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He's perfect for the prickly Elizabeth, using patience and compassion to disarm and bring out the best in her. They made a great team as business partners and lovers. Both have something to prove and the contrasts of their agendas made the story extremely interesting, especially as it illuminated the best about them and what bonded the two. They're still important to the series. The bottom line Each story in the series seems to top the last one. I was rooting for Colin before this story and now I'm an even bigger fan. Pairing him with someone like Elizabeth a control freak, though a talented one was brilliant and I enjoyed their romance and business relationship.

Hopefully we'll get more of them, too, in future stories. View 2 comments.

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Nov 19, Crazy for Books Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-books , romance , series-sequels , contemporary-romance , publisher-kensington. ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review. Their family takes properties, normally spas, revamps them and makes a profit. Now she discovers this failing biker bar that's been losing money in his holdings and wants make it profitable to prove to her father that she's the better choice, versus her brother, to run the company wh ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review.

Now she discovers this failing biker bar that's been losing money in his holdings and wants make it profitable to prove to her father that she's the better choice, versus her brother, to run the company when he retires. Elizabeth has family issues that have manifested themselves in poor health. What she didn't count on was meeting the prodigal O'Leary brother, Colin, while researching local bars in the area.

When she tries to get Ryan to partner with her and build up the Irish Pub without her family's knowledge, Colin sees this as an opportunity to prove that he's not running away from his family anymore. He wants to prove to Ryan that he can stand on his own two feet and be a productive part of the family and business.

He wants what Ryan has with Quinn as well. He's ready to add the the O'Leary family. Though his attraction to Elizabeth grows quickly, he knows she's not in Chicago to stay. Colin is the only person who can get her to relax and not be so stiff. Can Colin convince Libby that she can have everything she wants and really needs with him and the O'Leary clan? Will Elizabeth realize she doesn't need to prove herself to her family, only to herself? I liked a lot about this book. But there is the issue of how all of a sudden the story ends. I don't know if it's because the author continues the smaller parts of the characters stories in the subsequent books, but it's just strange to me.

They are easy quick reads. I'm moving on to the next installment. View all 3 comments. In the plethora of the romance novels is quite hard to find something special. Regarding Something to Prove I can affirm that I had not the opportunity to do so and that is a very good thing. Each of us have maybe something In the plethora of the romance novels is quite hard to find something special. Each of us have maybe something to prove, and especially Colin and Elizabeth.

It is important to them to realize what they have to prove and especially what they are willing to sacrifice to do it. Professional and personal interests will collide, and the decisions that the author has "motivated" properly will not be the happiest ones. History of their families will make the "fight" fiercer and more dangerous; dangerous because the victory on a plane can be a big loss on the other.

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Colin and Elizabeth as main characters are enjoyable, enough shaped to convey us about their feelings, fears and risks that they are willing or not to assume or assert. A love story that has the advantage of being perfectly valid, the feelings and resentments carried by protagonists could be found in real life. I could say that the main trump of the story is the naturalness and plausibility of the characters and of the way in which the events take place, despite the existence of some explanations a bit too easy at times, and also the way, a delicate one, in which the intimate scenes are created.

View 1 comment. Dec 28, Pelusa Rivera rated it really liked it. We have two individuals with a chip on their shoulder not a bad one they just wanted to prove themselves that they had what it took. Colin felt like he needed to show people what it takes to be a business owner and be successful at it. And then we have Elizabeth she was not a weak woman and I appreciate that because I truly hate weak woman, but she wasn't one of them she stood up for herself and proved that she could fix things. Was happy that Colin and Elizabeth met and were what each other nee We have two individuals with a chip on their shoulder not a bad one they just wanted to prove themselves that they had what it took.

Was happy that Colin and Elizabeth met and were what each other needed. What I enjoyed the most was catching up with the O'Leary's.. Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author.. Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions. My grandmother used to always say: "We find our strengths, in learning to be weak. Elizabeth and Colin have let pride rule their lives. That choice has not always left them in the best of circumstances.

From strained relationships to moments of self - doubt, their choices have not been kind to their hearts. When fate steps in and guides them to each other, these two lonely souls are about to discover just My grandmother used to always say: "We find our strengths, in learning to be weak. When fate steps in and guides them to each other, these two lonely souls are about to discover just what they've been missing all along.

