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However, if it is placed in warm water and then slowly brought to a boil, it will not notice the danger and be boiled to death. What is the lesson for us? Most people are unable or unwilling to respond to dangers that gradually arise. As imperfect humans, the consequences of our bad choices can escalate quickly. The more we engage in sampling what is wrong, the easier it is to fully engage in committing immoral or violent acts. When we choose leisure activities that God approves, we are showing our love for Him.

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Our love for God will help us to make the best decisions in life, even when it is difficult to do so. God created us with free will and gave us bible principles to use as a guide. But first we need to,. Ephesians , Christian Standard Bible.

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Once we understand what makes God happy and make the necessary sacrifices for Him, we are proving our love for Him. To illustrate, your young child may be spending an afternoon with a relative or friend. After lunch, your child may be offered a sweet treat such as cake or ice-cream or even both. However, your child knows that you only allow them to eat sweets after dinner. What would they decide to do? As a child, this is a HUGE sacrifice for them. Saying no to temptation is hard!

The pride and love of your child at that moment is how God feels when he sees us making wise decisions. When we show our love to God, he responds with his blessings on us. This is motivation for us to do anything to protect our relationship with him. Along with affecting our relationship with God, the entertainment we choose also affects others in our lives.

You may be asking yourself why you should care what others think of what you choose to do in your free time. No one is to seek his own good, but the good of the other person. You know that free will that I mentioned earlier that God gave us all? We not only have a spiritual responsibility towards God and ourselves but towards our family, friends, and others that look up to us to set an example as Christians. Even if your goal is simply to be a better person, your children, spouse, parents and even neighbors are watching what you do.

You, yourself may be able to watch something immoral without it apparently affecting your conscience. The same may not be true of those sitting in the room, watching the same movie as you. This is another principle that we can try right away. When deciding on entertainment, we can ask ourselves how it would affect the spirituality of our loved ones. As a warning, the opposite may be true. A family member or friend may decide to watch something that you feel uncomfortable with.

We all need to be careful not to judge one another too harshly. While we can share the bible gems we discover with others, everyone learns and makes decisions in their own time. Two Christians may watch the same show; one person may feel it goes against their conscience and the other may be fine with it.

Ultimately, we all want to serve God together and be happy! We can certainly make wise decisions when choosing our entertainment. We simply need to keep in mind the four bible principles discussed:. Considering and applying the above bible principles will keep us focused on what God approves, help us make wise decisions and make everyone happy. In a separate post, I give practical and fun entertainment suggestions that you and your family will enjoy! Thank you for digging into these scriptural gems with me!

There are so many more principles in the bible that can help us choose good and wholesome entertainment.

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Verse three is the perfect motivational kick in the butt to assist you in accomplishing your goals and starting your day. Image credits to Eva Rinaldi via Wiki Commons. We all have naysayers in our lives. If there is ever a period in your life where you future looks dark, turn this song on and you will realize that no matter what, YOU are beaming. Definitely a great addition to your list of rap songs.

With an opening like this, you all should understand why this song should be listened to every morning before you start your day. This song is full of hope, determination, and passion. Image credits to Transformer via Wiki Commons. Eminem is a rapper that brings energy in every song he performs. Em starts the song off by talking. His words are words we often tell ourselves or need to tell ourselves when we are being challenged :. Who needs coffee after hearing this song? Image credits to Scott Kinmartin via Flickr. This is something we can all relate to.

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At one time or another, we have all been an underdog, and we had to fight for respect. We must stay hungry and remember that no matter what, we only have ONE opportunity to make an impression; one opportunity to make our dreams a reality. This song helps me put into perspective everything I have been through to get to this point in my life. The highs and lows, and how I overcame them to accomplish my goals and dreams.

In life we face many obstacles and new events. However, we should never be afraid of change or challenges. This has been one of my favorite motivatinal rap songs since I was in the 8th grade. The chorus is perfect for athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers — breathing souls, period! The path to success is often a lonely road.

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Often you must make sacrifices, and ignore the advice and opinions of others. This is the epic grind song. I will just let the chorus of this song persuade you. Image credits to Top Streetwear via Flickr. The words and the energy of this song helps all who are in business or are a brand everyone get charged up to battle and destroy any and every obstacle before them.

Are you a leader or a follower? Leaders play the game, but they define their own rules on their way to the top. This is often the first song I listen to when I start my day. Image credits to Norrel Blair via Wiki Commons.

We all have them, but it is important to remember that no matter what others think or say, you must focus on your mission in life. As the lyrics in this song sums it up: let your accomplishments do the talking, keep setting goals, and live your life. Image credits to Zulytheslg via Wiki Commons.

How can this song NOT be in your 25 rap songs that you listen to in the morning? This song is fun, energetic, and inspiring. In order to have success, one must appreciate the things they have in the present as well as what they went through in the past. What better way to start your morning than playing a song about blessings. This is a tale of how Big Sean achieved the success he has today.