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The same phenomenon can be observed in Finland and Swe-den, where a salient shift in both the ideology and conduct of Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement NRM indicates an increasing radicaliza-tion in the far-right movement. Observed in tandem with an increase in popularity, the development indicates a growing polarization in society. Europe: Private solutions to secure public spaces evolve in response to increasing vehicular attacks. Since July vehicular attacks have fast become the deadliest and most widespread type of terrorist attacks in Western Europe, representing nearly 80 percent of fatal casualties in all terrorist incidents that happened at that period.

In Spagna ha agito non un lupo solitario ma un branco di lupi, radicalizzati da un imam, tutti giovanissimi, fratelli tra loro, pronti a uccidere e farsi uccidere ma incapaci di confezionare esplosivi sofisticati. The diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf as a symptom of the shift in regional power dynamics. While marking the culmination of long-standing tensions between Qatar and its GCC neighbors over security and energy matters, the diplomatic crisis underscored the Iranian-Saudi rivalry in the region and highlighted the Iranian-Turkish role in the upcoming shift in power dynamics in the Gulf.

Germany and nuclear power: who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. In , the German government imposed a tax on processing nuclear fuel amounting to euros per gram to be paid by the nuclear producers. The decision has now been declared unconstitutional and forces the government to pay a 6. In the last few years, German working parents have had to fight to get their children a place in one of the childhood care institutions.

Social inequality is not an issue for German retirement system. The German pension system is only an average performer among OECD countries and has to go through further reforms. A good starting point might be erasing the privileges of the civil servants. This statement underscored the recent return of the ABM group to the Egyptian jihadist scene and further disproved the notion of Wilayat Sinai being the only jihadist actor in the region.

President Maduro isolates himself domestically and internationally amidst rising civil unrest. Since the beginning of April, Venezuela has been rocked by violent protests that have resulted in the death of at least 39 people and the arrests of over demonstrators and opposition activists. Euronews: Paris shooting could shift election security debate.

One terror expert told euronews that the killing of the policeman could shift the debate to the right over the next days and weeks. The Armenian Connection. The clock is ticking for Turkish secularization and EU membership. Turkey is heading towards a controversial referendum on constitutional changes that will concentrate powers in the office of Presidency.

If passed, the reform would lead to an authoritarian shift in the country that would sweep away the Kemalist Revolution and strain the relationships with the EU and NATO in a heartbeat. Distracted by the disruptive potential of the EU elections, EU member states leaders could seem blind and deaf to the alarming threat posed by the return of ISIS foreign fighters to the EU. Recent ship hijackings by Somali pirates illustrate a new increase of piracy threat in the Gulf of Aden. On March 13 and March 24, , 2 ship hijackings took place in Somali waters. These incidents highlighted the re-emergence of the piracy threat in the Gulf of Aden after a period of relative stability in the area.

El Universal: Londres, blanco del EI desde. Brussels, one year later On March 22, , war was declared in Brussels. Over the course of three explosions — two at a. One year later, while hundreds of wounded are still being treated and many victims, their close ones, and first responders are tormented by the memory of the tragedy that shook their lives, it is time to commemorate; and to evaluate. Au bilan aussi.

Is Germany a modern Atlas capable of holding up the task of giving the refugees a job? Since the outburst of the refugee crisis, few EU member states have been on the front line in the rescue and reception of asylum seekers. The next challenge ahead for the destination countries is represented by the integration of the immigrants into the national labour markets. Can the Caterpillar of the new Syrian Constitution become a butterfly?

For several years, a network of non-governmental organizations and its connections within the Council of Europe has led a merciless propaganda campaign against Azerbaijan to benefit Armenia. The myth of tolerant Europe is written on a blank page. During the last Munich Security Conference, held in the Bavarian capital on February , , Angela Merkel delivered a long statement on the European challenges and priorities. Among the several vectors of domestic and foreign policy that were announced, the Chancellor reiterated the policy of welcoming the immigrants inside German and EU borders.

Reina nighclub attack reveals high reactivity of Islamic State to adapt operation methods to changing security environment. The arrest of the Reina nightclub shooter by Turkish police on January 16 and the latest results of the ongoing investigation, made public by Turkish media, confirm that the attack was not an act of a lone jihadist, but the result of coordination between the Turkish IS terror network and the operational centre in Syria.

Successive prison riots point to systemic failures of penitentiary system in Brazil and the war for drug trade monopoly. Since the beginning of , inmates have been killed in 5 separate prison riots across Brazil. These incidents highlighted the systemic failure of a penitentiary system that is overcrowded and under-secured. Berlin Attack: The failure of German security explained by the weight of history. The Berlin tragedy was and no doubt will still be an opportunity for the extreme-right and populists across Europe to attack the migrant welcoming policy promoted by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It is a wrong and bad judgement. This was the case for those who attacked Paris on November 13, , or Brussels on March 22, Others have since been arrested—in Salzburg, Paris, or elsewhere. But how many are we talking about? Approximately twenty have been identified and are either dead or in prison ; European intelligence agencies estimate that a couple dozens of jihadists were able to enter the continent between the summer and fall of by impersonating refugees. Mais de combien de personnes parlons-nous? US security institutions warn of possible lone wolf attacks in Europe during holiday season.