Count on Schroeder to spice up the heartwarming moments. Shelves: contemporary-romance , romance , adult-steamy. A Perfect Afternoon Read. After Elizabeth goes through her fathers assets and finds a neglected business, she gets the idea to turn the Irish Pub from a run down, failing business into a newly polished, profitable bar without the help of her family and prove her worth to her father and brother.

The only thing is, she knows nothing about running an Irish pub so she decides to enlist the help of local talent in exchange for a percentage of profits and sales. He made the huge mistake of running after his father died, leaving their close knit family to pick up the pieces alone. Succeeding on his own will prove once and for all he can be trusted so he accepts Elizabeth's offer to partner together and in the process, make enough money to afford his own place. They finally give up and just go for it, which was thrilling to read. They are instantly attracted to each other and meet in a fun and unique way.

But Elizabeth has some major trust issues and Colin getting her to come around takes it toll on both of them. I really enjoyed Elizabeth. She was strong and independent but she also needed help and someone to lean on. Colin was wonderful, trustworthy and dependable and I loved how he took care of Elizabeth even before he realized he loved her. The Wrap Up: This read was sexy, sweet , fun and definitely entertaining.

I loved the great cast of supporting character and the mains were complex and well written. Nov 20, Shirley Frances rated it it was amazing Shelves: , series , contemporary , readreview. Elizabeth has always been trying to one-up her brother and gain her father's approval. She has worked her ss off trying to make him see she's just as capable as her brother when it comes to taking over the business, but she still feels like she needs to do more. So when the opportunity arises for her to 'save' his father's bar in Chicago, she's determined to do it on her own. But determination can only take her so far, so she seeks someone experienced to help her through it.

In comes Colin O' L Elizabeth has always been trying to one-up her brother and gain her father's approval. In comes Colin O' Leary. Colin returned to town after spending years away from the family business. He spends his days and nights working at the bar now that his brother is busy starting a family.

But still, he feels he needs to prove to his family that he's ready to take the reins of the business without constant supervision. Tired of being shut down and eager to prove he's not a screw-up, he jumps at the chance at a partnership with Elizabeth and is determined to make their new business a success. But can these two stubborn, hard-working individuals slow down and recognize what's right in front of them? I admit, I had my doubts with this one simply because I could not see Colin and Elizabeth together. Both were strong-headed, independent and too focused on their goals to dedicate any time to a relationship.

So how was the author going to work though it to make this pairing believable? Kudos to Shanny Shroeder for making it happen! Through flirty banter, good-natured and not so good-natured bickering and honest interactions, she managed to bring to the forefront Elizabeth and Colin's connection every chance she could. I loved watching them together. Be it fighting over the duties each was going to take over or just sharing a meal at the end of a hard day at work, Elizabeth and Colin's connection always shined through. Of course, it helped tremendously that they had an awesome chemistry that never failed to make it through the page.

Stolen glances, barely there touches and heated arguments always served to showcase it. Which I loved! And when the emotions started to make their appearance it made for even a more enjoyable read. All those conflicting emotions mixed with the undercurrent of sexual tension between these two had me completely sold that Elizabeth and Colin had a chance at something more.

Something to Prove is the third book in the series and can be read as a stand alone. I've read the previous two books and enjoyed them too, but I have to say this is my favorite so far. All in all, a sexy romance between two very stubborn individuals that finally allowed themselves a chance to truly live their lives for themselves.

Feb 06, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: advanced-read-edition. This is shaping up to be a great series! I'm still laughing quietly to myself from reading this book. It has everything I'm looking for in a contemporary romance. It's a business to lovers story involving two strong, independent, smart, flawed but amusing characters. The pacing was even and the story well plotted - twists weren't telegraphed, which really delighted me. The sex scenes were sensual and passionate though not salacious and gratuitous.

This is the third book in a series, but I didn't This is shaping up to be a great series! This is the third book in a series, but I didn't suffer from not reading the first Yet! Scroeder really brings the funny as well - The secondary characters are strong, the setting well drawn, the dialogue witty, and the ease of immersion great. The ending was satisfying though it did leave room for more books Looking forward to those. I really liked Colin here. He's still a work in progress, but he's putting in his time and definitely isn't the same guy who left his family in the lurch several years ago.

