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You, too? Since we have many new visitors here this year welcome! In no particular order, here are the 29 best vegetarian recipes according to readers. Thanks Kate!! I think I could eat it every day.

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Thank you, Kate! I will be keeping this recipe, five out of five!! We had them with whole wheat pita, hummus, vegan pesto mayo, tomatoes, kalamata olives and spring greens. OMG sooo good. Thank You!!! I could cry they are so good! As you said, Kate, the pickled onions complement the other ingredients perfectly! I offered all the condiments you suggested and favorites were shredded cabbage and feta cheese. Mostly for myself, but I have also brought it to a few potluck-style gatherings and it was a hit every time.

Super simple to make and very addicting! Thank you for this and all of your wonderful recipes! I made this recipe last night with the socarrat and it was amazing. Absolutely loved it and will be making it again soon! My experience with vegetable lasagnas has been figuring out how to cover up the watery nightmare hiding under the cheese layer. I had some friends over and no one commented that it was missing meat. Everyone was just eating fast to secure a second piece. It is so satisfying all around from delicious flavors to ease of prepping all the ingredients to enjoying the hearty soup!

Thank you for creating a true classic! I decided to make dinner for my mom and her boyfriend the night before they left for a vacay to London. Knowing that her boyfriend is vegetarian, I had to turn to google. I came across your page, and I never turned back! The two could not stop raving about this dish. And honestly, either could I! I paired it with Cilantro Lime Rice — perfection.

Hubby said it tastes exactly like the red curry at our favorite Thai restaurant! This is a winner and will be bookmarked and made often! And so I would feel confident making this recipe for company too. Loved the surprise of the lentil texture it was SO satisfying! I made it for the first time last week and just made it again today.

My husband was not complaining : I used coconut oil because it was the only oil I had on hand besides olive oil and I used sambal oelek for the chili garlic sauce. This is such a different recipe with unique flavor combinations but it works so well together. Thank you for a fabulous recipe, Kate! Thank you for an awesome recipe that was easy to follow for this newbie cook. I did add some diced green chiles for added flavor but it would have been just as excellent without.

I love your website, I am new to cooking vegetarian and your recipes and easy to follow instructions are really helping me build confidence. I substituted regular carrots and added an extra tablespoon of pumpkin seeds just because I love them so much! This may be my favorite dish by her yet! Thank you Kate! Gluten free and easily vegan. This recipe features my go-to method for cooking spaghetti squash! I made it last night for my family girls night. As for me….

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And my husband was out, so no griping about squash! Wins all the way around. I made this salad last night and I do not believe there is a recipe from my vast collection that I enjoyed more. I had never even heard of farro before, but there it was, on the shelf at my favourite grocery store! The soft chewiness of the garlic flavoured farro with the roasted cauliflower, sun dried tomatoes and kalamata olives was divine.

The feta and buttery avocado was the perfect finish to a stunning recipe.

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It came together really quickly and had the perfect balance of flavours and textures. I love how the juicy, caramelized pineapple blends with the sriracha and soy. Kate, your recipes are so detailed and easy to make. Even my risotto-phobic daughter was sneaking seconds. I have also switched it around and given it a fresh thyme and Sherry flavouring, which was just as delightful. Thank you for such a fabulous recipe. Thank you again. I used about 6 cups of veggies and added a little jalapeno and I used red kale.

But more importantly, the vegetarians present loved it. We were all wowed by the combo of textures and flavors: soft, crunchy, hot, cool. The hint of lime in the beans and the seasoned rice were show-stoppers. I am curious to try other flavored rice, but for now, thank you so much for such a wonderful company dish.

Thanks again for another great recipe. I have 2 little boys who ate this right up, AND asked for seconds.

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  • Even the kale. I was amazed. It was so quick to make! I served it with home made salsa, sour cream, and a simple green salad. Will definitely be making this again! I have made it with chickpeas and without — both are excellent. It has a great presentation and hits my check box for comfort food.

    Superfast Vegetarian Recipes

    Thanks, Kate! This is still one of my staples, and even my meat-eating parents love them! Thank you for sharing your recipe! This was so delicious and was a great hit with my husband and adult son who are normally meat lovers!

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    • You can shop my essential kitchen equipment here. Instead of the usual bagel with cream cheese and jam, we're adding protein and cutting sugar with creamy hummus and vegetables. Start with a whole-grain English muffin, and pile on shaved carrot, zucchini, and roasted salted sunflower seeds for a savings of 30g added sugar. It may seem too good to be true, but it's not: This impressive plate requires only 5 ingredients water, oil, salt, and pepper are freebies.

      Microwaved sweet potatoes are sliced into medallions, brushed with oil, and lightly seared so they become satisfyingly steak-like. The creamy, nutty sauce adds richness, and the lemon-dressed arugula-chickpea salad bulks up the plate beautifully. In place of almond butter, you can use any nut butter you like—try peanut, cashew, or sunflower butter. And if canned chickpeas aren't in your pantry, try cannellini or navy beans.

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      Say hello to next-level breakfast for dinner. Inspired by a traditional crispy, potato-studded Spanish tortilla, our quick-fix fluffy omelet is topped with potato chips for a touch of crunch. Ever tried tempeh? This soybean-based veggie protein is a great option for vegetarian or vegan sandwiches and wraps because of its firm texture and incredible flavor adaptability.

      We love it here with a quick soy sauce hit, layered over earthy kale. Got leftovers? Pile this tempeh and veggie combo into a whole-wheat wrap for a perfect to-go lunch.