On November 21, the United States Department of State published a travel alert, warning US citizens of the heightened risk of terror attacks throughout Europe during the upcoming holiday season. This alert, set to expire in February , was not unique in and of itself; in recent years, State Department has published numerous travel alerts for its citizens wishing to travel to Europe.

Nel giro di tre ore, tra le One year later, the "war" is not over One year ago, on November 13 , war came to Paris. At , the first suicide bomber blew himself up at the Stade de France. Almost exactly three hours later, at , the Research and intervention Brigade BRI launched their final assault on the Bataclan, liberating the hostages held there. In these three short hours, Islamic terrorism claimed the lives of people and left others wounded. Daech: La main du diable. Symbolic loss of Dabiq prompts adapted propaganda strategy for Islamic State.

One of the greatest tools of the Islamic State IS is its propaganda machine. Since its creation, IS has mastered the art of communication, especially on social media, through video production, and by positioning itself to be found during internet searches. It has adopted a communication strategy that is calculated, planned, and powerful. This strategy allows IS to recruit, to inform, and also to terrorize its enemies by releasing videos of mass executions and decapitations. In recent months, the coalition forces have begun to systematically dismantle this machine, both in terms of personnel and electronic infrastructure, forcing IS to adapt and focus more on private electronic messaging and on quality over quantity of materials published.

Spain today is one of the European countries with a relatively low number of jihadist foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, the Islamist terrorist threat remains present in the country and security experts consider that it can be originated from several fronts: those foreign fighters who may return from international jihad zones unnoticed by authorities and possibly interested in perpetrating attacks as in the cases of the November Paris attacks , lone-wolves inspired by the IS ideology as in the case of the Nice attack , or even foreign fighters who leave Syria or Iraq for a different country.

Escalation of terrorist attacks in Mali demonstrates growing expansion of Ansar Dine. The recent escalation of terrorist attacks carried out by Ansar Dine including the deadliest attack targeting military forces in Nampala and the first kidnapping of 5 Malian soldiers, show that the Mali-based terrorist group is significantly reinforcing its positions and gaining further legitimacy in the country.

Colombia: The Peace accord referendum, a dilemma between the cost of war and the price of peace. On October 2, Colombians will vote in a national referendum whether to accept and support the peace accord reached by the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC guerrilla. Appointment of the new Taliban leader may open the way to the return of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. In fact, despite the killing of the Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the new Taliban leadership is likely to provide unity to the insurgency.

Un parrain de la mafia en prison en train de commanditer le meurtre d'un juge

Furthermore, the increasing bonds between Taliban and Al-Qaeda could be harbinger of a return of the terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan. On the night between June 12 and June 13, at least 50 people were killed and 53 more injured in a shooting, carried out by a lone attacker against a night club of the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida.

The man, who claimed his allegiance to Islamic State, was shot dead by police. The first elements on the incident allow to draw a provisory profile of the man responsible for the worst mass shooting in US history and the deadliest terror attack committed on US soil since September 11, The attack, claimed by the Islamic State, will for sure have an impact on the "positioning" of the United States in the Syrian crisis. A strange case in Kiev. A strange case that took place this week in Ukraine triggers concerns over a possible "manipulation" from security services.

On Monday, June 6, Vassil Grytsak, the head of the SBU Sluzhba Bezpeky Oukrayiny , the Ukrainian domestic security and intelligence service, announced the arrest of "Gregoire M", a French national found in possession of an impressive arsenal and who allegedly plotted to commit 15 attacks no less!

Among the potential targets of the attacks would be mosques, synagogues and public buildings. Lundi M. Rise of new rebel groups, backed by local ethnic and separatist movements risk to transform oil-producing Niger Delta regions into a hotbed of insurgency. Following the latest attacks in the Niger Delta regions claimed by the newly-emerged Niger Delta Avengers group, this alarming trend has now reached a defining moment marking the revival of Niger Delta insurgency that risk to divert foreign investors from the region. Over the last three years, there has been an increase in the number of loyal Islamic State cells operating in Somalia, Libya, Nigeria and even Tanzania.

Les services secrets Pour les Nuls. This would be, in my opinion, a bad idea for at least five reasons:. Stop the Belgian Bashing, but Face Reality. Within their legal framework and with the resources at their disposal, the Belgian intelligence services are no worse at their jobs, all else equal, than anyone else. Prior security breaches at Brussels Airport were numerous and known. Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui were responsible for planting a hidden camera outside the Belgian researcher's house, according to Claude Moniquet, a French former intelligence official who was hired to investigate potential plots targeting Europe's nuclear sector.

Escalating violence in Niger Delta and Biafra regions represents a major security challenge for the oil-rich south of Nigeria. The latest incidents, in the context of dramatically decreasing oil prices and of the persistent Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast, represent a worrying situation for the Nigerian government. The possible consolidation of forces of pro-Biafra and Niger Delta rebels along with campus cult groups may seriously challenge security and stability of the region in the nearest future.

Somalia: Despite regional setbacks and internal tensions Al-Shabaab remains a challenge for regional security. The events occurred in the past months in Kenya and Somalia show that Al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based terrorist group, is not only strengthening its influence in the region, but also expanding its ties with other Islamist terrorist groups present in Eastern Africa.

In particular, the conduct of more high-profile coordinated attacks on diversified targets, including highly secured areas, suggests that Al-Shabaab is increasingly becoming an international terrorist threat. San Bernardino shooting highlights security challenges posed by 'lone wolf' attacks. Though it is possible attackers discussed jihadist leaning privately online before the shooting, the trail they left was so small-scale as to be negligible, and was undetected by authorities until after the fact.

