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Effective hotel marketing means potential guests and customers alike will be impacted by your brand wherever and however they choose to research, plan, and book their trip. This article will help you understand the full breadth of hotel marketing categories , giving you clear lessons and examples on how you take a major step forward this year and outshine your competitors, engaging prospective guests before your rivals get the chance. Table of contents. The scope and opportunities are massive in our current climate.

What offline channels are still available and useful to you? What online channels should you prioritise? How do you optimise the tools you use? How do you track and measure results to make adjustments? Who do you work with to help achieve your potential? These are all very valid questions. However, before you reach this point there are two more important decisions to make. You must decide on:. These two focus points will then inform how you plan the rest of your hotel marketing strategies, and both are linked to each other.

The brand message you run with will ultimately impact the kind of guests you attract. For example, if you want your hotel to be trendy and steeped in innovation, you should think of marketing your property to young travellers and couples. Other factors will also come into play, including the location of your hotel, its size, your budget, and the budget of travellers and their purpose for travel. The type of hotel you run — budget, boutique, luxury, independent, or a chain — will make a huge difference to how you market your hotel and who you market to, so the initial research and analysis you do is extremely important.

Digital marketing is something no one can deny in , so much does digital media permeate the everyday lives of travellers. People now manage their interactions almost exclusively via smartphones, social media channels, and email. Most people enjoy developing habits and the comfort of researching and booking travel on their mobile is appealing. Even those who have been slower on the uptake, baby boomers for instance, are more or less being forced in the same direction.

Half of those who do book digitally do so from a mobile advice. One of the reasons people embrace technology and any online resource is because it clarifies and accelerates their task or experience. These virtues should be front of mind for your hotel when creating a website or an advertisement on the internet.

Types of hotel online marketing

The great thing about being online is that there are so many different ways you can engage with travellers. Statistics will tell you a strong social media presence is essential , as is a strategy around video marketing. Because of the different platforms within digital media, the potential for hotel marketers to be creative is much greater and enables them to connect with a lot more customers. It might be the only way to reach customers on the other size of the world or specific markets like Chinese travellers. Some travellers engage with beautiful images, some prefer videos, others are content to take a deep dive into written information.

Digital media allows your hotel to create this, on brand, all at the same time too. Think about what your unique selling points are and the best way to communicate these to your audience. Most importantly, everything you communicate must be personalised wherever possible. What this means is that what you say and what you offer to customers must be tailored to their specific demographic. Hotel marketing is now predominantly done online , given consumers no longer have to rely on offline advertisements like billboards, posters or television and radio advertisements.

Firstly, just the concept of online hotel advertising, and now the myriad of ways to explore this option and execute strategies. With social media becoming so important in the everyday lives of consumers there is no doubt that it presents a significant opportunity for hotels to capture the attention of potential guests. Used creatively, travel content on social media can have a transportive effect on viewers, inspiring them to go on their own journey. Social media also offers your hotel business a range of options when distributing your content, meaning strategy and targeting uses become extremely valuable.

Engaging with travellers on Facebook has never been easier or more valuable. Consider these statistics:. Before you can influence travellers on Facebook, you need to grow your following. To get more likes through organic traffic there are a number of things your hotel can do on Facebook. Take note of these quick wins:.

MLM Network Marketing Success Training- The BLAZING Top 52 MLM Recruiting Tips- Part 1

After this you can begin experimenting with paid Facebook advertising. Start with a small budget and set up a page likes campaign that targets those who have been on your website the past 30 days, who also meet other criteria, such as age or gender. Once you have established a credible Facebook page and following, you can start using advertising tactics to get more bookings through the platform.

To start with, Facebook has a number of tools designed specifically to help you advertise your business and nail the Facebook conversion funnel. People spend 5x more time on Facebook than on travel-related apps, sites and searches. Dynamic Ads for Travel DAT allows advertisers to engage with users lower in the funnel who have already visited your website but are yet to convert.

This kind of retargeting can often prove quite useful in securing bookings from travellers who are still undecided. Dynamic Ads for Travel for Broad Audiences takes this a step further. Trip Consideration can be used to prioritise the delivery of your content to people who plan to travel. These audiences may have a general intent to travel, but have no specific destination in mind yet. But how does one increase direct hotel bookings via Facebook? This could be triggered from as little as one message or comment from your business to the customer that leaves them impressed with your service.

Offer promotions and deals that are only available to those that have liked your page. To really generate direct bookings through Facebook, you need to make instant booking available. With the right online booking engine you can connect your booking engine to your Facebook page so travellers can make their purchase without even needing to go to your website. Finally, always remember to interact with and reward loyal followers. All feedback, be it negative or positive, needs to be responded to. Reply to comments and messages in a polite tone.

