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I got up and started to make for the cop! He sort of backed off, and she ran away. She went outside and she picked up a rock. I thought 'you little beauty! Crime had increased, the health status of the community had sunk. It had suffered. But it did not revolt. The reason? I was here every weekend that I possibly could.

Very few weekends was I away. I used to make a practice of being exposed around the place. I always walk through supermarkets, I know every shop, supermarket, 3 Guys and what is it now called? And I still do that. I have been to Big Fresh this weekend and I have been to the one over in Balmoral. Roger Douglas learnt that.

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On Richard Prebble he said: "People remember. They see these photographs of these guys and say 'No no, he's not an Iranian meat negotiator he's the guy who took my job and my super, and my house, my farm! But all this flirtation about selling roads and selling hospitals, and selling everything else it is just tripe!

It was clear the wounds from the years had not healed. From his Mangere electorate he looked out the window and paused: "The Australian Labour government knew when to take a breather. They were in office for 13 years. They hit hard times then they picked up the pieces and started again.

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Oh no, we were in top gear, overdrive, turbocharged then we hit the wall! Yes he had them, for all who voted for Labour believing in social ideals and got capitalism proper. But he balanced this with recollections of great times. For the first time a New Zealand statesman stood tall on the world stage and spoke of a peaceful place that refused to be dictated to by northern hemisphere militarist ideologies.

David Lange remembered, -August 2005 current affairs show coverage

There was also the nuke-busting African reconciliation tour patching up relationships on the continent after the Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand. There was the Oxford debate, pulling out of the ANZUS Alliance, his hardline position against France after it bombed the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, the visit of India's prime minister Rajiv Ghandi, Lange's address at the 40th anniversary of the formation of the United Nations where he told the world we did not want its Cold War nuclear race.

He reflected: "If you look at the world and draw our hemisphere around Auckland it only just touches north America and South America - just a little bit. It takes in the whole of China, back over through India, and just touches bits of Africa. It takes in all the dragon economies, takes in Indonesia the biggest Muslim state in the world, takes in the huge arid masses of Australia and Antarctica, the little island states of the Pacific. We have never come to terms with that. We can't grasp that we are the minuscule minority. To a lot of extent between and New Zealand did re-orientate itself because we decided that there was an insanity about the nuclear arms race and that we did not have to follow north America or European dictates.

But it was far more than a good percentage of the New Zealand population could cope with. If I had lived in a place like Napier or Nelson or Oamaru, I'm not sure I could have sustained it emotionally, what we did. Because they have and had a different view of the world; essentially Eurocentric and north America related. There is a huge bulk of Maori people. Mangere Intermediate has kids who I think one is European. And simply because we were different, our stance was not revolutionary, we were not remarkably different from the way Malaysia does things or the way some other countries do things.

But what was different was we were the ones who were doing the doing - and that was a revolution. That is why it felt so different, so challenged and leaned on. And we were leaned on. Definitely leaned on. He thought deep. He looked miles away. Then - "The Oxford Debate was an example of how different the times were.

It was no secret that the New Zealand government's position was of grave concern to our own foreign affairs ministry. I had a trip to the United States and to the UK which is the usual beat for New Zealand prime ministers, without a single person from foreign affairs accompanying me. It was the first time a New Zealand prime minister ever left New Zealand under such conditions.

I was going to upset the cocktail circuit no end. Anyhow, I went. It was a gamble. It could have been the last thing that I did as a prime minister. Then I was advised not to do it the Oxford Debate. Margaret Thatcher sent her high commissioner to ask me not to do it - then I was determined that I would do it! Because Jerry Falwell discovered, when he got to London in his private jet, his topic was something that he thought to oppose. He is not as bad as he appeared in that programme. But back home his Cabinet was becoming unhappy. Eventually, it pulled itself apart.

National was returned to power in a landslide victory in Health reform was a central plank of National's efficiency agenda. I had been leaked documents from an individual at South Auckland Health showing that the then health minister, Jenny Shipley, was intending to implement exclusion criteria into health policy - and one area that would impact on our region hugely was exclusion criteria for renal dialysis treatment. Shipley had set up a body called the Core Health Services Committee, chaired by Sharon Crosby, and the committee was charged with examining how New Zealand could move to a more affordable approach to costly procedures.

I wrote a front-page lead story breaking the news. Once published the Labour opposition kicked into gear, raising the issue at Parliament's question time and later expanding out the issue during an urgent debate. David Lange stood up in Parliament and boomed: If you live in Southland and have diabetes and finally enter into what they call end stage renal failure you will get your dialysis. But if you live where I come from in south Auckland under this lot you will be met with a policy that stands on the tube, that is not an efficiency gain "There's another word for that!

Shipley went on the Holmes Show arguing why the man ought to be left to die from his condition. She identified clinical reasons for her argument. Shipley was later found to have breached James' privacy and was forced to make an apology. A year later I asked James how his extended life had been: "It's great he said, I enjoy my days, I have a flutter on the races, I'm happy.

Personal Reflections Of South Auckland's Statesman

James McQuin. National had clearly lost the debate. It backed off exclusion criteria and placed the onus on clinicians. It was a win for the people of south Auckland. We are going through an awful transition and readjustment. We will be much more prosperous. You see we were kept on life-support for too long.

My Life by David Lange

We came to reality in There is a whole generation of people, a year or two older than me, who hate what happened. They are the meat and three vege quarter of an acre section householders who were looking forward to an ever increasing pension and assurance. And it was taken from them. They are the people Winston peters made a million on. They are going, are fading.

If you look at New Zealand there are a lot of things to be grateful for. We are starting to get on top of Maori aspirations, we have fundamentally got good literacy, a reasonable - in spite of hiccups - judicial system, a mostly non-corrupt police force. If you look at New Zealand by world standards this is an amazing country to live in. We are going to have to do much better than that. But that takes time. I would say by the time five elections are up we will see a party together which will roll back some of the injustices. It took the first Labour government 35 years to get a majority.

It takes awhile. Yeah, but he wouldn't have that.

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No, Roy is not going into politics, Byron's not, Emily certainly is not. Edith might, but that would be , yeah! He would remember circumstances and situation beyond belief. He was happy, and he swelled with the thought of being with his daughter Edith. He leant forward and said: "I will be fully occupied. Now put that thing down and lets have a cup of tea!

The radio played his delivery live. It was exhilarating, exciting, emotional, a lesson. He spoke of his new found life: "I look at Edith sitting in the cot and I think 'Gosh it is good to be up this morning. We are going to have a good day'. She will be up the hill in Karori, in her grandmother's arms, and one day they will play her the tape recording. And the sun dimmed lowly behind silver-cloud galleons sailing a broad reach above Manukau Harbour. The call was letting me know that David Lange was to be reading books to children at one of Mangere's primary schools.

Would I attend? Helen Clark. Jenny Shipley. Jim Bolger. Mike Moore. Geoffrey Palmer. Robert Muldoon. Wallace Rowling. John Marshall. Keith Holyoake. George Forbes. Francis Henry Dillon Bell. William Massey. Thomas Mackenzie. Joseph Ward. William Hall-Jones. Harry Atkinson. Isaac Featherston. Sidney Holland. Fran Wilde. John A Lee. Harry Holland. Edward Gibbon Wakefield. William Colenso. Richard Seddon. Michael Joseph Savage. James Prendergast. Further information: New Zealand—United States relations. Main article: New Zealand general election. See also: Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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