On Friday, November 13, a series of unprecedented coordinated terror attacks hit Paris in 6 different locations, including the Stade de France and the concert hall Bataclan. Assailants were heavily armed, using AK rifles, explosive vests and Kalashnikovs, in a complex, multilayered, coordinated operation apparently masterminded by the Islamic State.

La Libre "La France est un pays en guerre". Already prior to the national elections of November 1st AKP introduced a hard-line policy towards PKK and IS which was announced that it would continue even more intensified after the election results, when AKP won the parliamentary majority.

Cyber-Jihad is becoming a priority for Islamic State. The series of hacking attacks against US and British interests on September 11 and 12, as well as a series of hacking campaigns in October against Israeli interests, carried out by the new IS cyber unit, the Islamic Cyber Army, indicates that Islamic State pays increasing attention to cyber-jihad and in integrating hacking divisions in its organizational structure.

Migrant crisis triggers fears over increase of terrorism threat in Western Europe. In these recent months a record number of hundreds of thousands of migrants escaping violence and political instability across North Africa and the Middle East has entered into Europe. Tajikistan : Mutiny of the renegade general Nazarzoda demonstrates increasing challenges for the the stability of the government of Emmomali Rakhmon. A mutiny, launched by the renegade general Nazarzoda and his followers on September 4, that resulted in series of attacks against police posts and was followed by a large-scale search raid in Romit gorge, demonstrate that nearly 2 decades after the end of civil war Tajikistan today is again on the brink of new armed conflict.

The failed attack against the Amsterdam-Paris Thalys train on Friday is a clear reminder for all of us: jihadist terrorism is the biggest security threat Europe has faced for decades. But it is also a sign that something is wrong with counter-terrorism, argues former French intelligence agent Claude Moniquet. Egypt: Expansion of the Suez Canal and increased operational capabilities of IS terrorists raise concerns over the security of the strategic waterway.

The recent rocket attack on an Egyptian navy vessel and the arrest of suspected terrorists allegedly plotting bomb attacks along the Suez Canal raise serious concerns about the security of this trade route of strategic importance for Egypt. Burundi: Months of increasing violence amid controversial elections raise high concerns over security in the country. A series of violent street protests, marred with police crackdown, shooting incidents and bomb attacks, that started in April this year, literally plunged Burundi into chaos. In a climate of widespread fears and intimidation and despite numerous calls for postponement from the international community, parliamentary and local elections took place on June The prospect of a third 5-year term for President Pierre Nkurunziza puts in question security perspectives of the country, which has already a history of bloody ethnic conflict for more than a decade.

Ahead of the presidential elections on July 15, the risk of an escalation of tensions remains high, reviving concerns over the possibility of a new civil war. The terrorist attack carried out on Friday morning at the entrance of a natural gas factory belonging to the US group Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, demonstrates that industrial sites in Western Europe represent a new target for terrorists. This raises fears of more similar attacks in the near future. Egypt: Fresh attacks in the Nile Valley demonstrate that tourist sites are becoming priority-targets for local terrorist groups.

The terrorist attack prevented in Luxor on June 10 and the following statements released by IS-affiliated groups threatening the touristic sites exemplify what is becoming the new terrorist strategy aiming to strike the economy of Egypt. Terrorist organizations seem to realign their actions and deploy new cells in the south of the country, especially in the Nile valley that used to be considered over the past decade as a relatively safe area. Through this strategy Is-affiliated groups set a new priority target and try to open a new front establishing new operative cells in the south.

L'islamisme l'emporte en Belgique. Regarding a canceled conference: When Islamism prevails in Belgium. Bangladesh: Intensified activities of Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups risk to contribute to further radicalisation of Muslim population. Since the beginning of May, series of security incidents triggered concerns over the rise of terrorism threat in Bangladesh.

Claude Moniquet Horizon, The security developments of the past months in Northern Caucasus indicate two main trends: 1. The clear weakening of the positions of Al-Qaeda-linked Imarat Kavkaz and 2. The reinforcing positions of the Islamic State. Indeed, a recent string of counter-terrorism operations in Northern Caucasus, that resulted in the killing of numerous senior terrorist members of Imarat Kavkaz including the Emir Mukhammad, who succeeded Doku Umarov after his death, put the group in situation of harsh competition with the Islamic State who is increasing its presence in Russia.

In a statement, posted online on May 4, a recently created Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group named 'Al-Muhajiroun in East Africa' threatened to carry out attacks against western interests in the region, accusing UN forces of 'encouraging repressions against Muslims'. The group also threatened to carry out attacks against targets in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

The latest statement, that was published the same day as when a Tanzanian convoy was attacked by ADF rebels in North Kivu province in Democratic Republic of Congo, raises concerns over the threat presented by the new Al-Qaeda offspring in East Africa. Peru: Rising protests in energy and mining sectors as a challenge to the ruling political party.

A series of protests, including violent ones, in the energy and mining sectors have been taking place in different Peruvian regions since the beginning of the year These demonstrations could challenge the newly sworn-in Primer Minister and the political party in power ahead of the Presidential elections. To recall, on April 27, Pedro Cateriano, won the vote of confidence in Congress with 73 votes in favour, 11 against and 39 abstentions.

