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As a matter of principle, it's preferable that cultural artifacts be displayed in the place from which they come. International laws concerning the preservation of such cultural treasures stipulate as much. This particular artifact was turned over to German authorities, with the necessary permits, during the time of the Ottoman Empire. We are not asking for the return of such artifacts.

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However, we do want to work, through negotiations and simple persuasion, to bring back items that left Turkey without permits and therefore illegally. These include the sarcophagus from the tomb of Haci Ibrahim Veli, a fisherman statue from Aphrodisias and the prayer niche from the Beyhekim Mosque in Konya.

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We are also asking for the return of a window frame from the same mosque, and of Iznik tiles from the Piyale Pasha Mosque in Istanbul. He also points out that he voluntarily returned the Sphinx of Hattusa to you. He describes Turkey's conduct as "sometimes very nearly chauvinistic. Parzinger for his use of the term "chauvinistic.

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The use of this term is unacceptable. Is there no common ground where you can meet? For example, we wanted to loan a portrait head of Alexander the Great to a German museum for an exhibition. That fell through because the obligatory insurance sum was too high for the exhibition's organizers. We most certainly believe in win-win solutions when it comes to cooperating over cultural artifacts. Still, on the issue of restitution, we expect the other party to fulfill its obligations. In the Ottoman Empire, the export of artifacts was forbidden by law from to Only the sultan was allowed to circumvent this law.

The five artifacts I've named, which are now in Berlin, were without a doubt exported from Turkey illegally, which is why we are now asking for their return. The relevant documentation is not always still available. And Berlin is quite certain that the prayer niche from Konya arrived on German soil legally. A prayer niche is not just an archaeological object to be admired. Condition: Neu. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. About this Item: Otto Harrassowitz, More information about this seller Contact this seller 5.

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Legends and monuments exalted her happiness and rise to unprecedented 'co-regentship', even in military success. She disappeared even during his reign, but how?

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Now archaeologists try to prove if hers is one of the clearly royal mummies found in Luxor's The story of British egyptologist Howard Carter, who crowned fifteen years of tireless searching for the missing grave of child-pharaoh Tutanchamun, made possible by the mecenate of Lord Carnarvon, with the most fabulous find in the history of archeology, only to find that was only the start of further years of efforts against physical, legal and other obstacles.

Interlaced are scenes from the present treasure hunt in the Valley of the Kings, both official and by grave robbers supplying the international smuggle trade. The great pyramid of pharaoh Cheops at Gizeh, arguably the most perpetual human creation, certainly served the purpose of enabling the king eternal life among the stars, but how exactly? A robot which enters narrow shafts inside and in the underground labyrinth from the sphinx to the pyramid, possibly used as a scary dark initiation course, is used to investigate the literally hard facts.

Egypt's cultural artifacts are casualties of political unrest

Outside, the search is for the tombs of the humbler builders of the most monumental royal tomb and their intricate life during decades of well-planned work, which prove too elaborate Piramesse was Pharaoh Rames II the Great's new capital at the Nile, called 'house of the son of Ra', peopled by some , subjects and littered with glorious monuments, but quickly fell in total disuse after his over 60 year long reign, even its site was forgotten and covered by the moving Nile delta. In the s, the French archaeologist Pierre Montet's diggings in Tanis made him believe it could well be Piramesse, but his assistant remarked too many finds don't fit, and all Ramses statues lacked the base.

Over half a century later the Austrian Manfred Bietak