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List of major crimes in Ireland

Over the following days, he dismembered her corpse and buried them in an illegal dump. In July of the following year, he meets Mary Cummins in a bar and lures her back to his home. They engage in a bondage session; during which he strangles her with a pair of tights before cutting up her body and dumping it in a field.

A local curate, Father Joe Walsh was also found murdered in the same fashion in the area. A loner named Brendan Donnelly is found guilty of the crime and later died of an overdose of heart medication in prison in Irish crime boss Martin Cahill , nicknamed The General, is fatally shot multiple times by an unidentified gunman while sitting in his car.

The assassination is believed to have been ordered by the Provisional IRA. Cork City , Ireland. Blanchardstown , Dublin. Civil servant Marilyn Rynn disappears while walking home an office Christmas party. In the early days of the new year, her body is found in a local park; raped and strangled. In a historic case, the first ever use of DNA in a criminal prosecution sees local man David Lawler convicted of the random killing.

Lawler is a cousin to notorious Irish sex attacker Larry Murphy. Doneen , Kilcummin , Killarney. He proceeded to stab her in the heart before driving her to a remote location and raping her before stabbing her again in the neck. O'Reilly would later say that he'd gone out that night with the intent to rape, and only killed Joyce to prevent her from identifying him. Brittas Bay , Co. His wife, Catherine Nevin , was convicted of the murder. Murder of Jerry McCabe. Adare , Co.

The body of Dublin prostitute Sinead Kelly is found on the banks of the canal. It is believed she was stabbed to death by heroin dealers after she did not pay up for drugs. Naas Dual Carriageway , outside Dublin , Ireland. Veronica Guerin , a journalist investigating Irish drug traffickers, was shot five times and killed by two gunmen on a motorcycle while stopped at an intersection outside Dublin. Death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. Cork , Ireland.

French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier is found beaten to death outside of her holiday home in Cork. Journalist Ian Bailey has been arrested twice in connection to the case, but has never been charged and the crime officially remains unsolved. Grangegorman , Dublin. Sylvia Shields and Mary Callinan, patients of St. Brendan's Psychiatric Hospital , were found dead with multiple vicious stab wounds to their faces and necks. Dean Lyons confesses to the double murder but is later revealed to be an attention-hungry compulsive liar.

Mark Nash, a man who had committed another double murder that of Carl and Catherine Doyle three months after the killings at Grangegorman soon came to prominence as another likely suspect, and was found guilty and sentenced to life in for the crime.

Ana Kriégel murder: Two boys found guilty in Dublin - BBC News

Dean Lyons, exonerated, died of a heroin overdose in Oola , County Limerick. Gubbins, both in their 70s, were found dead at their home. Investigators discovered that Jimmy Gubbins shot his wife Kitty in the back with a shotgun before turning it on himself because he was depressed. Pyper, suffering from cancer at the time, was viciously beaten to death by Casey and an accomplice, both of whom were eventually found guilty of the murder.

Clondalkin , Dublin , Ireland. He was shot and killed, his body not being recovered until when he was found buried along the canal. O'Brien's Bridge , County Clare. He was tied up, brutally beaten, and left for dead, eventually succumbing to his injuries two months later. He also attacked ambulance men responding to the scene before being subdued. A jury clears him of murder and he is instead convicted of manslaughter. Raonaid Murray murder case.

Ireland Votes to End Abortion Ban, in Rebuke to Catholic Conservatism

Kildare , Ireland. Galway , Ireland. Templeogue , Dublin. Ballymun , Dublin. Hopkins had been hired to murder the abusive Benson by Benson's wife Jacqui Noble. Their daughter Kelly Noble would later serve a prison sentence after she stabbed Emma McLoughlin to death in a fight in a supermarket car park in Brian Murphy is beaten to death by a gang of young men outside of the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

Only four men are charged in connection with the crime, which draws considerable media attention due to the privileged backgrounds of those involved. Julie McGinley conspires to murder her husband Gerry and enlists the help of her lover, Michael Monaghan, who batters Gerry to death and dumps in his body in some woodland. Ballincollig , County Cork. When the dogs return home without her, a search party descends upon a park and discovers Rachel raped and strangled. Disappearance of Trevor Deely. At a popular picnic area, she asks him about his criminal history, including time spent behind bars, and asks if he is a child rapist.

Conroy loses his temper and beats her to death with a wheel brace. Balbriggan , County Dublin. Paramedics respond to a house call where Colin Whelan claims his wife Mary Gough has fallen down the stairs. Attempts to save her life fail. Police soon discover multiple holes in Whelan's version of events and it quickly becomes clear that he had strangled his wife in cold blood. Whelan was extradited back to Ireland and sentenced for the calculated murder of his wife. The following day, he returns to the apartment where the killings had taken place, douses the bodies in petrol and sets them alight.

