Pattison, art. Both first and second states contain substantive textual variants, principally in bifolium 3Q2. While 3Q2. Our copy conforms to state III, with the following points present: mis-signing 3 as o3 and 3C2 as 3C3, misprinting of p. Book 3 begins on leaf 4A1r p. State III leaves 3Q p. III" on p. Occasional light pencil annotations, text markings and corrections in contemporary hand.

Provenance: M. An outstanding, clean and completely unsophisticated copy.

Publisher Series by cover

PMM Ter Meulen, Liste bibl. Books That Made Europe p. Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 3. Vendeur : Peter Harrington. London, Royaume-Uni. Together 5 volumes the supplemental Pilgrimage comprising the fifth volume , folio x mm. Uniformly bound in midth-century calf, rebacked with original decorative gilt spines laid down, red and green morocco labels, blind roll-tool border on sides, marbled edges and endpapers. Late 17th-century ownership inscriptions of "Rob. Williams his booke" on title pages of vols.

A very good set, with the blank leaf R4 in volume 1 frequently wanting. Engraved additional title to vol. I second issue, dated ; usually absent , 88 engraved maps 7 double-page or folding: the Virginia map in volume IV in Verner's state 7, that of China in volume III loosely inserted and on a slightly smaller sheet; 81 half-page in the text , plus the additional double-hemisphere map tipped in at p. First edition of Purchas his Pilgrimes, with the preferred fourth edition of the Pilgrimage; together this is the desired state of the complete set of Purchas's important collection of travel and exploration narratives from ancient times up to and including the recent accounts of Virginia by John Smith.

This is a lovely set in 18th-century calf. The Pilgrimes was conceived as a continuation of Hakluyt, based in part on Hakluyt's remaining manuscripts, which Purchas had acquired about , augmented by almost 20 years' collecting oral and written accounts of travels in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The four-volume folio took more than three years to print; at the time of its publication it was the largest book ever seen through the English press. John Locke even-handedly advised in that for 'books of travel the collections made by our countrymen, Hakluyt and Purchas, are very good'" ODNB.

In this set Pilgrimes has the engraved title page often lacking dated , the map of Virginia in vol. IV in the 10th state according to Burden, with the whole engraved area present often trimmed with loss. Pilgrimage, fourth edition, issued concurrently as a supplement, is the usual issue with the first quire reset, the title beginning Purchas the other setting has Purchase , and the added dedication to King Charles. First published in , the Pilgrimage gives Purchas's account of the various religions encountered throughout the world.

Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 4. First edition of Pilgrimes, fourth edition of Pilgrimage. Together 5 vols, small folio Additional engraved title in vol. With the blank R4 in vol. III, T, closed 2 cm tear at fold on upper edge of Virginia map vol. Probably the greatest collection of voyages ever published; the Pilgrimes here in first edition. A handsome set of the second major collection of English voyages, from the library of Francis Fulford, whose ancestor was granted the estate of Great Fulford by Richard I in about following the Third Crusade.

With the fourth much enlarged edition of Pilgrimage, which usually forms the fifth or supplemental volume, and is considered the best edition. First published in , it gives Purchas's accounts of the various religions encountered throughout the world. At the death of Hakluyt there was left a large collection of voyages in manuscript which came into the hands of Purchas, who added to them many more voyages and travels. Purchas followed the general plan of Hakluyt, but he frequently put the accounts into his own words. The main divisions of the work fall into two parts: the first covering the world known to Ptolemy, the second coming down to Purchas' own day.

With regard to the maps, Wallis The Purchas Handbook states that 'The six original maps which Purchas uses are all of prime importance'. The full title of Pilgrimes reads: 'Purchas: His Pilgrimes. In five books. The first, contayning the voyages and peregrinations made by ancient kings, patriarkes, apostles, philosophers, and others, to and thorow the remoter parts of the knowne world: enquiries also of languages and religions, especially of the moderne diuersified professions of Christianitie.

The second, a description of all the circum-nauigations of the globes. The third, nauigations and voyages of English-men, alongst the coasts of Africa, to the Cape of Good Hope, and from thence to the Red Sea, the Abassine, Arabian, Persian, Indian, shoares, continents, and ilands. The fourth, English voyages beyond the East Indies, to the ilands of Iapan, China, Cauchinchina, the Philippinae with others, and the Indian nauigations further prosecuted: their iust commerce, nobly vindicated against Turkish treacherie; victoriously defended against Portugall hostilitie; gloriously aduanced against Moorish and ethnike perfidie; hopefully recouering from Dutch malignitie; iustly maintayned against ignorant and malicious calumnie.