Though we still don't have the whole story behind that drama, which makes the story feel a bit unfinished. I can't imagine where we'd get that information, if not in Colin's book, so Anyway, I enjoyed watching him make something of himself that he could be proud of and doing it while out of his family's shadow. The bar felt like the right choice for him, and I was quickly on his side and hoping he'd somehow be able to stay with the business.

Plus, I just love the O'Learys, full stop. He'd have to work harder at being a tool for me not to come around to his side when the rest of the O'Learys are with him. There were parts of her that were endearing--the "Libby parts", as Colin thought of them, especially her weird clumsy awkwardness--but when she was in stick-up-her-butt mode and nursing the years-old grudge against her brother? Not so much. Plus, her family is pretty much the polar opposite of the O'Learys. How did her brother not realize that she still resented the heck out of him for what he'd done when she was in college and didn't trust him even the tiniest little bit?

They worked together, for pete's sake. When Colin and Elizabeth were together, though, they both managed to bring out the best in each other. Colin helped Elizabeth to channel her inner Libby more, and Elizabeth made Colin stretch beyond the working-for-his-brother rut that he'd been in since his return and thinking about how to make their new business venture a success.

That she ends up being the cause of their relationship black moment was more disappointing than surprising--fortunately, she managed to get both the stick and her head out of her butt in time to get to a feel-good HEA in the end. Bring on Moira's story; I'm ready! Oh my goodness I freaking loved this book. Something to Prove is definitely an amazing book to start your year off right. Elizabeth and Colin are in the same boat. They both want to prove something to their families. Elizabeth has worked her whole life trying to be good enough for her family.

When going through her father's holdings she finds a bar in Chicago no one has taken care of in years. Going behind her father and brother's backs she decides to redo the whole bar and make it a success. Whe Oh my goodness I freaking loved this book. When she starts to struggle to pull things together she reaches out for help and discovers Colin O' Leary. Colin disappeared for three years after his dad died, leaving all the responsibilities for his family bar to his younger brother.

He's been back for a year working for his brother and wanting to prove he's trustworthy and here to stay. When Elizabeth approaches him with the idea of helping her with the bar and giving him a cut of the profits he jumps at the chance to prove he's trustworthy. Now, of course, there's a romance budding between these two characters. Elizabeth does everything she can to keep their relationship professional, but Colin is persistent.

With the two of them working so close together and then being close after hours things begin to turn into more than a relationship of convenience. I have to say one of the big draws this story had for me was that it was set in Chicago. Being from Illinois and having visited and stayed in Chicago so many times I couldn't help but want to grab a copy of this story. I loved this story from beginning to end. Amazing characters who grow throughout the story. The characters felt real and familiar. I can honestly say I haven't read a story quite like this before, which is saying something since I read about books a year.

The characters actually having relationships outside of the romance was really nice, since sometimes friendships and families fall to the wayside when the characters find love. Something to Prove was my first introduction to Shannyn Schroeder's books, but I will definitely be picking up her books in the near future. She writes engaging stories and captivating and real characters. Dec 28, Emmyjo rated it it was amazing. Damn this book is great. This book is told from two point of views. I really honestly appreciate when an author does this sometimes.

Because I want to know what both characters or more are thinking. And when meet Colin not going to lie I kind of pictures Colin Farrell at the start. Colin left the family behind when his dad died. For 3 years he disappeared. Being back only a year and he is still trying to prove to his family he can do more and he's not leaving. But Ryan his younger brother is not Damn this book is great. But Ryan his younger brother is not letting up much or trusting he can handle the family bar. In walks Elizabeth who is all business like and trying to secretly redo her dad's bar. With a complete make over.

Elizabeth wants to prove she is capable of taking over the family business. When she gets to Chicago she does some research on the neighborhood bars.

The Mystery of Hunting's End

She steps into one bar and thinks wow there is something here. She meets good looking Colin. Elizabeth doesn't want to get involved with anyone. She is there to prove to her father that she can be CEO.