The fact that Cateriano is a supporter of Humala and that the next Presidential elections are to be held soon, in , make the new Prime Minister as well as the ruling political party particularly vulnerable to future possible outbreaks of violence. Brazil: Spillover effect of Petrobras corruption scandal suggests new political and economic challenges ahead of the Olympics. These protests are addressing different issues but the disruptive factor has doubtlessly been the explosion of the Petrobras corruption scandal.

Though the Petrobras corruption case opened last year in , it is currently being the focus of media attention as arrests are being made and more information is being revealed. Philippines: Latest security developments demonstrate that governmental peace deal with insurgent groups is under threat. The recent string of insurgency events in Philippines show that the security context remains particularly tense, as the different terrorist groups and the government are involved in an open armed conflict.

Indeed, Islamist terrorism is deeply rooted in Philippines namely in the southernmost regions, around Mindanao, Basilan, Jolo regions and other nearby islands. All security professionals who have dealt with crises - attacks, crime, treasons, serious workplace disasters — are familiar with a truth that was recently recalled by Lufthansa and its subsidiary Germanwings: in the overwhelming majority of cases, the problem is neither due to a technical failure, nor the quality of equipment or service, nor the compliance, or not, to procedures already in place.

The problem is the human factor China: New Uyghur attacks and alleged links to the Islamic State. Over the past weeks, Uyghur extremists stroke again hence putting political and security authorities on alert We are all Tunisians! Two attackers, four hours of war scenes in the heart of the capital, some twenty people dead - the death toll less than twenty-four hours after the tragedy remains uncertain - and several dozen wounded: the attack that targeted Tunisia on March 18 was the bloodiest since that of Ghriba, on April 11, 19 dead, thirty wounded Nous sommes tous Tunisiens!

Boko Haram abnd its pledge of loyalty to the Islamic State. The statement comes at a time when Boko Haram is put under an intense pressure by Chad and Niger new cross border offensive against the insurgency, which caused it to lose ground The deadly shooting attacks in Copenhagen this weekend once again demonstrated the efficiency of individual jihad propaganda campaigns in Western Europe, that were launched by the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda Australia: Anti-Muslim sentiments increase amidst growing concerns over the radicalization of citizens.

Religious tensions have grown within Australia amidst concerns about radicalization of citizens and possible extremist activities occurring in the country. Central African Republic: Months of perpetual violence raise doubts over next year elections. One year ago, a transitional government was appointed in the Central African Republic with the main mission of restoring security and organizing proper elections in February , at the latest.

Though insufficient funding was put forward as a reason for postponement of the election, the decision was certainly influenced by the security environment. Pakistani-linked terror groups target electoral process in Jammu and Kashmir. Une transition civile est-elle envisageable au Burkina Faso?

During the past month and a half, drones have flown over French nuclear centers numerous times, and authorities have been incapable of determining who is responsible for piloting these machines. At present, four hypotheses seem possible to explain these mysterious intrusions into prohibited air space:. The United Nations warn about unprecedented level of Jihadi recruitment. Washington and Ankara begin to overcome differences in the fight against the Islamic State.

After weeks of waiting and uncertainty, approximately Iraqi Peshmerga fighters bound for the Syrian city of Kobani were finally allow to enter Turkey early on Wednesday, October Terrorist organizations struggle to attract world media attention. The shelling of a chemical plant marks the de-facto end of the cease-fire in Eastern Ukraine. On Monday October 20, Russian media reported that a violent explosion had occurred at the Donetsk State Chemical Factory, causing damages over several kilometers but no reported casualties Clockwork orange jihad: the Islamic State comes to Canada.

On Monday, a Canadian soldier was fatally wounded and another one injured after he has been hit by an known Islamist in his car. On Wednesday in the end of the morning, another serviceman was wounded when a man opened fire against the National War Memorial, in Ottawa. The man ran toward the Canadian Parliament which was closed.


Belgium shows commitment to combat terrorism during Sharia4Belgium trial. Philippines: Threats against German hostages raise the question of the changing nature of Abu Sayyaf Group. Colombia commits to peace process despite continuing violence on the ground. The Zaidi advance ushers in a new period of uncertainty in Yemen. Despite the international outrage provoked by the kidnapping of more than girls from a school in April and the declaration of the state of emergency since May in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, the terrorist group continues to gain ground.

Anti-IS coalition takes shapes despite huge number of uncertainties on the ground. French media sources later reported that the operation was conducted by at least two Rafale aircrafts stationed in the Al Dhafra Air Base, near Abu Dhabi. On Thursday September the 18th, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that police had detained 15 suspected members of a support network of the Islamic State IS terror group, in a major counterterrorism operation carried out early in the morning in Sydney and Brisbane Nigeria: Investigating the emerging trend of female suicide bombers in Kano.

Vietnam - China: The standoff continues. While the Israeli government accuses Hamas of being directly responsible for the recent murder of three teens, in the West Bank, the Sinai-based group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the triple murder Nigeria: Under the fire of Boko Haram. More than In the most recent attack, about people were reported killed, when Boko Haram gunmen stormed the villages of Goshe, Attagara, Agapalwa and Aganjara in Borno state on June 3.

This latest attack brings the death toll at around 2. The Geopolitics of Military Spending. The bulletin shows that global military spending has been decreasing for the second year in a row. Will the Crimean crisis reinvigorate transatlantic security? Since the end of the Cold War the two sides of the Atlantic have been gone through an identity crisis, similar to that experienced by NATO The Kunming attack and the rise of terrorism in China.