A suitcase recovered from the Royal Canal was found to contain the body of a man, eventually identified as Romanian immigrant Adrian Bestea. Bestea's abused girlfriend, Marina Sourovtzeva, was arrested and charged in connection with his murder. She revealed that she had hired three Russian and Urkanian men Igor Derjhack and Valentine Koreluvs to beat up Bestea as revenge for his treatment of her, but Bestea was unintentionlly killed when struck over the head with a wheel brace.

The body of missing German journalist Bettina Poeschel was discovered in undergrowth, throttled to death. Michael Murphy, who had multiple previous convictions including for the murder of dressmaker Kitty Carroll, confessed to the killing. Carrying a shotgun, he grabbed Kissane and drug her down an alleyway to a green area at the back of the estate, where he then shot her before taking his own life. County Monaghan , Ireland. Sister Philomena Lyons was raped and strangled with her own scarf while waiting for a bus on the grounds of her convent in the early hours of the morning.

Kealon Herron was arrested and charged with her murder.

New podcast series focusing on Irish unsolved murder case has set the internet alight

Stephen's Green , Dublin. While spending the night drinking in St. Stephen's Green park, three friends get into a vicious physical altercation. Corway is subsequently jailed for manslaughter. Rochestown , County Cork. Peter Whelan broke into the home of his neighbours the Sweeneys. Sweeney died of her wounds and Whelan was sentenced to life for her murder. Knockylon , Dublin. She claimed her husband was an abusive alcoholic, but the coroner's report shows no signs Declan O'Neill was a heavy drinker.

Coolock Dublin Ireland. Teenager Alan Higgins was fatally stabbed by Christopher Dunne following an altercation between the two which also involved Dunne's friends Michael Maher and Anthony Whelan. The crime occurred on a pathway just outside of the UCI now Odeon complex where Higgins had spent the evening playing pool with his girlfriend at the Leisure Plex. County Laois , Ireland. County Donegal , Ireland. Naul , Co. Her husband Joe O'Reilly was convicted for the murder and is serving his sentence in Portlaoise Prison.

County Mayo , Ireland. Nally's conviction was later overturned and he was released.

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Darndale , County Dublin. Dunshaughlin , County Meath. Colleen Suzanna Mulder is found strangled to death in the upstairs bedroom of her home she shared with her husband and six children. She had no friends and no one called to her house until the evening one of her year-old killers did to lead her to her horrible death.

How could this have happened? How can so many parents be raising teenagers who can conduct such cruel campaigns of ostracism and abuse directed at their most vulnerable peers? How, in fact, can parents not know what their own kids are like, or what their potential for misbehavior is? Shouldn't parents at least know if their child is a bully — or being bullied? Isn't it a base responsibility to at least be - aware?

What's so depressing about the Ana Kriegel story is that it demonstrates how little Irish society has learned about the dangers of social ostracism and abuse since the winter morning in when year-old Ann Lovett gave birth in the local grotto in Granard, County Longford in a driving rainstorm. Both baby and mother died.

Ann was raised in an oppressive quasi-theocratic society that silenced her before she could speak out, that gave her no real outlet, no way to express what was happening to her even — and perhaps especially - in desperation. Pregnant, 15, and alone she died that way too.

How can we forget the dangers of that lesson? We must know what happens when we isolate others, whether through religious or sexist moral codes or homophobia or any other street level discrimination: we send a signal that those who would target them that they're beyond our consideration and care.

We place a target on their backs and absolve ourselves when someone else acts. The details of Ana Kriegel's and Ann Lovett's lives are different of course and yet they are the same. Because when something unusual happens to you, or you become someone who is considered unusual, you can drop the little connecting thread that keeps you safe, and dangerous things can happen.

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I think the reason that many people couldn't write or speak about their response to the Ana Kriegel story this week was because it says truly sobering things about the Irish society we share. It speaks to our values and our social contract. It says that we are not people that we claim to be, that our values are often just lip service.

Teenage purdah leaves a trail. Lyra McKee's murder has created pressure for change -- but it may be wasted. She is the first journalist to be killed in the United Kingdom since , according to nonprofit organization the Committee to Protect Journalists. McKee had been identified as a rising star in journalism , and spent much of her career reporting on the reverberations of sectarian conflict in her home country.

Her funeral in April was attended by leaders of British and Irish politics, and a mural dedicated to her has been painted in Belfast.