The Rinehart School - by Michael E. Grost

But when Colin offers her a deal in being partners together to save the bar, can they both stick to being business partners? The chemistry between them is so great they may get more then they bargained for with this deal. Colin can finally prove his responsible enough to do more at a bar and stick around. Elizabeth can prove she isn't some little sister. But can Elizabeth and Colin get along long enough to do the job? Will the job of putting the bar back together prove to be to much? Dec 19, Johnaka rated it it was amazing. She will do anything and everything in order to get the title of CEO.

But what happens when she finds so much more than a failing business? Will Elizabeth be able to handle the changes coming her way? Colin just wants his family to see him how he is now and not as the kid who ran when he was younger.

When a business opportunity arises, he jumps at the chance to show them who he is now. Will he be able to capture more than just his families respect? I really enjoyed how these two progressed from strangers to business partners, to friends, then to lovers. Something to Prove is my first book by Schroeder and I was pleasantly surprised. Colin has a huge heart. If you want a good story with a little Irish in it look no further. I loved their chemistry. I loved their wit. But most of all, I loved them as individuals.

I enjoyed watching Colin prove that he was enough. He has what it takes to make a business successful and to keep thriving. I loved watching Elizabeth take on the world. I loved that she proved she had what it took to make things good and right. I loved that she was able to show her strength as a business woman and I loved that she stood up for herself.

This book is really about self discovery and proving to others what you already know to be true. Each has to prove they have what it takes to be successful. I loved watching these two grow and individuals and as a couple. They were are great balance for each other. I enjoyed getting to see the O'Leary gang again as well.

I enjoyed this book and hope we get more from them from time to time. I don't mind books with family drama and everything that brings. With this book though, it didn't make me want to go back and read the rest of the books. This was an ok read, but it won't stick out to me. I read a lot of books, most of it romance, so it takes a lot for one to stay with me. This one though, it was all cliche and predictable. The ending was abrupt and missed the mark for me. Colin was too weak for my liking, and Elizabeth never won me over.

I also never felt the need to root for t I don't mind books with family drama and everything that brings. I also never felt the need to root for them to be together. I'm rating this what I am just because I think others may enjoy it even though I did not. Complimentary copy was given for an honest review Dec 31, Melinda rated it it was amazing.

Have to say Shannyn Schroeder and her O'Learys have become a favorite of mine. Colin is a man that has made me wonder what happened to him and the family. We see a side of him nobody sees yet also the best. Elizabeth is exactly what he needs and vice versa. Together these two bring out the best in each other. Cannot wait for the next O'Leary. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own. Jan 04, Hope Chance rated it it was amazing.

Shannyn Schroeder creative and smooth writing makes this series a delight to read. You find yourself read it till the last page. I Recommend this Book to all Readers. Jan 15, Alex Rosa rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , contemporary-romance , arc. I am always pleasantly surprised, and Something to Prove ended up being right up my alley. The set up was too ideal for my romance read to go wrong! The plot is one I have, personally, no [ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. The plot is one I have, personally, not yet read, and it felt refreshing.

How rude! Elizabeth knows she has what it takes over her competitive sibling. With this chip on her shoulders as driving force, she seeks out a partner in crime to help manage the daunting task who understands what to do. A local pub with a very good-looking bartender. This story starts out quite funny. She seeks out the owner, and instead finds Colin brother of the owner , a charming, handsome bartender who can effortlessly make your knees go weak with a glance.

Since she misses out on the owner, she settles for a drink and decides to take it easy —for a moment! Elizabeth from the start is as high strung as they come Colin references a stick up her ass on multiple occasions in her business suits and tight buns. Unfortunately for her, her clumsiness gets the best of her, and Colin attributes it to her two glasses wine, which has her incredibly embarrassed. Colin suddenly turns down sex, and sends Elizabeth on her way! I liked Elizabeth. She is driven, self aware, had has some of my favorite quirks to match her feisty beauty.

She can be clumsy but always tries to keep her head in the game, and her eyes on her goals. She is a strong female character that was a wonderful challenge for her male counterpart. In walks Colin again, to her surprise, wanting to take on the project. Through his charm, and surprising knowledge, he convinces Elizabeth to contract his expertise, little does she know this would also be in the bedroom too! Sparks fly, and although they try to keep business and pleasure in order, it proves to be more difficult than Elizabeth had imagined.