On Saturday, March 1, a group of knives-armed assailants attacked civilians at the Kunming train station, Yunnan province, killing 29 people and wounding more than Some of the attackers were killed during the action, while others were arrested in the days after. Ukraine: Copy and Paste, same old story and reality denial. The infamous Yanukovych has fallen. Ukraine: On the verge of civil war. China: The securitization of the Uyghur issue and its geopolitical implications.

Sochi: high threats but low risk. The security paradox of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is obvious to any observer of the Russian scene and to every security analysts: the threat level is very high Ukraine: The rise of ultra-nationalist movements. After a period of relative quietness, the upraising in Ukraine has registered a new wave of violence with at least five people killed and hundreds injured over the last couple of weeks. Since then, the confrontation between governmental forces and the oppositions has become more intense A video, posted on Youtube and on numerous jihadist websites on Thursday, triggered a wave of rumors about alleged death of the leader of Imarat Kavkaz, Doku Umarov aka Emir Abu Usman.

Egypt: Toward a New Constitution? In a climate of tensions, Egypt opened polling stations on Tuesday to vote on a key referendum on a new constitution. The interior ministry deployed more than Libya and the security of energy infrastructures. Indeed, it was quite the opposite.

South Africa after Mandela. Ukraine: caught between a rock and a hard place. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been taking the streets since November 21st, when President Viktor Yanukovych took the decision of not signing an association agreement with the European Union EU that would have enhanced cooperation between Kiev and Brussels. Iran: The reactions to the interim nuclear agreement. With all parties now declaring their willingness to take part to the Conference, several issues have still to be solved by sherpas before its beginning.

The Morsi Trial: a Geopolitical Perspective. Washington and Islamabad to restart the strategic dialogue. Several issues are expected to be addressed during the important meeting, which should mark a new beginning after years of strained relations. The European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center continues today its analysis of the political situation in Azerbaijan at the eve of the Presidential elections of October In many aspects, the present and the future of the country is of great interest for the political and economic actors of the Western countries.

The Republic of Azerbaijan: A model of good governance. On October 9 , 4,9 millions of Azeri voters will go to the polls to elect their president and determine the future direction of their old but relatively recent independent nation. Mohamed Alhoumekani is in danger, the European Union must demand his release. What is the real threat posed by "Jihadist hackers"? On June 27, the judge for the Spanish National Court, issued an arrest warrant against Ismail Abdelatif Al Lal, 38, in connection to the investigation of Jihadist recruiting network operating in Ceuta and Morocco dismantled last June London-Boston: Neo-Jihadists: a broad and long lasting threat.

A homemade bomb in Boston, a murder of unprecedented savagery in the streets of London: the "neo-jihadist" threat is rising United Kingdom: Knife attack against a soldier in South London highlights the threat of home-grown terrorism. On Wednesday afternoon in John Wilson Street, in Woolwich, South London, a British soldier, whose identity has not been disclosed yet and aged around 20, was hacked to death by two black men shouting Islamist slogans. Terrorisme en Belgique : les convertis sont plus dangereux et plus nombreux La Capitale.

Al Shabaab on Twitter. The use of internet by Jihadist organizations. At the beginning of February Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab insurgents have returned to Twitter with a new account, after they were suspended because using twitter to post a photographs of a French they had killed. The Tsarnaev brothers seen through the social media and the Islamists websites: welcome in a paranoid and anti-Western world. Since the identification of the Tsarnaev Brothers as the main and probably the only responsibles for the attacks in Boston, thousands of messages of support flourished on the social networks as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Boston attacks [update] state of the play at pm GMT and first profiles of the two suspects. Boston attacks and MIT incident updates. Terreur met spijkers en een kookpot Nieuwsblad. What we know on Boston attacks: a first assessment. A new document showing the internal tensions of Al Qaeda. ESISC discovered several days ago a new document highlighting the profound discontent that shakes al-Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden Central African Republic: The Seleka rebels take control of a country rich of mineral resources and foreign interests.

The fragile peace agreement reached between the rebels of the Seleka coalition and President Francois Bozize totally collapsed in the past two weeks. Hakim Benladghem: solitary Jihadist or member of a multinational Network. On Tuesday, March 26, at , a violent incident occurred on the A8 motorway Brussels-Tournai-Lille between an individual driving a Nissan 4x4 vehicle Pakistan: The challenges posed by bomb attacks against Shiites.

Pakistan has been facing a series of attacks against Shiites which threaten to spark sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites on the eve of the general elections Boko Haram and The risk of terrorism in northern Cameroon. The kidnapping of the Moulin-Fournier family by men claiming to be Boko Haram members has highlighted the growing threat by the Islamist sect for security in West Africa Boko Haram et le risque terroriste au Nord-Cameroun.

Cameroon: The kidnapping of a french family shows amplification of the terrorist threath in West Africa. On Tuesday, February 19, the kidnapping of a French family in Dadanga, in northern Cameroon, raises the specter of a destabilization of the entire West Africa Hezbollah must be designated "terrorist organisation" by the European Union. The Bulgarian authorities announced on Tuesday, Feb. Gilgit-Baltistan: Essential link of the Pakistan-China strategic axis. Despite probe into Burgas bombing, E. Fall of northern cities opens challenging new phase in Malian conflict.

