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He should walk at about a degree angle along the wall. Feel your leg asking in the rhythm of the walk for each step, not just a constant squeeze. If the horse does not respond well to your leg, use a tickle of the spur or whip to send him sideways. Think of the left hind leg stepping into the right rein as you receive that connection. When you get to the corner and straighten the horse, keep the same receiving quality in the contact. I often use this exercise in the warm-up to loosen up my horse.

Try it in the trot as well. Leg yield in and out on a meter circle is more difficult, but it makes the horse even more supple and improves the connection.

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Once you and the horse understand the aids of leg yield along the wall, begin on an meter circle at the medium walk or working trot tracking left. Because the circle is so big, the horse is only bent slightly to the inside. Use the aid for leg yield from the left leg and carefully push the horse out onto the meter circle. On the meter circle, straighten the horse and change the flexion to the right.

Leg yield in from the right leg back onto the meter circle.

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Do not focus on leg yielding in or out quickly or steeply. Instead, make sure you ask yourself these questions:. Leg yield on the meter circle connects the inside hind leg to the outside rein. Try the exercise in both directions. Use the feeling from the exercise to supple and connect the horse on any line or figure where he loses lateral balance. In other words, if you feel him falling in during the corner, you can use the leg yield to push him out and keep him connected on the outside rein. Or if he falls out through the shoulder during a circle, you can use the outside rein and leg as if to leg yield, but you, in fact, just control the outside of his body.

Incorporate the leg yield into your daily routine and reap the benefits of a more supple and better connected ride.

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