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We called in his weeping, desperate mother, who begged him to get help. He took to harassing other students and one day, after calling me a bitch, he lobbed the n-bomb at one of the girls. I actually only dimly recall what happened next. All I know for sure is that a friend of mine who taught several doors down said that she could hear me yelling at him even with her door shut.

When finished, I was shaking. All I could think was: I am a terrible teacher. I was ashamed of my loss of control. To be fair, none of us could. He bombed his classes and did not graduate on time. The incident with Jorge was the most extreme I ever had, but for all the five years I taught, I was dogged by the worry that I was a bad teacher.

Despite everything the books tell you, teaching is above all a deeply messy human endeavor; for all the exhilarating highs, there are terrible days when you feel like a profound failure, and those are the days when you long for a reality check. Am I really a bad teacher? How would I know? I know, I know: I was given months off work, saw psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals and had to fight to get back into the classroom nine months later.

I managed it in large part thanks to my now-wife, who I met through this illness but it was a pyrrhic victory. This can be quite flat, an everyday scene with a high level of relatability, an account of a social exchange. An initial character does the setup for the following one. Once they assemble, a problem arises, then others may join.

Delivery is a matter of sympathy. Even if it works the other way around. You can love to hate someone. I intend to depict these situations genuinely, and concurrently I attempt to escalate them. This sequence of conditional events pretty much guides my process, which writes the narrative of an image. This depiction of an emotional state and a psychological condition—. Sometimes you need to go full frontal and other times it requires a more subtle, poetic approach, almost devoid of humor.

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This helps to delineate the space of the stage and brings us back to the quality of delivery—a comedian has to achieve this but paintings do as well, on the back of their vocabulary of gestures and signs. This has to happen as believably as a joke does in order to pull off what it needs to do. It is rooted in a system of belief and disbelief in signs and matters of aesthetics. How does that happen? But there is a tendency to figuration, and I have to admit to a hierarchy between the two. The figure is definitely more accentuated.

On the other hand, an abstract part may evoke a figure. I usually look for the space in between, where neither is fully articulated. This process is dialogical. The fine line between exposing and exhibiting an object or the image of the artist itself. Five years ago, you imitated the dance moves of the pop icon Ciara as a public performance.

By affirming these moves as an amateur dancer you were also exposing the image of yourself as an artist. You went on to do public stand-up comedy, portray a painter as a shrimp in a collaborative video piece, and recently dressed as a large banana to perform in front of your huge painting at Kunsthalle Bern. This harks back to my wish to approach any given subject through humor.

I look for different disciplines and methods to do that. The image of an artist as a comedian is something that I care about, as comedy has an analytical aspect but at the same time never takes its own position too seriously. Virginia Overton at Kunsthalle Bern 31 October Once I arrived for the installation, I began to try things out. The work is conceived as a reaction to the space and the materials I found here and around Bern. At times the work can be a literal reflection of the space.

Your work has barely any illusionistic qualities. My hope is that the experience of the work is physical, but also objective. The pieces are what they are: Planks of wood wedged between the floor and a wall. Pieces of real parquet hung on walls. I feel like the work I make can exist in a museum or on a driveway or in a barn or whatever, and still function as real things in the world, not as some extraneous objects to be placed on a pedestal.

So how much of the cultural or social makeup of these objects and materials carries over from their point of origin to the Kunsthalle? Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Frederik Pohl under the pseudonym James MacCreigh. The Skin of Our Teeth. Cicely Hamilton [11]. Masamune Shirow - Japanese manga and subsequent anime adaptations. Yukito Kishiro - manga series containing post-apocalyptic elements and taking place in a highly futuristic dystopian world.

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. Yukito Kishiro - a continuation of the former manga series containing the same elements as previous but goes into greater detail as to how the dystopia came about. Goslings: A World of Women [12]. Beresford - A global plague has decimated England's male population and the once-predictable Gosling family is now free to fulfill its long-frustrated desires. Jean-Baptiste Cousin de Grainville - regarded as the first story of modern speculative fiction to depict the end of the world [13].

Usune Masatosh i - ongoing manga series later adapted into an anime. Judge Dredd vs. The Punisher: The End. Clamp - ongoing manga series. Song by the band Warrant on the Dog Eat Dog album; depicts an Earth devastated by war where life lives on only by artificial means. Arjen Anthony Lucassen - series of concept albums depicting the end of life on Earth in due to, among other factors, a catastrophic nuclear war. Edwin Muir - deals with society's regression to pre- Industrial Revolution conditions in the wake of a nuclear war. Peter Porter - written in the style of a radio broadcast warning of an impending nuclear attack.

