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A true fairytale gift of fate and karma, but most of all, love. The author of this book is a lady that comes from a background of violence and self anger. She has given an honest account of her life growing up, her relationship with her mother and her family. She is someone that has always cared about young people with problems because of her life and empathy for feelings of loneliness. This author tells of lessons learnt the hard way and finding love and inner peace.

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Fate, karma and a unbelievable gift. Skip to main content. Car Boot Diamond. Autobiography and Memoir. Well, I can assure you that you probably had a garbage tier diamond with that purchase and you likely overpaid for it by alot. Hello, I recently took my ring in to have the band fixed as it had come apart at an old solder or weld where it had been sized.

The jeweler called me to report that both diamonds, each about 1 carat, have a crack right down the center. They were just making me aware. If it were for a resizing job, I can say that the diamond was likely already damaged and cracked beforehand. You are right about that assessment. Now, as for how cracks form, it really depends what happened during wear and what the ring has gone through. Thank you Paul for the nice answer.

My guess was that it has been bumped or knocked against something during years of wear because both center stones are cracked, not just one but both. So sorry to see it damaged after having it for ten years.

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

In I thought the diamond looked a little wonky and took it to a local jeweler. He said the diamond was cracked and blamed the four-prong setting. He reinforced the setting with a bezel to protect the diamond. These rings have gigantic sentimental value to me. Is there anything to be done to make the rings prettier? For old diamonds like these, they are usually cut to pretty bad standards and having an imperfect clarity grade could have resulted in the durability issues you faced.

If you want to do a recut, that would alter the look of the diamond completely.

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If you want to do a reset of the ring in a new setting, that might also change the look completely. Click here to cancel reply. The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. White Flash. Can your diamond crack and shatter? Share This Page on Social Media!

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We just used another ring she was already wearing while I got my act together and bought her engagement ring. As a result, we were able to take a few weeks, get educated, visit a jeweler, and I bought a diamond ring that we both love. And it was another big surprise when I gave her the ring.

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There are a lot of relevant variables for diamonds. An engagement ring might also represent a sacrifice one person is making — a display of disposable income. The value of these things is primarily dependent on the person. Fortunately for us, the beauty of a diamond is fairly objective once you leave the carefully crafted lighting environment of the jewelry store.

Many diamonds are objectively bad. Usually, these diamonds are objectively bad because they are cut to minimize the waste when cutting the rough diamond and so major sacrifices are made to the geometry of the diamond.

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Cut geometry is the worst place to cut corners for high quality brilliant diamonds that look great outside of the hundred thousand dollar light system of the showroom floor. Buying diamonds with features that are substantially above those visible thresholds is a waste of money. So, going back to our objective — to help you purchase the best-value diamond within your budget — we want to find diamonds that are just barely above the thresholds that make them as pretty to our eyes as possible.

Car Boot Diamond | Book| Austin Macauley Publishers

In the 2nd part of this article, I detail guidelines for what and where the thresholds are for each of the key variables that make diamonds visually attractive — so we can spend our limited budget on the features we can actually see and enjoy. While some diamonds are objectively bad because of certain variables, other variables are more a matter of personal preference. Information asymmetry is an economic concept where one party in a transaction has more or better information than the other.

Finally, buying an engagement ring is not something you do every day. But selling engagement rings is something that jewelers do every day. You are at an inherent disadvantage in the jewelry buyer-seller relationship — both in terms of the information you have and the experience you have at the bargaining table.