The fifth, nauigations, voyages, traffiques, discoueries, of the English nation in the easterne parts of the world: continuing the English-Indian occurrents, and contayning the English affaires with the Great Samorine, in the Persian and Arabian Gulfes, and in other places of the continent, and ilands of and beyond the Indies: the Portugall attempts, and Dutch disasters, diuers sea-fights with both; and many other remarkable relations. Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 5. About this Item: Robert Barker, London, A3 bound backwards.

Title page, the 2 leaves of the engraved map, and the final 2 leaves in excellent facsimile. Additional title page from a later edition bound in behind the facsimile. Gothic and Roman types, text double column with 59 lines per column and printed within woodcut rule-border, calendar and almanac printed in red and black. General title-page within engraved border by Christian Boel and section title for the New Testament dated within woodcut border.

Full-sheet engraved map of the Holy Land by John Speed after Dr John More, 17 leaves of genealogical tables incorporating woodcut illustrations of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, the Tower of Babel and other Biblical subjects, numerous woodcut head- and tail-pieces, historiated and ornamental initials.

Contemporary calf boards, rebacked, spine labels; some staining, a few leaves with small holes or edges torn away, but generally a very good copy. With a notation on the paste-down that the book was "received of William Biggs for the sum of 5 shillings. Ford Warminster" dated and with a small but elaborate bookplate of W[illiam] T[homas] Smedley , the noted collector of Elizabethaniana and Bacon; his library was sold in to Henry Clay Folger, and the Folger library collection today includes nearly volumes formerly owned by Smedley.

In addition, because of the small hole in C6 Matthew it is impossible to tell whether the word Judas or Jesus is printed. The King James version of the Holy Bible is arguably the most important book ever published in English. Preparation of the Royal Version took more than 5 years and was laboriously attended to by over 50 translators and researchers. The final translations were then exchanged and reviewed, reaching a final committee of six.

Supervision of the printing was carried out by Miles Smith and Thomas Bilson. Although the Royal Version appropriates much from the Tyndale, Coverdale, Geneva and Bishops' Bibles, it is unquestionably regarded as the greatest literary translation of the Bible ever produced. Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 6. About this Item: Geronymo de Contreras, Lima, Etat : Near Fine. Elaborate woodcut tailpiece on fol. With pastedowns and endleaves from a contemporary 4to liturgical service book printed in red and black.

Bound in contemporary flexible vellum. P[edr]o y S. Vellum somewhat shrunken due to age, exposing margin of a few leaves to minor soiling, otherwise an extremely crisp copy, excellent. Only Arriaga, however, produced a written record of his work. A sought-after Americanum, the Extirpacion de la Idolatria del Piru has not appeared at Anglo-American auction in more than half a century. The present copy is in an unusually fine contemporary state, bearing an early exlibris of the missionary training College of San Pedro y San Pablo in Mexico City where, presumably, it was used to equip missionaries before heading into the field.

Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 7. About this Item: Guillaume Desprez, Paris, First edition, extremely rare one of about copies printed , of one of Pascal's most brilliant works. In , after using the method of indivisibles to solve several infinitesimal problems relating to the cycloid, he proposed the problems he had solved as a challenge to other mathematicians, then announced his own superior solutions in four letters published in December and January under the pseudonym A.

These pamphlets were collected in February under the above title. The structure of this work is very complex, with the first letter Lettre de A. In a diagram fig. Pascal made us of it "to determine the sum of the sines ordinates of a portion of the curve, that is, the area under this portion. If Pascal had at this point only been more interested in arithmetic considerations and in the problem of tangents, he might have anticipated the important concept of the limit of a quotient and have discovered the significance of this for the determination of both tangents and quadratures.

Had he done this, he would have hit upon the crucial point in the calculus some seven years before Newton and about fourteen years before Leibniz" Boyer, p. Apart from these copies, we know of two that were sold in the French trade since , a copy in contemporary vellum in for? According to Pascal himself, the solution to the problem of finding the area of a cycloid the path travelled by a point on a circle as it rolls along a plane came to him in his sleep.

Initially he wrote nothing of this discovery as he regarded it as a distraction from his work on religion, but his friend the Duke of Roannez pointed out that God may have provided this vision to give more strength to his work against atheists and libertines, because by showing them the depth of his genius they would be less likely to challenge his proofs of religious doctrine.