Song adaptation of the above Porter poem, written and recorded by the Scottish post-punk group the Scars. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. With virtually all of humanity wiped out by a meteor strike, the game follows the exploits of an army of survivors, fighting bandit raiders and hostile armies across the planet's desolate remains.

PC video game, from Pipeworks, set in the post-apocalyptic earth in which Earth has been destroyed by crystals. Novel series created by Mark Ellis , aka James Axler. John Christopher - novel series, made into a TV series in the '80s. Halo series. An alien alliance called the Covenant begin attacking human colonies in By , almost all of the human colonies are destroyed and the Covenant are attacking Earth.

Crytek - A near future where an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered beneath the ground on an island in the East Philippines sea. Fowler Wright - A huge flood devastates the world; only the English Midlands survive. Children of Morrow and Treasures of Morrow. Hoover - set in California several centuries after pollution has all but wiped out the human race; published in and respectively.

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The Snowfall Trilogy. North America has retreated into hunter-gatherer societies and military kingdoms some years after an apocalyptic ice age. The Mara and Dann novels. Other Lessing novels like Memoirs of a Survivor and Shikasta deal with apocalyptic themes. Greatwinter trilogy. The first book was originally published as two books, starting in An ancient whale species recreated through a genetic experiment turns out to have been telepathic, and the whales issue a telepathic call which cause most of humanity and other large land mammals to walk into the oceans and drown.

Nitrome Limited - flash game by about a character in a yellow hazmat suit attempting to free the world from a race of robots with a variety of bombs. A sequel, Toxic 2 , was released in Flight of the Conchords. Le Temps du Loup. Only the nobles possess futuristic ships, and the richest have domed cities where the debilitated earth can still support life. Wolves are proclaimed extinct, but found a way to enchant humans. Five wolves are on a quest to find 'Paradise', along with a Flower-Maiden, who was created from a Lunar Flower by a Noble.

A second apocalypse ends the series, with a presumable renewing of the planet. Four of the five characters are seen in the renewed world. Uses computer animation to simulate the sort of creatures that may evolve from present-day animals. In the world depicted in the series, the human race has left Earth to colonize the stars. The future descendants of humanity have sent probes back to Earth to record what has become of it. The Book of the New Sun. Robert A. Heinlein -human society on a future Earth is slipping into a gradual, but inevitable, collapse. Much to the dismay of the only male left, the women of the island continue the human species for thousands of years where they evolve into seal-like creatures.

Planet of the Apes. Published between and The Dark Tower Series. Stephen King. First book published in To Serve The Master. Created by Gene Roddenberry ; ran between and The British science-fiction sitcom ; first ran between and , was restarted in Against the Fall of Night. Arthur C. Clarke An early version of The City and the Stars.

The City and the Stars. Clarke After the loss of a galactic empire, humanity is restricted to the single city of Diaspar, but lives a life of eternal comfort and safety. Alvin escapes and finds the truth - forcing his city to face the universe again. Dan Simmons - a sequel The Rise of Endymion. The Mote in God's Eye. Their hopes for a peaceful coexistence are shattered when they discover how the aliens control their population.

Manga by Yasuhiro Nightow , published between and David Drake , published between and Larry Niven - An expedition from earth to find a futuristic planet, a ring surrounding a star, results in the members finding that a meteor puncture in the ring's floor and power failure caused the cities to break apart and civilization to collapse.

Series by Douglas Hill - a lone soldier fights to bring down the organisation which unleashed a deadly radiation against his planet, killing all his people and rendering the planet uninhabitable. Stirling and David Drake , published between and Don McKellar - follows the lives of several individuals as they cope with their final six hours on Earth before the apparent incineration of the Earth by the sun the cause of the apocalypse is never directly stated.

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars. The episode of Babylon 5 - written by J. Michael Straczynski. The End of the World. The episode of the television series Doctor Who. Songs of Distant Earth. Clarke - in which the last survivors of Earth arrive at a distant colony unexpectedly.

Cyborg (By Sam Taylor & Jordan Steel)

Frank Lillie Pollock - where a second sun's light incinerates the Earth. Limited series by Garth Ennis depicting the adventures of a man traveling on Earth's surface a few years after a solar event called The Burn. Followed by a sequel, Just a Pilgrim: Garden of Eden. Left Behind. Film series based on the book series, concerning the Rapture. The manga and subsequent anime movies and TV series by Kia Asamiya - The story is set in a Blade Runner -style world which has been invaded by demonic beings.