The French-led military offensive in northern Mali has gained significant momentum in recent days as the cities of Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal fell without much opposition Kazakhstan: Authorities recognize growing threat of domestic terrorism. Over the last couple of months Kazakh authorities introduced series of measures targeting to modify counter-terrorism policy and to prevent the development of religious extremism across the country Egypt: Two separate protests challenge president Morsi's leadership.

Egyptian President Morsi is currently facing one of the worst challenges to his leadership since he has been elected last year North-East Asia: Nationalist rhetoric submitted to a reality check. After a series of naval incidents at the end of last year, the beginning of was marked by a new peak in tensions between China and Japan On a "scandal" which is not one. Social networks have made a "buzz", the media feasted and the usual pacifist who would like one to face absolute evil The Obama administration's reshuffle and centre of gravity in foreign policy. Update on the situation in In Amenas.

Friday, January 18th at GMT, the utmost confusion still reigns over the drama that has been unfolding since Wednesday in Amenas, in the south of Algeria. Le point sur la situation a In Amenas. The Armenian Job. The role of the Armenian lobby in the pattern of enmity in South Caucasus. The Armenian-Iran Relationship. Strategic implication for security in the South Caucasus Region. Mali: Update on Operation "Serval".

Syria: The speech of a cornered President. On Sunday, January 6th, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad spoke for the first time on television for more than seven months Usury: The Bank system of Camorra. The economic crisis and the consequent difficulty for entrepreneurs not having access to bank credit has been a precious asset for the various Italian mafias Egypt: The Army between military future and political destiny. The Arab and Western media quickly relayed a statement issued by the Egyptian army on its Facebook page International disputes eroding prospect for military intervention in Northern Mali.

On Tuesday, December 4, emissaries from various belligerents involved in the Mali conflict met in Ouagadougou By votes in favour, 9 against and 41 abstentions, the United Nations General Assembly has granted Observer status to Palestine Precarious cease-fire in Gaza. Calm reigns in Gaza since the entry into force of a cease-fire on the evening of November The underside of a new crisis in Gaza. The resumption of intensive shelling of rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel has caused the most serious escalation of violence Risk of a new war in the Golan.

On Monday, November 12, an Israeli tank destroyed a Syrian mobile artillery unit in response to the fall of several mortar shells on the Golan Heights Risque d'une nouvelle guerre pour le Golan. The impact of the new international sanctions on Iran. The Syrian blood-bath and the critical danger of overflow of the crisis to the Middle East L'impact des nouvelles sanctions internationales sur l'Iran. Lebanon threatens to sink back into violence. Lebanon is slipping back into turmoil since the bloody attack perpetrated in downtown Beirut on Friday, October How French influence is receding: The media battle against Google.

American presidential elections What would a second term in office of president Obama mean for foreign policy? Presidentielle americaine Quelles perspectives pour un second mandat du president Obama en matiere de politique etrangere? Toward an external intervention in Northern Mali. The deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in Northern Mali has been raised dramatically during the general debate Islamisme radical en France : "l'affaire Merah a fait sauter un verrou" France France : le nouveau visage du jihadisme RFI.

Bienvenue sur le portail de la communauté Française de SoulCalibur 6

Crisis worsens in East Congo. Early Saturday Israel-Iran, a war in the making. Following several weeks of rising tension between Israel and Iran, feelings are running high. Jerusalem is threatening to deliver Diplomatic prospects after United Nations General Assembly's annual debate. Bloody day in Pakistan in the name of love for the Prophet. Menaces pour la paix mondiale en mer de Chine. Threats to world peace in the East China Sea.

The East China Sea has witnessed a spectacular crescendo of geopolitical tensions since the beginning of the month of September La Libre Belgique. How did America react to the attack in Benghazi? Large-scale international deployment of military forces off Iran. If you read the wire services dispatches or flip back and forth between 24 hours television news channels, these days Did French Alps murder victim's secret work on space satellite contract make him prime assassination target?

Mail Online. Following the recent withdrawals from the Republican primaries of Messrs Gingrich and Paul, as well as his victory in Texas Printemps arabe, printemps pourri. Claude Moniquet. Editions Encre d'Orient, Urban violence: status report. Now more than half of the population resides in urban areas Serbia - Kosovo: a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?

On 24 February , Serbia and Kosovo succeeded in reaching their first overall agreement Serbie - Kosovo : une lueur au bout du tunnel? Faut-il craindre Sharia4Belgium? The American Presidential campaign, the Republicans and foreign policy. Though they are rarely decisive, questions relating to foreign policy and national security remain an essential element He enjoys the deliberate crossing of geographical and chronological borders so as to freely recombine disparate historical figures and events into new and often surprising narratives.

In recent years, his indulging in counter-culture has led him from debunking science and technology to glib visual quips about the movie industry and the opportunism inherent in a globalized economy. Indeed, these paintings are more than just Pop Art statements, since they tackle the social pathologies of the modern and postmodern eras. They lack the deliberate superficiality and the uncritical immediacy of an Andy Warhol in both content and style. XX YY is also an artist who stands in the European tradition of the artist-intellectual, a fact which is difficult to hide.

When I once asked him in an interview what he thought about power and power relationships in politics, the economy, etc. Real power resides in the macro-economy. However, I can only register this situation, since I am not a politician. Politicians need to come up with real-world solutions, while I have the luxury of playing with my subjects. Do you know about the Saturnalias in ancient Rome? During these periods the slaves would become the masters and vice versa.