This new theory enabled him to study problems involving infinitesimals: calculations of areas and volumes, determinations of centers of gravity, and rectifications of curves. Valerio , and Kepler and , had tried to solve these fundamental problems by using simpler and more intuitive methods than that of Archimedes, which was considered a model of virtually unattainable rigor.

  1. Bibliographie de l'Océanie. 1947.
  2. The Faithless Paradox.
  3. Publisher Series: Dover Thrift Editions!
  4. Avis de recherche : ouvrages.
  5. Guide du Rôliste Galactique : Avis de recherche de suppléments de jeu de rôle?
  6. Its Money That I Love.
  7. Persuaded;

The publication in of Cavalieri's Geometria marked the debut of the method of indivisibles; its principles, presentation, and applications were discussed and elaborated in the later writings of Cavalieri and and in those of Galileo , Torricelli , Guldin , Gregory of Saint-Vincent , and A. Tacquet The research of Fermat and Roberval on this topic remained unpublished. The method, which assumed various forms, constituted the initial phase of development of the basic procedures of integral calculus, with the exception of the algorithm. As an example he stated a known result concerning the integral of xn for whole number n, in modern notation.

Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 8. About this Item: [Leyden, William Brewster], , Complete with a total of leaves. Roman and italic type. Title with ornamental border and the famous woodcut ornament depicting a bear. Woodcut headpieces, decorated initials and five tailpieces. Recased in old vellum, renewed flyleaves. An excellent copy with good margins. The first leaves slightly browned with minor waterstaining, a few blank margins frayed, old flaw to title-page, without any loss, staining to the final two leaves, upper forecorner of final leaf torn away, just touching a couple of letters, with old repair.

Rare first Pilgrim Press edition of one of the most influential primers on Puritan religious beliefs, printed by William Brewster, who three years later would lead an intrepid band of English religious 'separatists' to America on the Mayflower. Published during Brewster's Dutch exile, the work is not only relevant to the history of the Pilgrims prior to their emigration to America, but as a printed document aptly embodies the cardinal principles of American life: freedom of expression, and freedom to dissent.

The story of William Brewster and the English Separatists and their emigration to Holland constitutes an important chapter in the pre-history of America. Persecuted for their religious beliefs in England, the community took refuge at Leiden, where Brewster began printing books with Thomas Brewer in a workshop in Kosteeg in Some of their productions were seditious books that could never have been printed in England, but among their very first production were English and Dutch editions of Dod and Cleaver's Exposition of the tenne commandements, a keystone of Puritan piety, first printed in London in At the instigation of the English government, the press was disbanded and the type confiscated in , just as the community was preparing to depart for America.

Brewster was actually forced into hiding, before joining the first group of Separatists aboard the Mayflower in As the only university-educated immigrant and by force of character and charisma, Brewster assumed the role of spiritual leader and acted as preacher for the Plymouth colony until his death in Brewster's Leiden press known later as the 'Pilgrim Press' is known to have printed at least eighteen titles between and , most now extant in only a handful of copies. Dated , Dod and Cleaver's A plaine and familiar exposition of the tenne commandements was one of the earliest, the third item in the standard bibliography of Rendel Harris and Stephan K.

The press soon attracted the attention of the English authorities when it became clear that some of its polemical books were re-entering the Kingdom. The English version of the work the title is dated but unsigned because of the danger assumed by the individual publishing the book. It was first identified as a product of the Pilgrim Press by Harris e Jones, and this attribution is unanimously accepted.

It is "a typical 'Brewster' book, which the 'acorn' border to the title-page, and other 'Brewster' ornaments, initials and types [. The compositor is already using the small 'bear' with the break which appears throughout " Harris e Jones, no.

Title: Shambleau

Recently Ronald Breugelmans has argued that the publication might have been issued in partnership with the Leiden printer Govert Basson. While the text is competently printed, the many confusions in pagination evoke the ru. Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur 9. Cotes for Iohn Bellamie, London Vendeur : Sokol Books Ltd. About this Item: Tho. Cotes for Iohn Bellamie, London, Etat : Good. Roman and Italic letter, woodcut initials, head-pieces. Light age browning, title page a little dusty, frayed outer corners, repair to blank inner margin with no loss, occasional ink smudges, especially at sig.

