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And there are some publishers who have either started up or changed the way they operate. But yeah it can certainly be tough if your books are priced correctly. Jenny: [] Sure. Yeah yeah. I feel fortunate that I did sell to an international publisher and I was able to make a career of writing.

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I went to university actually at 16 so I skipped what was then a seventh form year and went straight at 16 to university and did law. And so I was able to work for magazines and different publications during the day from home and then squeeze in writing and you know I wrote a lot at nighttime until I sold. I wrote seven books actually, seven full length manuscripts, before I sold my first title.

So yeah. So that was fantastic. I was still working when I was in labor. I was working the first day at the hospital. I was just constantly writing. I got Mac and Hunter, and they are eight and five. I owe her everything. The family support has been amazing. Have you ever been tempted to go back and put them out there? Soraya: [] You know I think sometimes rewriting is harder than writing. And I know the first few were not worthy of publication. You just have to put it down and pull yourself up off the floor and start the next book. I think only another writer can probably understand the emotions and how hard that is.

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Soraya: [] Oh look it absolutely is. And I think also just in terms of my outlook on my career I very much think of it as a career. Not only do I need the income from writing.

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  4. They always want changes they always want you to do different things. But you know I just focus on the career and on the bigger picture. Jenny: [] Your comments about the World War II and the way that it does seem to have burgeoned. There are a lot of books being published in that niche. I keep an eye on the Kindle Top best sellers and the number of historical fiction books that are in that Top now has just grown enormously. Jenny: [] Yeah.

    But this podcast is called The Joys of Binge Reading. So turning to Soraya as reader yes you obviously have read all your life. Are you a binge reader and who have you binge read in the past or maybe perhaps even be binge reading today.

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    I have heard so much about it. And my mother in particular has been telling me constantly that I must read it. So I do love sort of suspense and thrillers. I loved the Bronze Horseman series by Paulina Simmons and that stands out to me as one of my absolute favorite series. Jenny: [] But yeah they are something absolutely remarkable about them. I actually tend to buy my mom books that I would like to read. So she has all the books in the series to date sitting there. I can read all of those. The luxury to be able to read them in order I think so.

    Oh absolutely not that it makes that much difference. But you know I have found myself thinking now if I read that the twins birth the twins now just one of them you know that sort of thing. Jenny: [] And I know her other books as well I mean to be fantastic standalone books.

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    Belinda Alexandra. And she writes some fantastic stories as well. Thank you, right. So we are starting to run out of time. You know I think there are things that I would like to change that I probably would. Jenny: [] Talk about your working style a little bit. Are you a workaholic? Do you like to do a lot of plotting. How do you approach every book? Soraya: [] Oh look definitely workaholic.

    I ran into a lot of trouble trying to do it as a historical fiction author so I now do a huge amount of plotting for my historical fiction. And then I also have an overall plot and a general story arc as well. And then just trying to figure out how those character arcs I guess or or meet together and how it all works out through the story.

    And my editor now is insisting that I do a chapter by chapter plot or outline which is just about kills me. It was just amazing how streamlined it was. Jenny: [] So do you do all of that before you even start writing a single word. Soraya: [] Yes. Well actually I did start writing the first chapter just to get a feel for the story. But yeah I mean my historical fiction I normally do a lot of research first. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review The heroine: Subscription box owner Peyton Richards The hero: Wine company owner Josh Hanson The blurb: It all started with a sexy selfie.

    Texted to the wrong number. Not my finest moment—but I have […]. Oh and he calls me […]. Jessop Year of publication: Now […]. No matter how tempting or […]. Take me, for instance. I uprooted my small town life to move to Chicago, went to college, and grew up. Too bad I belatedly […]. It was all to protect her, all to know her. She liked […]. Kyle Lane is […]. Title: Love, Again Author: L. Dover Year of publication: Out today! Because the gruff, muscled, […]. Mitchell Year of publication: Out today! Recruited to the FBI […]. I just did that.

    Except worse. The blurb: The Duke boys were nicknamed for cuts of meat.

    How Nora Roberts became America’s most popular novelist.

    Sir Loin Of Beef. Title: Unconditional Author: Q. One moment to link two souls forever. That moment came when I pulled her out of her darkest hour.

    The SEAL's Stolen Child (Operation Family, book 2) by Laura Marie Altom

    The tragedy […]. Title: Pink Bits Author: J. Heller Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review The heroine: Reagan Moore The hero: Rhett Jones The blurb: Did you know the medical term for a butt crack is intergluteal cleft? My name is Reagan, and spouting random facts like […]. Wielding a […]. The Marines and then […]. I was kindly given a copy to read and review The heroine: Nurse Hannah Billings The hero: Mechanic Nate Wilson The blurb: A sexy rockstar walking into your hotel room sounds like a dream come true. Title: Wrecked Author: A. MacBride Year of publication: Just released!

    I traded my freedom for hers. But then she betrayed me […]. Title: Surprise, Baby! Touching her could start a war. But the consequences stopped mattering the moment we […]. Title: Love Undercover Author: L. The only problem? Strategy: Bring the […]. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review The heroine: Baker Charlie Peterson The hero: Rockstar Hudson Mitchell The blurb: When a rockstar and a single mom become roommates, delicious sparks are bound […].

    The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review The heroine: Doctor Robin Drake The hero: Pilot Dorian Rae The blurb: Captain Dorian Rae is a wounded soul who gets his greatest pleasures from being in the great outdoors […]. Two people from opposite worlds, brought together by a connection neither expected. Well, maybe just one… I went and did the one thing he told me not to — fall in love with him. Especially […] [Continue reading It […] [Continue reading Duty, honor, and a fierce loyalty […] [Continue reading Any other coaching guidance?

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