Any new visitors will be looking at the way you deal with customer feedback and studying your reviews. A helpful way to handle this is to migrate your communications to Facebook messenger and encourage followers to also pursue this avenue of communication. That way, any negativity or hostility can be resolved in private.

In fact, Instagram now has more than one billion users. Make each post complement your overall brand story. Highlight your facilities, but keep content attractive and entertaining to show the dynamic life at the hotel and capture its atmosphere. Share images of new menu items being prepped in the kitchen, staff interacting with guests, and guests enjoying themselves ask permission first. Staging selfie spots is quite popular and gives guests an easy option to photograph and share their own images. Go beyond your hotel Promote your destination by sharing content of your local neighbourhood, scenery and attractions, to give followers a sense of place beyond the hotel.

Engage with the posts of other travel operators in the area. When uploading imagery, be sure to use the photo map feature and specify your location so that photos are searchable. Use hashtags Hashtags will make your content searchable. Instagram users often hashtag brands in the hope of getting a response.

Search for people hashtagging your hotel, like and comment to create a conversation. Create hashtags for your hotel and campaigns and include them in posts. Start with three or four per post and ramp up. For some quick reminders and tips on social media marketing, check this out:. Even without taking a deep dive into the statistics, one could safely assume video is becoming an increasingly popular medium with hotel guests. For hotel marketers, it should be looked at as a first priority when creating strategies to attract bookings. Make sure that your prospect is feeling the right thing.

If you come across like you are a heat seeking missile out to recruit them they will close up. Just approach someone with the idea that this is an Exploration, and you are simply going to explore what is best for your prospect, whether it is product, business, or neither. An approach is simply "reaching out" and nothing more. It is NOT a presentation about the company, products, or comp plan.

Many folks seem to want to "spill the beans" when approaching.

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Simply start a conversation and do the presentation if they have an interest at a a later time. Yes, if they ask to see one, by all means, go right ahead! Don't be an Attack Recruiter, and a Bait and Switch artist. Give your prospect some respect, and work your way into a conversation about your business and products.

After a little bit of conversation, say "You know, I have run across the most amazing thing Get them comfortable.

Introduction to 52 Network Marketing Tips (Why It's The Best Free Training You Can Get)

Get them talking about their life and their dreams. Be so engaged in what they are saying, nothing else matters. Build a bridge of Trust by listening, and showing nothing but interest in them. This will relax both you and the prospect. When you approach a person with a statement, it has a tendency to raise red flags.

Approach them with a question.

Why am I sharing my time management tips with you?

That will draw them towards you,and create curiosity. What people feel from you will either magnetize them, or repel them. Your energy will either work for you, or against you. It is much like a bell curve. Too little energy promotes apathy. Too much energy promotes hype. Be in the middle, and raise your energy level a little as you go. The prospect will follow your lead step by step. Hope and Dreams or Doubt and Worry?

You read that right. Millionaires in this industry all have one thing in common: They were willing Failures at first, to build the Success that lasts.

3 Network Marketing Tips for GUARANTEED Success

You MUST be willing to fail, as you build your will to win. It is the setbacks and the devastations that build Success in MLM. That is the secret.

Time Management Tips For Network Marketing Success

What makes a riveting presentation? Get the prospect involved. Ask lot of questions. Let them answer. Let them hold the product if you are there. Let the audience raise their hands. Keep focused on engaging the prospect as you present. And tell a story about what the products have done, and make it emotional. Then ask them if they know anyone that they can relate to that story. The MLM presenter many times gets out the dump truck, backs it up to the prospect, and then unloads a TON of information on them.

The prospect is NOT a landfill.

Present the information one bite size piece at a time, and give them a chance to digest it. Too much info will turn the prospect off. Ones like, "What this means to you is Touching what people Value and hold dear, with the Hope of Increasing it and making it Larger in their life. Yes, you need a good personal testimonial, but down play it and make your Success a STRONG possibility for your prospect or new leader, and then show them that you will work hard to help them achieve it. If an ego needs stroking, stroke their ego, not yours.

The most powerful thing you can do to a prospect or downline, is make their dream real. We used to carry brochures of cars, exotic vacations, resorts, boats, million dollar homes, and pictures of enjoying life with us. And we were constantly reminding the prospect or downline what they were working so hard for. We showed the pictures to them.

And we also reminded ourselves of what we were working for. This little tip works like crazy. When you are calling someone back, have the focus that you are simply reconnecting that prospect to the dream they shared with you.