Season 4 and 5 are based around the pre-apocalyptic world in which the angels are gearing up for a battle between heaven and hell. James Blish - a black magician brings about the end of the world by releasing all the demons from Hell. Power of Five. Brian Keene - And its sequel City of the Dead. Rather than the zombies being an infection, as in most zombie fiction; these zombies are reanimated by demonic entities, the sisquisim, from the Old Testament. Brian Keene - a Lovecraftian tale of one of the last survivors on earth. In the novel, the world floods causing several monsters appear, mainly gigantic, maneating earthworms.

Garth Nix - A novel in which a group of extradimensional beings invade earth and cause all human adults over the age of 14 to vanish. Dean Koontz - A novel in which a malevolent demonic force kills off the majority of the human race. The Shadow of Yesterday.

The role-playing game, in which the unification of all people in a fantasy world under a single, supernatural language results in the destruction of a world by what is presumed to be an asteroid that becomes that world's new moon, one that eclipses the sun for a week out of each month. A role-playing game, in which an advanced civilization is threatened and destroyed by supernatural forces that religion is knowingly, and in some ways unknowingly, centered on.

The reasons for the Dayworld dystopia seems to be a combination involving overpopulation, ecological catastrophe, some sort of disaster that rendered petroleum unusable, and World War III. This is hinted at in the second book. Stirling - Ongoing series of novels and short stories.

A disaster of indeterminate cause most speculation within the novels concerns an all-powerful outside force, often facetiously referred to as " Alien space bats " causes electricity, combustion engines, and modern explosives to cease functioning. A series of novels set in a world created by Storm Constantine - humanity is replaced as the planet's dominant species by a race of mystic hermaphrodites. War and plague ravage the human population, but no single cause is specified. Ongoing comic series, which takes place roughly years in the future, where North America is a dustbowl and lacking modern technology.

Theologus Autodidactus. The Last Man [14]. The Book of Machines. The novel Erewhon ' s section The Book of Machines. After London [15]. Richard Jefferies - the nature of the catastrophe is never stated, except that apparently most of the human race quickly dies out, leaving England to revert to nature. Wells - Towards the end of the book The Time Traveler witnesses the Suns expansion, causing the death of all life on Earth. The War of the Worlds.

Shiel - A volcanic eruption floods the world with cyanide gas.

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Forster - A short story emphasizing machinery instead of computers. Jack London - Sixty years after an uncontrollable epidemic, the Red Death, has depopulated the planet, James Howard Smith tries to impart the value of knowledge and wisdom to his grandsons. William Hope Hodgson - the Sun burns out and the last of humanity is sheltered in an arcology from the hostile environment and the creatures adapted for it.

George Allan England - two characters wake from suspended animation and find that some great disaster has torn an enormous chasm in the Earth and created a second moon. Play by Karel Capek - notable for coining the term ' robot '. The Metal Giants. The War of the Giants. John Gloag [16]. The Shape of Things to Come. Wells, H. Filmed as Things to Come in Only a group of children survives and forms a strange new humanity.

The Black Flame. Stanley G. Nightmare Number Three. Stephen Vincent Benet. Things to Come [17]. A future second world war leads to a breakdown of civilization in most of the world, with technology returning to medieval levels by Wild Harbour. By the Waters of Babylon. Philip George Chadwick, when a near-invincible army of artificially created soldiers - the flesh guard - falls into the hands of an untrustworthy power, continental Europe forms an alliance and invades Britain.

The resulting carnage, involving poisonous electric gas, "humanite" atomic bombs, and the unfeeling march of the Flesh Guard, reduces whole cities and towns in Europe to smoking rubble. A cartoon short by Hugh Harman - animals rebuild a post-apocalyptic world after humanity has fought wars to the point of extinction. Gather, Darkness. Fritz Leiber [18]. Pat Frank - Depicts a world in which a nuclear power plant explosion renders the entire male population infertile. Earth Abides [14]. Not with a Bang. The Big Eye. Max Simon Ehrlich. Asimov, Isaac - a later book, Robots and Empire gave a different explanation.

There Will Come Soft Rains. Ray Bradbury in The Martian Chronicles. The City. Five [19]. Arch Oboler - the film shows the aftermath of a nuclear war, centered on a group of five survivors. Ray Bradbury - short story in The Illustrated Man. When Worlds Collide film. The Day of the Triffids. John Wyndham - Initially thought to be a blinding meteor shower, but later suggested to be a manmade satellite based weapon accidentally discharged, allowing the bioengineered Triffid plants to dominate. Captive Women [22]. A new primitive society emerges long after a nuclear war.

