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It had an ugly cover. And very traditional publishing. Needless to say, Scalzi put on a great performance, both witty and informative. I figured that half the cost was for the live entertainment.

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And I got a personally signed book…for a crowded bookshelf. Of course, paperbacks of older works were also available, but the new one was only available in hardback for signing. He tweets some of the more enjoyable snippets and is very funny.

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He is a prolific tweeter. Okay, okay…Charles Dickens did it through print newspapers a while ago, but electronically episodic is still a new path for most science fiction writers. Not too long ago, Hugh Howey used this form of marketing to break through with his Wool series and has become quite successful.

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John also has a very popular blog: www. So, this shows me how important networking and interacting with fellow writers can be, and also that getting involved in prominent associations and conferences is also helpful in getting recognized, and boosting sales. And keep writing…as you tour, as you tweet, as you blog, as you serve on committees and attend cons. Filed under Alien and human bonding , alien life forms , Alien worlds , downloaded personalities , ebook science fiction , first contact , genetic manipulation , Hugh Howey , Hugo winners , Marketing and selling novels , military science fiction , modifying humans , science fiction series , space ship , space travel , Transhumanism.

Tagged as alien cultures , alien lifeforms , award winning science fiction , computer implants , downloaded personality , john scalzi , Marketing novels , military science fiction , science fiction , Sheron McCartha.

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Several interesting developments have happened to me recently in the world of Ebooks. First, my science fiction book club selected Amped as the book to read this week. His credentials are strong as he has a Phd in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and consulted with several professors on how such a device would work. He said that Random House is his publisher and really got behind him with a strong marketing campaign to get his book out there. The book is about a device implanted in the brain that increases intelligence, motor function and overall performance. Already, we have many devices implanted in the brain to augment deficits…cochlear implants being one, Parkinson aids, pacemakers, and others.

I actually know people who have each of these right now. So, the idea is not too far future. Needless to say, a class war ensues and Wilson brings in some weighty questions as to who should be augmented and how the ordinary Joe will react to those chosen to be augmented into superior beings. A lot of politics and back room maneuvering for power develops. Events turn nasty…and he starts with a suicide. However, what I found interesting was that to get the book, I went online to my local library, and downloaded the story. I used an app called Overdrive that made it easy. Then, last week I went to a seminar put on by Kobo, which is an ebook seller worldwide in over countries.

The cards took you to Kobo where you could download the book for free. The idea is to offer a free book in order to get your name out there and entice readers into other books you have written. Worked quite well. So we have both libraries and brick and mortar bookstores offering Ebooks, some free and some at a good price.

The reading group just celebrated their tenth year, and Peter has worked with the group offering sample books, helping us pick out available authors and generally existing as a font of science fiction knowledge. Thanks for all your help. Ten years for a reading group to stay together is amazing. Leah has over 27, books in her home and contains an incredible knowledge of science fiction.

John remembers esoteric details of all things science fiction and is also amazing. Filed under artificial intelligence , Best selling science fiction , Cutting Edge Science ideas , ebook marketing , ebook science fiction , hard science , Hard science fiction , Implanting humans , Medical science fiction , modifying humans , New York Times Best Sellers , Political Science Fiction , science fiction science , Transhumanism.

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Tagged as artificial intelligence , computer implants , downloaded personality , Ebook Marketing , science fiction. Recently two books came to my attention that deal with the mingling of humans and beasts. With the coming of Halloween where people adorn themselves in bizarre outfits and prowl the streets like animals, I thought these two unique and edgy new novels would be perfect for my blog.

The first is The Melding of Aeris by an astounding new author, D. Wallace Peach. It tells of a blasted world slowly recovering from science gone wrong. Scientists tinker with drugs to cure diseases and discover Pathway, a distillation that enables the grafting of skin across species.

