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Because when May actually rolls around, a lot of people look for last-minute cruises. So you want to sail during the summer months, huh? When the summer cruise season hits, prices go up significantly. This is peak season and the cruise lines know it. Fortunately, if you wind up on a kid-packed sailing for reasons beyond your control, almost every modern ship has an adults-only zone. Translation: Always, always, always buy cruise insurance.

Want a bargain? Prices on 7-day cruises out of Miami are going to be right around average this time of year. But if you want to get a real bargain — and have the time to devote to a night-or-longer trip — check out some of the transatlantic voyages that typically take place this time of year. A lot of cruise lines who sent ships to Europe over the summer start bringing them home and generally speaking, when a ship is making a long, one-way voyage, the prices are awesome. November is an odd month. There seems to be no real rhyme nor reason to the disparity in prices.

I suspect that a lot of families bypass a Thanksgiving cruise in favor of Christmas, which affords more days off from both work and school. Perhaps not surprisingly, December offers some of the highest and lowest price points. Everybody is off work and school, and people get awfully sentimental about the holidays and decide spending a week with their loved ones is a great idea.

The Best Times to Cruise and Why – by Destination

How good an idea it really is may depend on how well your extended family gets along! If you want to do a holiday cruise but not pay a premium price, see if you can convince everyone to take off the first or second week of December. Also, you can count on not only the price of the cruise being higher during premium periods, but the price of everything from shore excursions to plane fare. So what seems like a relatively minor difference to some can add up really quickly! So… ready to start pricing your own trip? Start here and remember: Sometimes, you have to look beyond the price to other factors before making your final decision!

When and where did you go on that trip? Save Save. Stay in the Know with Cruise Radio. Connect with us. Related Topics: Featured. Advertisement View All Cruises. Sponsored Link. Send Cancel. While cruise ships will usually avoid any storms, they can be unpredictable and cause changes to your itinerary.

Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean

Pros : Consider August the last hurrah if you want to be able to cruise with the kids out of school. While the weather is hot, being able to travel as a family without missing school days is the biggest draw of sailing in August. Cons : Similar to July, you can run into weather issues in August. Specifically, the heat and humidity is at its worst in the Caribbean during August.

While afternoon showers can cool things off, they are not a guarantee. You also have to start worrying seriously about hurricanes. Late August is reaching the peak of hurricane season. While the chances are low that your specific cruise will be hit by a storm cruise lines steer clears of storms as much as possible , it could disrupt your trip if a hurricane hits a port of call. While the Caribbean is still warm — perfect for those that want to hit the beach and the water — cruise fares are heavily discounted versus the expensive summer months.

In other words, you get the warm weather of the summer with the lower prices of the fall. Cons : September actually marks the peak of hurricane season. Historically, the first week of the month is the busiest for storms and then activity quickly drops off later in the month.

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While the humidity is always a factor, October see the start of a cooling trend in the weather. Finally, cruise prices also fall during this time of year, meaning you can book a solid deal without spending a bundle. Like April, the biggest con is that it can be difficult for people with kids to travel without taking their children out of school for a few days.

Pros : By the time November rolls around, people are starting to think of warmer weather, especially if you live in a cold area.

Taking a trip during this month can lead you away from the cold and gray to the warm and blue. Cons : Scheduling around the Thanksgiving holiday can be tough and if you have to fly to your cruise during the busiest travel time in the United States, it can mean dealing with long lines and delays at airports.

Apart from that, November is a great time to book a cruise with cheap deals and nice weather in the Caribbean. Pros : The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the absolute cheapest times to sail. With many people not looking to travel between these two major holidays, cruise lines slash fares.

Needless to say, cruising in December is also a big draw for people wanting to get away from the snow and cold of many places in the north.

Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean | Cruise Travel Outlet

Cons : Trying to fit a cruise between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be tough for many schedules. And while many people take a Christmas cruise, they are more expensive. If you are traveling by air, be ready for the possibility of delays due to weather. However, if we had our pick we would suggest either April or October if you need to fly into a cruise port.

The generally good weather and low prices combine to make it a cheap and easy time to sail. If you are within driving distance of a port, then you can expand these months to include early winter months and later fall months. During these times the weather on a cruise will be warmer than back home, prices are very affordable, and if driving, you can get to the port without worrying about airline delays.

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