Invasion USA [ citation needed ]. Star Man's Son [14]. Norton, Andre Also published as Daybreak: A. Daphne du Maurier - survival horror. The short story The Birds by Daphne du Maurier - made into the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock - in which birds begin launching spontaneous mass attacks against humanity.

Gerald Heard ; a mildrew-generated fog appears to undermine civilization. The Nine Billion Names of God. Clarke - A short story taken from the short story collection of the same name. Wylie, Philip - Cautionary for its time , civil defense -themed "tale of two cities": One fictional American city is ready for nuclear World War III, while the other isn't. The Offshore Island. Some Will Not Die. Slaves To The Metal Horde.

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  6. The Last of the Masters. Philip K. Dick - short story novelette by Dick, Philip K. Elsewhere, the last government, a highly centralized and efficient society, is in hiding from the Anarchist League, a global militia preventing the recreation of any government. Day the World Ended [19]. John Wyndham - U.

    The aftermath of a nuclear war in a rural Canadian community. The Long Tomorrow [28]. Brackett, Leigh - in the aftermath of a nuclear war scientific knowledge is feared and restricted. World Without End [22]. Edward Bernd, starring Hugh Marlowe , Rod Taylor - Robust 20th Century men—narrowly escaping the ubiquitous "time warp"—kill giant spiders, help pale nerds and their beautiful women emerge from underground, and retake the post World War III surface from troglodyte mutants.

    The Last Word. Fritz Leiber - A small family struggles to survive at near-zero temperatures after Earth is ripped from its solar orbit. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. John Christopher - A virus that destroys plants causes massive famine and the breakdown of society. Made into the film No Blade of Grass. Nevil Shute - also the films based on the book. Rand, Ayn - American society slowly collapses after the country's leading industrialists mysteriously disappear.

    Teenage Cave Man [19]. Raymond F. Jones , The world's machinery grinds to a halt after comet dust arrives. Terror from the Year Doomsday For Dyson. A made-for-television play by J. Several of the issues brought up in the programme were discussed in an hour-long debate following its conclusion. A group of survivors from an atomic war become trapped in an underground station - During the play, broadcast live on Armchair Theatre , one of the actors Gareth Jones actually died whilst the show was on the air.

    George, Peter - filmed as Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick. The poem from Collected Poems — by George Macbeth. On the Beach [33]. The World, the Flesh and the Devil [19]. Adapted from M. Shiel 's The Purple Cloud. A TV adaptation of a play by Marghanita Laski. Pat Frank - the aftermath of a nuclear war in a rural Florida community. Level 7. The Twilight Zone - numerous episodes, and its revivals.

    Atomic War Bride [ citation needed ]. A Yugoslav science fiction drama film directed by Veljko Bulajic. The Final War. Shigeaki Hidaka, a Japanese film about a third world war started when the US accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Korea Japanese title: Dai-sanji sekai taisen: Yonju-ichi jikan no kyofu. The Time Machine [22]. A Canticle for Leibowitz. Miller, Jr, Walter M. The Last Woman on Earth. The Earth's oxygen levels drop suddenly, suffocating most life—survivors in an oxygen-producing jungle speculate that this happened because of "a bigger and better bomb" but the reasons are not made clear.

    Beyond the Time Barrier. Galouye, Daniel F. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Ballard - First published novel. World destroyed by increasingly powerful winds. Panic in Year Zero! A movie about a family that escapes Los Angeles after the city is devastated by a nuclear attack. This Is Not a Test.

    Loosely based on the John Wyndham novel of the same name. The film Triffids are a venomous space-borne plant, and arrive on Earth via meteorites. Brian Aldiss - Presents a dying Earth where vegetation dominates and animal life is all but extinct. Ballard - Climate change causes flooding. Anthony Burgess - Global over-population and famine leads to mass chaos. John Christopher - A decrease in radiation from the sun causes a new ice age.

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    Cat's Cradle [44]. Comic books series by Gold Key Comics. Novel by Austrian writer Marlen Haushofer. Adapted to film in by the same name. A forty-something woman while vacationing in a hunting lodge in the Austrian mountains discovers that a transparent wall has been placed that closes her off from the outside world; all life outside the wall appears to have died, possibly in a nuclear event. War novel by Ralph Peters. Islamic extremists launch a series of dirty bomb attacks against the West, which results in a backlash against Muslims. A radical Christian government takes over the US and sends the Army, Marines, and a National Guard full of evangelicals to invade and retake a long-nuked Israel.

    Strangelove [44]. The Last Man on Earth. The Time Travelers [ citation needed ]. The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The Doctor Who serial.