F, and last. He book was unusually accurate among the swelling literature on British America. Vaughan, "New England's Prospect" pp The vivid account of the Massachusetts Bay colony is based on Wood's experiences there between and the summer of Part 1 contains a detailed account of the land, accompanied by a rare foldout map of the region accurate to the extent that it was not updated over the course of the popular works three early editions it is "the earliest to give detailed local treatment of the shore from 'Narrogansetts' Bay to 'Acomenticus' on the coast of Maine" Sabin cit.

The topographical descriptions of the Massachusetts towns, in tandem with the map, offer the first detailed picture of the area. Many of the towns shown here are not on the John Smith map and Cape Cod appears for the first time on a large scale. Wood describes the lay of the land, the 'nature of the Soyle', and supplements his description of edible plants and local wildlife with rhyming couplets, e.

Part 2 is more of an ethnographic study of the native tribes of the area, the appearance, costume, custom and religion, concluding with a five page vocabulary of useful words and phrases from the native language. Sabin cit. Not much is known about Wood, however as a writer, "Professor Tyler says of this book: 'His style, indeed, is that of a man of genuine literary culture, and has the tone and flavor of the best Elizabethan prose-writers; almost none of the crabbedness of the sermon-makers and pamphleteers of his own day" Church cit.

STC Burden map. Lowndes vol VII Sabin vol 29 p. Bell W "The first detailed description of Massachusetts, noting the harbors, towns, soil ,weather and products. The good for which there was a ready market in Massachusetts are noted. Plus d'informations sur ce vendeur Contacter le vendeur Vendeur : Richard C. Elaborate engraved title page rubbed with slight loss at fore-edge.

Woodcut initials and headpieces; typographical headpieces. Single wormtrail in Pp-Aaa, touching some letters without loss; leaf with small tear. Some light dampstains and occasional spotting. In good condition. Old ink manuscript note "Q. Engraved title page, [7], , [17] leaves, with seven full-page engravings.

The first issue was published earlier in ; this issue has corrections to a number of typos in the main text see Borba and a lengthier index. It includes engravings of Tupi Indians. Borba de Moraes notes, "The narrative of the journey, and all the events, is the principal printed French source that exists about this tentative colonization of the north of Brazil. Although not endowed with the spontaneity and the literary talent of Yves d?

Evreux, Claude d? Abbeville gives us valuable information concerning the religion and 'astronomy' of the Tupis, not to be found in any other writings. Amiens, and Claude d? Abbeville relates the mission? He also adds detailed descriptions of the region, including the animals, birds and fish found there, as well as chapters on the customs, laws, wars and history of the Tupi indians. The account ends with the return voyage to France, the group's arrival and welcome in Paris, and the ensuing festivities. Abbeville brought back to France six important Tupi, portraits of whom appear in this account see below.

The Indian ambassadors caused a sensation in Paris, where curious crowds flocked to see them. Borba de Moraes notes that "the Histoire de la mission seems to have been printed very quickly in order to take advantage of the presence in Paris of the six Indians from Maranh o. It appears that the first edition [i. This was published with the misprints corrected, and a more extensive index was compiled and printed in 35 pp.

At the top of the engraved title page, eight Indians petition Marie de Medicis, regent of France small banners with Latin flow from their mouths. Below, Tupi again with Latin banners petition the Pope and St. At the lower left, a Tupi grills two human legs over an open fire as a woman looks on. At the lower right, kneeling Indians are blessed by Capuchin friars.

The first full-page engraving f. Three portraits show Tupi in native dress, all with weapons, one with extensive tattoos ff. The other three portraits show Tupi wearing the soutane in which they were baptized, carrying a tall hat and a fleur-de-lys ff. Hemming describes in detail how the missionaries and the six Tupi ambassadors "landed at Le Havre after a stormy crossing and were given a great reception, with a procession, gun salute, visit to the Governor and acclamation by the crowd.

There were similar festivities in Rouen. But the greatest excitement was in Paris. The Parisians were wild with curiosity: people poured in from the countryside, and the excited crowd burst the gates of the Capuchin convent housing the Indians. But the inevitable European diseases struck these Americans: the sixty-year-old Carypira caught influenza and died, and two of his companions died soon after. They were buried in Franciscan habits. But the three survivors received the full panoply of French official hospitality.