Working through the same difficulties of proving himself to his family he still finds a sense of home being near them. He really is an awesome guy! The author does a great job of having you worry, or question what the future holds for them to the very end. Get your shit together you two! That was this book for me. I was grinning like an idiot when I reached the last page, and it was all so worth it. Sep 22, Pretty Sassy Cool rated it did not like it Shelves: pub , review-by-kassiah. I have to start out by saying that though this book has a fairly interesting storyline, I can't recall a character that I've hated as much as I can't stand Elizabeth Brannigan.

I have thirty notes highlighted in my kindle and eighteen of them are along the lines of "hate her" and "OMG what a bitch! So, I freely admit that my insane dislike of her might have colored my opinion on the rest of this book. Now, on to the story. Elizabeth just wants to show her father that she's as capable of 1 star. Elizabeth just wants to show her father that she's as capable of becoming the CEO of their property investment empire as her brother, Keith, is. She's always overshadowed by him and decides the way to prove herself is to single-handedly turn a failing property into a smashing success.

She finds a bar on their books that has been in the red for years. Determined to turn it around, she goes to a local competitor and asks for his help. I've done research on the bars in the area, and yours is the most successful and closest to what I'm trying to build. I would make it in your interest to help me succeed.

I'm offering you a percentage of profits and a bonus when I sell. He needed to find a spark, something interesting before this life swallowed him up. With everyone in his family getting married and having babies, Colin is ready to settle down. He wants something to call his own and agrees to help Elizabeth, knowing the profits he'll make from the sale of her bar will put him on his way to what he wants. There are a lot of triumphs and set-backs with the bar, and matters get further complicated when Colin and Elizabeth give in to temptation and start having sex.

They're both adults and know what their relationship is--and what it isn't. I had a really good time here, but it can't happen again. I already told you that I hated Elizabeth. She's a condescending bitch, constantly talking down to Colin and treating him like a child.

Did you even bother to clean before you left last night? Do you suppose the crap fairy stopped by? I start there. Off-screen, he is a degree or two more subdued, even conciliatory. Who knows? Then it became a licence to print money. His name started to mean something—to both haters and hagiographers. A couple of years ago, he was handed an even bigger megaphone. Every season, 29 episodes of Shark Tank are taped on the Sony lot in L. Over the course of a hour day, the Sharks see a dozen pitches. The negotiations are not the expertly edited minute things that finally air but protracted, hour-long sparring matches.

Alex Kenjeev flies down with him and watches them all, sitting behind the camera. The one time Kenjeev got in trouble, ironically, was when he got too aggressive with one of the entrepreneurs. I thought that was what we do here. A writer and self-described Internet entrepreneur named Maneesh Sethi tried to get the Sharks to invest in something called Pavlok, a programmable wristband that shocks its users every time they perform a bad habit.

The other Sharks consoled him. After they were done taping, an on-set psychiatrist, usually there to counsel contestants, checked in on him. I come from a middle-class family. When he returned to Toronto, he moved into a Yorkville rental. He and Linda reconciled.

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His workday starts early—he gets up between and 6 a. They named their cabernet franc reserve after Trevor. They travel days a year, the maximum number they can be gone while still maintaining Canadian residency. In Boston, they own a house in Back Bay. After that, they were on their own. No inheritance. If they have kids, his trust is set up to do the same for them.

My kids are being prepared for life after Daddy. After meeting him in April, and then talking with him every few weeks after that, my feelings became more complicated. I still disagree with half of what he says, and his monumental confidence is as monotonous as it is seductive. At the same time, I found him endearing in the inscrutable, alien way that savants can be. I admire his focus, which seems superhuman.

I could see it when he did his TV hits. Contained, threatening. I get that. Some of those people approached us when we were getting coffee in a Financial District food court. Lenny Kravitz told him that. Norm Hardie has probably never even watched QVC. Its growth is remarkable. Of the 10 most successful businesses to come out of Shark Tank, he invested in only one. Some, like the left-leaning economist Armine Yalnizyan, have pleaded with him to leave the country for good.

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At the CPC conference in Vancouver last May, for example, it voted to finally remove a ban on same-sex marriage from its policy handbook. He said, at one point, that he might even run for the Liberals! Politically, all he cares about is economic policy.