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    Some examples from the relaunch are in Army of Ghosts and Doomsday , and in The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords though it could be argued that only the Master is alien. The Day the Earth Caught Fire. Ballard - A super drought evaporates all water on earth. Brian Aldiss - The human race becomes sterile. Time of the Great Freeze. Robert Silverberg - Another ice-age has engulfed the earth. A group from New York travels over the ice to London in the year The Outer Limits.

    Nuclear War Card Game. Thomas Disch - Alien flora is seeded on Earth, and quickly comes to dominate all landmasses, threatening Human extinction. John Christopher - Civilization destroyed by massive worldwide earthquakes. Television adaptation of the Novel of the same name. Daleks - Invasion Earth AD. The jungle in Africa starts to crystallize all life and expands outward.

    Harry Harrison - Made into the film Soylent Green directed by Richard Fleischer - showing a world where humanity had become massively overpopulated, and a vague ecological disaster is creating a growing dust bowl, and the entire economy is collapsing. Late August at the Hotel Ozone. Czech title: Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon [47] [48]. In the Year [ citation needed ].

    Bopperson - Le Mellotron

    Journey to the Center of Time [ citation needed ]. Kavan, Anna - earth threatened by Nuclear winter. Rite of Passage. Alexei Panshin - Earth, after building a dozen or so Ships and seeding a number of colony planets, is destroyed. The Ships are technologically advanced, but the colony planets have all to some extent regressed technologically.

    The Ships' populations are managed on strictly eugenic lines: as part of this, they deliberately strand their young on colony planets for a month in the Trial , both to weed out bad genes and as a rite of passage. Nebula Award winner, Hugo Award nominee. Planet of the Apes [22]. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick - basis for the film Blade Runner. The God Machine. John Brunner - Set in a future of extreme over-population. The Bed Sitting Room [51].

    Originally based on a play by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus. Roger Zelazny - made into a movie and a Hawkwind song Heroes and Villains. Marco Ferreri Italian title: Il Seme dell'uomo [54]. The Ice Schooner. Michael Moorcock - Set in a new ice age on earth.

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes [55]. The second film in the Planet of the Apes feature film series. The Last War. Kir Bulychev - in Russian language. No Blade of Grass [56]. Based on the novel The Death of Grass. Volcanic apocalypse. Doctor Who serial Inferno in which attempts to tap the Earths core for power leads to a volcanic apocalypse.

    Glen and Randa [22]. The Omega Man [59]. The Overman Culture. Global warming. Mutant The Plastic Eater. Kit Pedler , Gerry Davis. A microbe designed to eat waste plastic gets loose. Directorial debut for Douglas Trumbull. An ecologically-minded astronaut struggles to save the last bio-dome preserving what's left of Earth's wildlife.

    Adventures with uncooperative droids and the rings of Saturn ensue. John Brunner - The United States is overwhelmed by environmental irresponsibility and authoritarianism. The End Of The Dream. A Thief in the Night. Doomsday Machine. In , a crew of space travelers tries to colonize Venus after Earth is destroyed by a " doomsday device ". Directed by Herbert J. Leder , Lee Sholem , and producer Harry Hope. Battle for the Planet of the Apes [ citation needed ]. The fifth movie in the Planet of the Apes feature film series. Genesis II [60]. Refuge of Fear [ citation needed ].

    Spanish title: El refugio del miedo [61]. Directed by Peter Fonda. A research team discover a way to travel into the future, and in doing so discover that a worldwide ecological catastrophe is imminent. They send a group of earnest teenagers forward in time to repopulate the Earth after the disaster - but it doesn't end well. Flight of the Horse. A manga series by Go Nagai that tells the tale of a Japan devastated by a massive earthquake and mass volcanic eruption and isolated from the rest of the world, with the remnants of humanity divided between the strong and the weak.

    A sequel to Nagai's Devilman series. Stephen King - An unknown phenomenon makes Earth's machines turn against humanity. It was later made into the movie Maximum Overdrive , which added an alien invasion subplot. The Camp of the Saints. The Third Cry. Planet Earth. Made for TV movie. A mutated virus created by a solar flare destroys virtually all of the human population. One family has survived, and endeavors to travel across America to their family home.

    Prophecies of Nostradamus. James Herbert - The last two novels of The Rats trilogy show how after a nuclear war, humanity is overthrown by mutated Giant Black Rats. A Boy and His Dog [22]. A young man Don Johnson and his dog Tiger, the dog actor struggle for survival and encounter strife in a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland where food, water, and women are scarce. Based on the writings of Harlan Ellison. Black Moon [ citation needed ].