      10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet

      Drain the pickles well before adding to each wrap. This is a saucy sandwich, so extra liquid can make it a bit messy once you bite in. Nutrient-rich kale has a mild flavor and becomes tender very quickly, making it a snap to add to speedy meals like this one. Mix and match those greens and grains! Sub farro or quinoa for brown rice, and spinach, chard, or cabbage for kale.

      Because of their strength and malleability, Bibb lettuce leaves are some of the best for loaded lettuce wraps. It's worth picking up a couple of heads if you only have iceberg or romaine in your crisper. Perk up your spuds with kale, creamy ricotta, and a hit of smoky goodness.

      These hearty cakes pack twice the potassium of a banana. Fill out the plate with a simple, crisp green salad. This chili is heavy on the sweet and tangy flavor of tomatoes, with both diced and paste, but it also boasts four different kinds of beans. The unusual addition of Worcestershire sauce if you're a strict vegetarian or vegan, make sure to use a vegetarian version brings great meaty flavor to the chili. Browning tofu cubes over high heat gives them a nice firm texture and caramelized flavor that goes well with the simple stir-fried veggies.

      5 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss

      The flavors of sesame oil, rice vinegar, and soy sauce, along with ample ginger and garlic, stand up to the bell pepper, and a topping of sprouts adds a fresh, spicy crunch that makes this dish different. If you can't find pungent radish sprouts, substitute broccoli, alfalfa, or bean sprouts. Your family will never guess what's in this pesto, but the macadamias give a creamier texture than other types of nuts.

      Add half-and-half to that for a wonderfully rich, indulgent sauce with familiar flavor but a hint of something new. The pesto comes together in the time the pasta cooks, so it takes just a few minutes to create a creamy, comforting dish with less than calories per serving. Convert carnivores into vegetarians if only temporarily with this recipe: The meatless crumbles are nearly indistinguishable from ground beef. Add to that the fiery heat of chipotles, creamy avocado and sour cream, and plenty of cheese, and you've got a great plate of nachos. Best of all, this version has only calories per serving and provides nearly half a day's fiber and more than a third of a day's calcium.

      You can also try using fresh dough. Look to your local pizzeria for homemade dough, as many will sell theirs for only a few dollars. This light pasta doesn't sacrifice flavor. With earthy beans, bitter greens, and sharp Parmesan cheese, this dish needs a dose of fruit to bring it to life. Savory blue cheese polenta topped with delicious veggies makes for a comforting and satisfying meal. You can easily shave thin slices of cheese in a snap using an inexpensive kitchen tool: a vegetable peeler. This hearty recipe is a rich and comforting dish that will satisfy any savory cravings.

      Fresh herbs and creamy fontina cheese up the flavor quota and add even more dimension to the mushrooms. Seasoned with mustard, cumin, and paprika, these classic chickpea patties have a great crunchy exterior and zesty flavor. Paired with bitter arugula and a creamy-tangy dressing on pita, they create an easy minute dinner. Toss together lettuce, tomato, some feta cheese, and extra dressing for a nice side salad.

      The flavors in this dish may be exotic for a weeknight dinner, but it's fast about 15 minutes and calls for common pantry ingredients. Pineapple and red bell pepper provide a balance of sweet and savory while coconut milk and curry powder combine for a creamy, spicy sauce. This doesn't have to be a vegetarian dish, either; chicken or pork can replace the tofu with almost no change in cooking.

      The ingredients might sound like they'd clash when combined, but this recipe proves that spicy, sweet, and savory go great together. The tangy mango moderates the hot pepper while perking up the beans, and avocado adds creamy texture and healthy fats. Add another layer of flavor by serving with sour cream or your favorite salsa or guacamole for dipping. Each element of this dish contributes unique elements.

      Crispy and chewy texture come from the grilled pita; tanginess and cooling creaminess from the goat cheese; sweet, juicy freshness from the tomato; and earthy smoky flavors and meaty texture from the portobellos. It's a great summer combination with a simple fruit salad made from whatever you have on hand. Pesto is a wonderfully diverse recipe component because there are so many possible variations. Here, almonds and sun-dried tomatoes make for a sweet-and-savory flavor with extra richness from the oil in the tomatoes. Mixed into a bit of reserved pasta cooking water, the pesto makes a great thick sauce that sticks to the noodles, and a last-minute topping of tangy feta brightens all the flavors.

      It tastes indulgent, but this dish has only calories and less than 10 grams of fat per serving. Packaged greens are ultra-easy to use, and you just have to add a few extra ingredients to put a unique stamp on a salad. Basil and kalamata olives build a Mediterranean salad with a sweet cider vinaigrette that's served over an easy pita pizza for a complete meal.

      Prepared filled pastas from the refrigerated section of the supermarket are a great boon to get dinner on the table fast.

      Add to your diet before you subtract from it

      They add multilayered flavor and cook even more quickly than dried pasta. Here, cheese tortellini is paired with fresh, crisp asparagus, bitter arugula, sweet and juicy tomatoes, pungent onion, and tart canned artichoke hearts in a simple two-vinegar vinaigrette for a meal that takes no longer than cooking the pasta. Vegetarian chilis are so hearty and full of flavor that you'll never miss meat.

      Canned beans shorten the total cooking time to 13 minutes, plus they add lots of fiber. It also works as an appetizer: Make about 12 small patties instead of four large ones and serve the spread as a dipping sauce. Here, the tofu gets a dip in a sauce with sweet, sour, and salty tastes and a big wallop of heat. The rice with vegetables in this recipe provides an excellent base for tofu, but you can use the tofu as a main-course protein with other sides, too.

      Try soba or rice noodles and steamed broccoli, or pair with baked sweet potatoes.