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There are also small reservations in North Dakota, Nebraska, and north-eastern Montana. Many have been forced to move to cities to find work. Most reservation housing is poor. They live in wooden cabins that rarely have hot and cold running water or electricity. Despite their difficulties, the Sioux Indians still have hope. They strive to preserve traditional ways.

Sioux in the text: David becomes more and more aware of the status of the Indians. Those who live on the Reservation are treated badly and discriminated against by the ordinary citizens of Bentrock. Indians like Ollie are liked because they try to be white and are accepted. Ollie may not be happy because he is caught between who he really is and who he is trying to be. We cannot fully understand the impact of the summer of in Bentrock, Montana carefully unless we understand the plight of the American Indians and those who victimise them.

Really, this implicitly refers to the tragedy of the American Indians. They are the oppressed minority and are unable to seek the justice they deserve. David sees them dressed like ordinary people having lost their rich heritage.

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They are not ready to come down to the town with war cries as in the movies, but are just milling about. They are impotent in bringing about any justice for Marie or themselves. They have no one to fight for them, and cannot fight for themselves. Setting question. Setting is time and place AND social situation. The time The place Montana The social situation? The North American Indian population were treated poorly by racist white laws and discrimination and oppression were commonplace.

How does all of this add up to the terrible things that happened in the story? How does the setting of the novel the time, place, and the presence of the Sioux contribute to the events that happen during the summer of ?

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Write an essay with 4 paragraphs: How does the setting of the novel the time and place, contribute to the events that happen during the summer of ? This setting helps us to understand the reasons behind the events that took place. Paragraph 1 The time When did the story take place? Find some quotes that support your answer.

Montana 1948

What attitudes did the different groups of people have to each other at the time? Give some examples from the text. How does this help us understand what happened? Paragraph 2 The place Where was the story set? How did the surrounding area and the location isolation affect what happened to the people? How did it affect their behaviour? Remember to use quotes from the text to back up your ideas! Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To montana - setting. Ned Macario.

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Below you can find all the information you need to know about literature circles. Lit Circles Directions. Lit Circles - Makeup assignment. Study Questions - Part 1. Study Questions - Part 2. Study Questions - Part 3. Montana Reading Schedule. The bolded pages are due for the NEXT day.

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