My paintings are a Saturnalia. Popolate da scienziati scatenati, megere sessuomaniache, litigiosi magnati del software, governanti calcolatori, politicanti inebriati dal potere e sguaiati attori cinematografici, le sue opere sono saldamente collocate in un paesaggio artificiale di crescita metropolitana incontrollata, religione new wave, cartellonistica commerciale ubiqua e distorsioni ottico-psichedeliche.

Gli piace attraversare deliberatamente i confini geografici e cronologici per ricomporre liberamente personaggi e eventi storici in contesti originali e spesso soprendenti. Per parte mia, tuttavia, non posso che prendere atto di questa situazione, visto che non sono un politico. Ecco, i miei quadri sono Saturnali". The setting of the film — England c.

My musicological connection with Purcell runs back to the mids when Thurston Dart presided over my still unfinished Ph. D thesis on 16th and 17th century English repetitive and systems music — that is, rounds, canons and catches. This fine plan was shot to pieces by the practicalities of film length, the editing process and the invariable problems of balancing the demands of dialogue, sound effects and music.

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Translation - Italian Le mie musiche per I misteri del giardino di Compton House ricompongono in modo efficace alcuni materiali musicologici incompiuti del con altri elementi e risorse compositive meno frammentarie, del I misteri del giardino di Compton House potrebbe essere inteso come parodia solo per errore [ Il come prolungamento del , insomma.

Partnered by many leading names in international architecture, the company developed a solid design background combining the skill of the artisan with a pioneering outlook. The s were a time of dynamic cultural renewal at Gamma. The Delta award acknowledged the creative milieu evolving under the new owners, led by Beta, and its art director Zeta. Gamma today is a prestigious and environmentally aware international brand whose tradition for excellence stands firm, still designing new state-of-the-art collections of distinctive style and quality. Translation - Italian Si deve a Sigma Nu la fondazione di Gamma, la prima azienda italiana ad affermarsi nel settore del design di complementi di arredo.

The second nude struggles to free himself from this grasp, throwing his head back in agony in the process. Wrestling nudes in this pose are easily recognizable as Hercules and Antaeus. According to Greek mythology, Antaeus was invincible while he had his feet on the ground because he was the son of the goddess Earth. Armed with these superpowers, he regularly challenged strangers to lethal wrestling matches until Hercules discovered his weakness and lifted Antaeus off the ground before crushing him to death.

No painting of Hercules and Antaeus exists in S. Because the subject was of particular fascination to the Florentines, this drawing was probably made during the time that S. The School of Pan, undoubtedly painted in this period, demonstrates S. Vasari pointedly states that S. In fact, there is no formal connection between S. His depiction of the subject appears to be his own and does not relate to the Pollaiuolo sculpture or paintings. If this drawing owes anything to a Florentine precedent, it is perhaps to Verrocchio and his masterful handling of black chalk. The execution of this drawing is absolutely characteristic of S.

The figures were formed with a bold, dark outline and then modeled with neat parallel hatching and cross-hatching in varying depths of tone. The muscles, which are a key feature of any drawing by S. The heads were drawn in a more economical style than the bodies, but their agonized grimaces are easily legible. The choice of black chalk is an important factor contributing to the directness of the image. The tense muscles, strong poses and overall expression of movement are enhanced by S. The result is an extraordinarily powerful drawing for the period, which tellingly illustrates how S.

As one of S. I nudi che lottano catturati in questa posa sono facilmente individuabili in Ercole e Anteo. Trattandosi di un soggetto di particolare attrattiva per i fiorentini, forse il disegno fu realizzato nel periodo in cui S. Di fatto non esiste alcun legame formale tra la composizione di S. Le masse muscolari, elemento chiave di ogni disegno di S. La tensione muscolare, le pose vigorose e la rappresentazione del movimento sono enfatizzate dalla scelta operata da S.

Immediately following his death the catasto recorded that he owned 8 houses in and around the city. Most of these are impossible to identify, however the house in which he died can be identified with some certainty as the present-day Via di San Marco, On 13 October Signorelli revised his will for the last time. publishing - Les mafias

He commended his soul to the Virgin Mary, and asked that he be buried in the church of San Francesco. The location of his house was described at the beginning of this notarial act and in the normal way, i. Marci et in domo infrascripti magistri Luce sita in dictis civitate et terzerio iuxta bona heredum Ioannis Mei Bocchi vias comunis atribus lateribus et alios fines etc. There are at least eight further references to this property, e. Marco, fols. Signorelli had acquired the property in from Giovannantonio di Luca da Matelica in return for painting an altarpiece which was exported to Matelica , and the documents that record this transfer provide a little more detail which in turn makes it possible to identify the house.

Marci sita in dicte civitatis cortonensis in terzerio S. Marci dictam rugam, et aliam partem domus dicte domine Michelangele versus ortum S. A subordinate clause in the former of these two acts further specifies that provision must be made for rain? Marco, fol. It subsequently passed to his daughter, Feliziana, and then in to her husband, Ser Filippo di Baldelle Baldelli.

Combining this information establishes that the house must have been one of those that flanks the only alley that bisects the block of houses between the Via di S. Marco and Via Moneti in the vicinity of the old orto of San Francesco, and the most likely is therefore the house with its main entrance at Via di S. Marco, Raccomandata la propria anima alla Vergine Maria, chiese di essere sepolto nella chiesa di San Francesco.