Each carried a fleur-de-lys as a symbol of submission to the French. The three were then taken to the convent of Sainte-Claire to satisfy the curiosity of its nuns, who were desperate to see the exotic strangers" Red Gold p. Holt for Thomas Basset, London About this Item: Eliz. Holt for Thomas Basset, London, First edition, first issue - the title page listing Eliz. This copy has four of six possible misnumbered pages for this edition which Yolton notes appearing in "many copies of both issues, indiscriminately": 85 as 83, as , as and as in some copies 76 is 50 and 77 is In addition, page 55 has the called-for misprint "Underwandings" at the bottom of the page and the Roman numerals for the chapter numbers reading incorrectly at the top of pages 57 and But it is possible there were as few as I would assume that after all pages of the text had been printed, Basset came to some financial arrangement with Edward Mory to help sell it.

Johnson has stated: "It is probable that Mory acquired his rights in the book only shortly before the advertisement in the London Gazette of 29 May which give his name as publisher" p.

JOKER Bande Annonce VF (2019)

It should be noted that the book was printed in late November of and copies had been distributed to Locke as early as December 3, p. The seminal Essay addresses the foundation of human knowledge and understanding. Locke describes the mind at birth as a blank slate tabula rasa, although he did not use those actual words filled later through experience. The essay was the most important early source of empiricism in modern philosophy, and influenced many enlightenment philosophers such as George Berkeley and David Hume.

More than any other, this book set British philosophy on its subsequent empirical course. Printing and the Mind of Man Full leather paneled boards with an elegant period rebacked spine with five raised bands and gilt lettering on a dark red field. There is a contemporary former owner's signature "Josp Brownridge's Book" in black ink surrounding the graphic device in the center of the title page. With some soiling and foxing to the first two leafs.

Otherwise, a lovely copy of this important book. Comes in a custom pull-off case. About this Item: London Printed for the Author, Their Habits, Customs, Manner, and Religions.

Their Plants, Beasts, Birds, and Serpents. With An Appendix, containing , besides several other considerable Additions, a brief Survey of what hath been discover'd of the Unknown South-Land and the Arctick Region. London: Printed for the Author, First edition, first issue in English of this classic early work on the Americas including one of the first views of New York City. Title printed in red and black. Complete with fifty-eight engraved plates, including engraved frontispiece, two folding maps, two folding plates, six full-page plates and forty-seven double-page plates.

Also with sixty-six inter-textual plates. Also with numerous engraved head- and tail-pieces and initials There is some confusion over the correct number of plates and maps, Sabin calls for a total of 65 but then gives a breakdown of portraits maps, views and plans which totals 55, the present copy includes 57 which accords with the plate list given at the end of the volume, and one additional plate, a map of Barbados, has also been included in this volume, but is not called for on the list of plates.

There are two issues of this work. Contemporary mottled calf, rebacked preserving the original spine. Brown morocco spine label, lettered in gilt. All edges marbled. Leaf E4 with a small, closed tear. Leaf Iii6 with a paper flaw at the top margin, not affecting text. Plate between pages and with a 2-inch tear at the top margin, not affecting illustration. Some rubbing to boards. Some browning and toning to leaves and a few dampstains, but overall a superior copy of a book not usually found in such an unsophisticated state.

John Ogilby is described by the Dictionary of National Biography as a "miscellaneous writer" of a good family. He apprenticed to a dance master and was soon reputed to be "one of the best masters in the profession. He translated, edited, and published many books, including several illustrated geographical works.

Specialized Bibliographies

However, Ogilby added fresh material on the English colonies, supplied by the Proprietors of the various colonies. Earliest issues contain only the Dutch maps and views, with the new English text. Later issues had a number of important maps, draughted from English materials, added, including a map of the Americas and very early depictions of the Carolinas, Maryland, Jamaica and Barbados. Sabin Wing O HBS Together 2 works in 3 quarto volumes.

NT: quarto x mm. Late 17th-century calf, covers with a gilt rule border and gilt panel with a small fleuron at the corners, spine with 6 panels, the 2nd and 3rd with early 19th-century contrasting morocco labels; early 19th-century wove paper endleaves; sprinkled edges. Woodcut initials and ornaments; woodcut title from an early 17th-century Geneva Bible bound-in as frontispiece. Title and following leaf somewhat soiled and browned and repaired on the verso along the inner margin, text lightly browned throughout with some minor dampstaining, minor grubby marks and soiling in places, inner margin of the final leaf repaired, a very good copy.