Soon rich women are smoothing down soft animal fur on their shoulders like epaulets or admiring serpent skin as elegant as black lace over their arms and chest. Men embed the razor teeth of sea-beasts into the bones of their forearms and cover their backs with wolf pelt to enhance their appearance. Then they bear children, and the next generation arrives as monsters; creatures created from the vanity of their parents. - Google Документи

He longs to look human. However, his father is rich and uses his influence to get him human skin. Happy at first, Aeris soon learns the dirty secret of the murdered flesh he wears. The Bestiary where the animals are cultivated to supply the parts, the Alchemary where the various vials of distillations are kept, all are part of a secret underground operation run by certain powerful people. Horrified as he discovers the existence of the black market of flesh and animal parts, Aeris joins a ragged rebellion of misfits to destroy the Pathway drug and bring down the Alchemery at all costs.

Well written, with a nice romance, a unique story and lots of action, I enjoyed The Melding of Aeris a lot. The second book is reminiscent of the Island of Dr. In Halfkinds by Andrew Vu, science has also advanced to the extent that the intelligence of certain animals has been elevated so they can use language and live in human society. But all humans are not happy with this arrangement.

The story opens with a prostitute that has raised a family of halfkinds in secret…and then is discovered and murdered. Told from the first person point of view, various viewpoints of the halfkind family are unique and different as each member of this strange inter species family struggles to survive and tell his perspective. They are hunted by an inter species team led by Simon Trevor and although various members of the family group care about others, there is still dissension and betrayal from within the family itself as they run and hide from outside killers.

Normally, this would not be a book I would read. It also portrayed a far future where intelligence across species has been enhanced significantly. This is the first book of a series. So, I finally decided at least to mention this very different story. Filed under Alien and human bonding , alien life forms , Alien worlds , gene modification , genetic manipulation , Indie authors , Medical science fiction , modifying humans , science fiction , Science fiction thriller , Transhumanism , Uncategorized.

Tagged as alien , alien cultures , alien lifeforms , enhanced intelligence , fantasy , genetics , science fiction. We all have our favorite science fiction novels…some I have already mentioned throughout the year, but the other day I saw the novel Slan listed and thought of a few others, not as well known, that are also favorites of mine. Written in by A.

Van Vogt, Slan is classic old science fiction that has endured through the ages. They are being hunted down and killed by the current brutal world dictator, Kier Gray. A second point of view comes from Kathleen Layton, the ward of the world dictator Kier Gray. She is also a slan, on the inside of the politics and eventually she meets up with Jommy. Originally, the story was serialized in Astounding Science Fiction , so there is a pulp like feel to the writing.

And has a theme similar to the X-men. Van Vogt. Written in , The Lathe of Heaven is the story of George Orr who discovers that his dreams become reality. Disturbed by this, he puts himself into the hands of a psychotherapist who soon uses George to play God, changing the world and reality for his own purposes. When he urges George to dream of a world without racism, they both wake up to everyone the color of gray. Wishing for lower populations and less crowding, brings on an alien attack and war.

Trying to make a better world, nothing turns out as he expects. With seven Nebulas and five Hugos, Ursula Le Guin has made a name for herself in the science fiction community, and this little gem will wake you up in the middle of the night and make you think. Algernon is a mouse who becomes very smart through an experimental brain operation.

Charley is a person who has a 68 I. He volunteers to become the human experiment for a similar operation. As the mouse gets smarter, so does Charly. We see the changes in intelligence through his diary writing. However, soon his intellect surpasses even the scientist who monitors him and he is offering solutions for solving the energy problem and other world ills. Filed under award winning scifi , Best selling science fiction , Classic science fiction , genetic manipulation , Hugo winners , modifying humans , Nebula nominations , Science fiction thriller , Transhumanism , Uncategorized.

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Join Now. I submitted my book for a 99 bargain ad few days ago. Now what happens? Do I wait for a confirmation, or do I wake up one day and magically see that ENT has featured my book and then get the invoice in my mail? And how long does it take for them to actually put up your book if at all?

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