Francisci, et iuxta bona filiorum et heredum Iohannis Mei Bocchi, cursu Comuni mediante, viam Comunis et alios fines etc. Marci, iuxta aliam domum dicti magistri Luce et paucis decursis diebus a dicto Iohanne Antonio emptam iuxta [viam] Comunis et alios fines etc. Il convient de rappeler que R. Quasi obsessionnel sur ce point, R. Il disait par exemple de J. Et quelle peau! Translation - Italian In questo magnifico ritratto si ritrova il gusto di R.

Una palette cromatica di grande delicatezza caratterizza questa opera magnifica, e sottolinea come, in R. Bisogna ricordare che R.

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La resa della luce addolcisce contorni e dettagli. Quasi ossessivo su questo punto, R. Ad esempio, di J. E che pelle! Davvero, la illuminava tutta! En effet, R. Pourtant, si R. Translation - Italian Se R. In quel periodo, infatti, R. Eppure, se R. I was about four inches tall, which allowed me to nestle there comfortably, and my choice of neighbors was perfect, but getting down and back up again was a little complicated. I awoke and knew this was an important dream, but it felt a little eccentric.

A few months after the dream, I came across a curious glass vitrine at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Inside there was nothing to be seen but a large silver box, so big that it almost touched the inside of the glass. Its surface was a kind of quilted, woven pattern, and the silver was dark and faded at the delineation of the squares. I walked around it several times, marveling at the texture of the silver—was it mercury glass? It had no hinges, no lock; no little empty channel betrayed an opening. Then I noticed a peephole in the glass case, a peephole that lined up with a similar hole on the immense silver box.

And when I looked through the peephole, I was transported into the mysteries of a proud, intimate scene from antiquity. It was as if my single eye looking through that peephole became another creature entirely, once it could see inside the silver box—as if the peephole itself could transport me to another dimension and another time. I could see that the cavern was set in a cliff high up over the sea, and there at the edge, facing the light, was the goddess of wisdom Pallas Athena.

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Tall and silver and young, she wore her pointed helmet as she stood at the mouth of the cavern looking out over the sea, and next to her was her emblem, a silver owl. Everything inside the cavern was silver, shading to the dark sheen of a moonrock, but out at sea the horizon was pale pink and pale blue and the far edge of water was faintly tinged with green. The illusion inside the cave conferred all the other senses on my single eye.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

It could feel the breeze off the sea, hear seagulls, taste salt, and smell a strange Olympian combination of musty cave and bright, green breeze. Quanto alla mia scelta di vicini, era perfetta, anche se scendere e risalire era un tantino complicato. E appena vi guardai attraverso fui trasportata nel mistero antico di una raffigurazione superba e segreta. Poteva avvertire la brezza che saliva dal mare, udire i gabbiani, gustare il sale e odorare, in un singolare olimpiaco connubio, la muffa cavernicola e la verde, luminescente frescura. Nor have my bags, a Bottega Veneta trolley case and carry-on of black interlaced leather.

εθνικο κτηματολογιο κατερινης Πακέτο εξωτερικής μπαταρίας για Samsung SGH-N064 Galaxy S III

We are in midair, with strange aquamarine shades of stone visible through windows made semiopaque by Milanese drizzle. The buildings seem to be running past me like squat mannequins in an avant-garde fashion show. And then, darkness, tinged with purple and red flashes. I breathe and the bags scatter from my lap. I feel for my head and trace the dimensions of an abrasion with the tips of my fingers. I am scathed, but only just.

The taxi driver is less fortunate, and that means hours of interviews with Italian police, a missed flight, and two bags that sit reproachfully at my feet as a carabiniere brings a glass of water. A human body has bones, and Everything is interconnected. My bags are made from Italian calf leather, processed in Vicenza and worked into a basket weave with 82 different tools. The next morning there is sunshine, a train and a flight to Paris.

Lunch at Le Chiberta; an Arab ambassador sits to my left. Beet soup with truffle arrives. I touch the bandage on my brow as a phone rings and my host, a man of influence, takes a call. Arnault wants to know, should he fire John Galliano? There is a bruise among the basket weave, a further memento of Milan in the rain.

I hear T. Eliot in my head. Io no. E neppure le mie borse, un trolley e una carry-on in pelle intrecciata nera. Siamo sospesi, con strane ombre di pietra acquamarina visibili attraverso i finestrini offuscati dalla pioviggine milanese. Gli edifici mi scorrono accanto come le modelle tarchiate di una sfilata avanguardista.

E poi il buio, chiazzato di sprazzi rossi e viola. Respiro, e le borse mi cadono dalle ginocchia. Sono illeso, ma per un pelo. Le mie borse sono in pelle di vitello italiana, lavorate a Vicenza e realizzate con intreccio a canestro utilizzando 82 attrezzi diversi. Colazione a Le Chiberta. Alla mia sinistra siede un diplomatico arabo. Mi servono la crema di barbabietola rossa con tartufo.

Mi tocco il cerotto sul sopracciglio mentre squilla un telefono e il mio ospite — un personaggio influente — risponde. Que faire la nuit ou par temps nuageux? Translation - Italian Il calendario egizio La scrittura compare in Egitto intorno al a.