Old ink initials "AK" at the foot of the title; Rev. OT: 2 volumes, quarto x mm. Contemporary gilt-tooled calf, central gilt-stamped oval "IHS" with crucifix surrounded by flames, frames with elaborate scrollwork, spines gilt-stamped with repeated floral stamp; rebacked with original spines laid down, corners mended. Titles within typographic ornament borders, woodcut headpieces and decorative initials. Bookplates of Robert S. An occasional minor marginal spot or smudge, a very good copy.

Offered here with a pleasing copy of the Rheims New Testament in 17th-century calf, together comprising the first Roman Catholic version of the Bible in English. In September Allen announced the project of a new English translation of the Bible. The translation was primarily the work of Gregory Martin ? Martin translated the entire Vulgate between September and July but the book was published episodically, the New Testament with Bristow's notes at Rheims in and the Old Testament in two volumes at Douai in As a result complete sets in uniform contemporary bindings are a chimera.

Instead protestant theologians such as Thomas Cartwright, William Whitaker, and William Fulke attacked the credentials of the translators and denounced their work as filled with error. Despite such criticism, revised versions of Martin's translation remained extremely popular throughout the English-speaking world for nearly four hundred years" ODNB. About this Item: Augsburg, Christoph Mang, Small 4to.

With engraved title page by Wolfgang Kilian and an engraved folding plan. First edition of "the most influential description of China to appear during the first half of the 17th century" Hanotiau. Ricci , an Italian Jesuit missionary, arrived in China in Adopting Chinese dress and learning the language, he succeeded where other missionaries had failed. He served in Nanchang, Nanking, and received permission to establish a missionary post in Beijing in During these years, he kept a journal which presented the history of Jesuit mission in China from its beginning in to , the year of his death.

American history of opera from 18th Century

This manuscript was translated from the Italian into Latin by Ricci's successor Trigault , who tried to elicit support for the mission in China. Trigault, however, changed many passages of Ricci's journal and augmented it with information based on several Portuguese reports. Engraved title-page trimmed down and mounted on browned leaf; some thumbing on the few first and last pages and some minor foxing thoughout, not affecting the text, otherwise in very good condition.

Cordier Sinica Lust Morrison II, Streit V, Hanotiau 14 2nd French edition. Latin title printed in red and black; Arabic woodcut and Latin half-titles, "Sententia Muhammedis" after title page. W3 0. Vogelstein, Hermann. Moses Hadas. Philadelphia The Jewish publication society of America, DS I85 R 0.

Wacher, J. The Roman Empire. London: Dent, W33 0. Walbank, F. Selected papers: studies in Greek and Roman history and historiography. New York: Cambridge University Press, W35 0. Wells, Colin M. Stanford: Stanford University Press, W39 0. Westermann, William L. The slave systems of Greek and Roman antiquity.

Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, P vol. White, K. A bibliography of Roman agriculture. R6 W5 0. Agricultural implements of the Roman world. London: Cambridge U. S Farm equipment of the Roman world. R82 W48 0. Roman Farming. Yavetz, Zvi. Slaves and slavery in ancient Rome. New Brunswick, N. Y 2. Bloch, Raymond. The Etruscans. New York: Praeger DG B 2. Bonfante, Larissa.

Out of Etruria: Etruscan influence north and south. Oxford: B. B67 2. Cristofani, Mauro. The Etruscans: a new investigation. C 2. Etruscan life and afterlife: a handbook of Etruscan studies. Larissa Bonfante. E75 2. Fay, George E. A bibliography of Etruscan culture and archaeology. Greeley, Colo.

F O25 no. G76 2. Hampton, Christopher. The Etruscans and the survival of Etruria. London, Gollancz, H28 2. David and Francesca R. London: Academic Press, I85 2. Macnamara, Ellen. Everyday life of the Etruscans. London: Batsford,. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, M27 2. Moscati, Sabatino. Italy before Rome. Peter Spring. Milan: Electa, c G74 M 2.

Neppi Modona, Aldo. A guide to Etruscan antiquities. Florence: Olschki, B86 2. Ogilvie, Robert M. Early Rome and the Etruscans. Atlantic Highlands, N. O44 2. Olmsted, Garrett S. The Gundestrup cauldron: its archaeological context, the style and iconography of its portrayed motifs and their narration of a Gaulish version of Tain Bo Cuailnge. Bruxelles: Latomus, DC O43 2. Palmer, Robert E. The archaic community of the Romans. Cambridge: University Press, JC C7 P33 2. Richardson, Emeline Hill.

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