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Translated into 60 languages, the diary of the German teenager who narrated her life in hiding from the Nazis and later in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, has sold over 30 million copies worldwide since it was published in Violent demonstrations erupted against Rushdie around the world and several UK bookshops were firebombed for stocking the book. It seems likely that the threat of legal action from the notoriously litigious Scientology organisation is what spooked the publishers. This memoir by US Army intelligence officer Lt.

Col Anthony Shaffer has become notorious due to the extraordinary lengths the US Defence Department went to in order to prevent sensitive information from being revealed: the first printing of nearly 10, copies was purchased and destroyed by the Pentagon. Just the name Dan Brown was enough. The infamous tale of a sexual relationship between a middle-aged man and a year-old girl was published in Despite now being considered to be one of the finest novels written in the 20th century, the UK Home Office ordered British Customs officials to seize any copies entering the UK.

The ban lasted until The eventual British publication by Weidenfeld and Nicolson caused a scandal and adversely affected the reputation of the British publisher and politician, Nigel Nicolson. In , it was announced that an annotated version of the text would be published in , when the copyright currently held by the Bavarian state government expires. Throughout the world, there have been numerous restrictions and outright bans on the book. For example, it was not published in Poland until and in Argentina its publication or import in significant numbers is illegal.

Accused of promoting witchcraft and the occult, and labelled a "masterpiece of satanic deception", the books have been banned and burned across the US, although many schools have stood firm against parental requests to remove the books from their libraries. The book returned to print in and has gone on to sell millions; it is still considered a groundbreaking work in achieving visibility for lesbians.

McGahern lost his job as a teacher due to the controversy and went into hiding, refusing to publish any new work for the next five years.

Standing in the Darkness: Family First by Steve Barnhardt

For the governor of a Chinese province, however, it was dangerously subversive. Season 2 has a lot of questions to answer: what time is mysterious scary priest Noah from? What is his goal? Do these characters have any agency, or are they entirely controlled by the past and future? The two characters are working in the caves with pickaxes. One worker appears to be in his late thirties, and he looks suspiciously like Bartosz, a teen who we last saw teaming up with Noah.

The older man realizes that the younger one has been sent by Adam for a purpose, and encourages him to question Adam. We learn that the younger man is Noah. The older man sits calmly as young Noah hacks him to death with his axe. Jonas awakes with a start, per usual, this time because he had a nightmare he was having sex with Martha, who is both his crush and his aunt. Jonas sees no one, and everything is broken down, overgrown. Flashback to June 21, six days until the apocalypse. Hannah listens to a radio broadcast about the six missing citizens of Winden.

Regina is in treatment for her breast cancer. A newcomer named Clausen leads a town meeting about the missing persons, saying he is now in charge of the task force to solve these cases. Finally, some good news: pretty Franziska and hapless cutie Magnus are still together! His hair is longer and hers looks redder. They seem to be helping each other through all their family drama, but Franziska is still keeping a secret, and Magnus continues to follow her.

Katharina is having a tough time with the disappearance of her son and husband. She walks through the forest looking crazed, and starts to explore the caves. Back in , Jonas makes his way past a wall with radiation warning and into a graveyard that looks hastily populated with wooden crosses — all the people who died on June 27, In , Martha rides her bike to meet Bartosz. Martha bristles at the suggestion, reminding Bartosz that they never see each other, and that he hides things from her.

Aleksander gives a speech at the power plant about how great nuclear power is, as he announces that the plant in Winden will be shut down in six days. Unsurprisingly, that is the day of the apocalypse. She points the gun outward, then at her throat. She has trouble wrapping her mind around the time travel thing, but is very relieved and happy to see Jonas. In , Jonas witnesses a hanging, presided over by a woman who signs — an older Elisabeth. One of the men being hanged is saying he wants to see God.

Those who try will be punished by death. After the hanging, Elisabeth approaches Jonas. She seems to be in charge of this post-apocalyptic society. Elisabeth wants Jonas to work on the portal, while Jonas wants to try to stop the apocalypse. In , Elisabeth is asking about her great-grandfather, HG Tannhaus. Peter reveals that Charlotte never really knew her parents, and that she was raised by HG.

Clausen grills Charlotte about Ulrich, but she reveals very little. An old man with heavy facial scarring talks to Noah. He asks about Bartosz, tells him that the apocalypse has to happen, and instructs him to find the missing pages from the omniscient notebook. A woman comes into the room and addresses the old man as Adam. She explains her pricing menu, and he runs away, freaked out. Bartosz goes into the cave with Noah.

Jonas, armed with his flashlight that looks like a kettlebell and his radiation detector, makes his way to the power plant, and sees a large, unwieldy blob, that appears to be descending on him. Burning questions: Who is Adam? What is the big black-and-blue blob? What happened in the apocalypse? He seems to not have the voltage needed to stabilize it, which would allow for time travel. In , Clausen wants to interview Regina, and seems suspicious of her husband, Aleksander.

In the interview, Charlotte and Clausen hear from Regina about older Jonas, and see everything he left behind in the hotel. Mikkel is getting bullied at school by Katharina, and decides to ditch class. He goes to the caves, homesick for By the caves, Mikkel sees Noah, who is eating an apple with a switchblade for no good reason.

Old Claudia visits Claudia and explains time travel to her. But, if everything goes well, she will live. In , Jonas steals gas from a tank to try to fuel his time travel. He is eventually caught, and is sentenced to die. Elisabeth shoots him in the leg, then lets him hang for a minute or two — but ultimately spares his life by shooting down his noose. Egon gets curious about the man accused of that crime — Ulrich — and finds out that he is still alive and in a psychiatric ward.

Egon visits Ulrich, who remembers him, and repeats the song lyrics he said to Egon 33 years prior upon his arrest. Ulrich also tells Egon that he dies soon. Mikkel goes home to a worried Ines, and he asks her about God. He is moved, and he hugs her. In , the guard who translates for Elisabeth goes to see Jonas in a prison cell.

The Ministry of Angels

She asks him who he is, and why Elisabeth let him live. In , adult Hannah finally sees Mikkel in his new life as Michael, living with Ines, and understands. Younger Claudia finds the time machine where old Claudia had buried it for her. In the dead zone, Jonas shows the guard the God Particle, and then adds the stolen gas, stabilizing it. Jonas steps into the portal, and it goes back to its unstable form before the girl can follow him. Burning questions: What year will Jonas end up in? Will Egon figure out who older Ulrich is?

Will Magnus figure out how not to be a bad boyfriend? Do apples taste better when you eat them with a switchblade? Helge receives an unsettling pep talk, and he seems both flatter and vaguely disturbed by Noah. The day is June 23, and young Helge returns home. His mom is relieved to see him, and immediately starts praying, holding him. Young Claudia and Tronte walk in the woods and talk about their families.

That escalated quickly! She recalls the book she got from Helge, several months back and pulls it off the shelf.

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Three decades later, Claudia visits Helge, wanting to know why he gave her the book. No offense, Helge, but where else would time be? Are they both from the '50s, or are they both from another time? Claudia gives Agnes a newspaper clipping. Agnes seems confused. My mother loves you, you know that? She will make you very happy if you let her. In , middle aged Claudia goes to see HG Tannhaus for the first time.

He recognizes her, but she does not recognize him.

Our interior will sway your mood! …or at least it would if you could see it.

He visits Ulrich in prison, but Ulrich is too sedated to speak. Thirty three years later, Egon visits Ulrich again, asking how he knew things from the future, like songs and death dates. Ulrich finally explains to Egon that he comes from the future. Egon recalls that Mikkel said Ulrich was his father and decides to pay Ines a visit.

Ines grudgingly gives Egon a photo of Mikkel, and Egon notices that Ines may be giving Mikkel sleeping pills during the day.

Our interior will sway your mood! …or at least it would if you could see it.

When Helge sees Noah, he hugs him, and reads aloud when asked. Noah goes back to the church and finds Agnes there. He asks what she is doing there, and tells her that Adam will never take her back. She reveals that she knows where the final pages of the omniscient notebook are. Agnes gives Noah the newspaper clipping and says she wants to come back before the new cycle begins.

Old Claudia goes to see Egon, her father, in , at the police station. Did Claudia even have different coloured eyes last season? Later, Egon comes home to child Claudia. The books are loaded with rich, complex mythology that is better served serialized.

Top 20 books they tried to ban

He also said it would serve as a prequel:. I was part of writing the pilot, like the first season ideas and the pilot and the second episode.

What was exciting about that, whereas with the film, we were really trying to create an introduction and make a standalone film that could sort of live in itself, but what was also exciting, working on the TV show at the same time, is that is totally canon.