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But more than this, Tina knows the floorplans of all the homes in the neighborhood. This was the third house she sold on my street. I asked her if she was going to beat her record this year. She said no. When she accomplishes her goal, she takes her son traveling. I liked her more. My mom would have approved. It was a pleasure working with Tina. Tina has an entire crew: painter, window cleaner, stager, handy man, etc. Now many realtors may offer these services, or provide references. Tina told me I was free to choose whomever I wanted.

But she had already scheduled all her people to have the house on the market in 9 days for Chinese New Year if I wanted to work with her people. She was right. She brought in more than 5 offers at or above asking price. She shielded me from offers that were too low. She got a LOT more than asking. I never got an assistant. She kept me updated at every step. Tina saw landscapers next door and offered them 20 bucks to mow and blow the front. Out of her pocket. Because she thinks like I think. The most important thing in choosing the right agent is to find someone who has the instincts you do and for whom you care.

I am happy to say that I gained a great professional ally in the process, and even happier to think of Tina as a friend. I would definitely recommend Tina to a friend. I recommend her highly. She knows how to strategically target the right buyer and stage your home to appeal to their tastes. I decide to hire her to sell my house. She used her professional skill to help me prepare my house with very good marketing strategy.

Indeed we received multi-offers on first day of open house and found us a perfect buyer! She achieved the price we wanted. She is a hard working and honest lady. We are really appreciated so much that she had done a good job for us. I am strongly recommended her to all my neighbors. Great experience in staging the house and transform it to an attractive property for buyers.

Tina got me full price offer in less than couple of weeks in the market and we closed escrow with very smooth transactions. She sold the house for more than we hoped while keeping the expenses below what we expected. She was amazingly efficient. Without doubt the best experience we have had in 30 years of buying and selling homes. Tina met and exceeded our expectations. There were several homes for sale in our neighborhood and with her knowledge and skills we were in escrow within 2 weeks while the other houses were still on the market after we closed escrow.

Tina knew exactly how to negotiate every aspect of the sale including settling all conditions on time and benefit to us. She guided us through every step of the selling process and communicated with us on a daily basis to keep us abreast of all activities.. Her thoroughness, attention to detail, negotiation skills, ability to showcase the best attributes of the house and overall efficiency made for a smooth and successful transaction.

We started to look for a house about 4 years ago. During the time, she always showed up with a great smile and giving us a lot of advice.

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She has never pushed us to buy one and showed us many houses we may like. Yet when we found one we like, she quickly acted to make sure our offer goes through. She knows the market and she knows what it takes to sell the house in a highly competitive market. I always enjoyed the listings she pulled for me to see. She helped me bought a house in Orange County and sold my house in Eastvale. The entire transaction of selling my house is smooth, she is on top of the entire process ensure every step is on time.

My house was able to close as promised at the price I was asking. Since I am currently located in Northern California, it is great that Tina helped not only selling the house, but also helped preparing the house, including remodeling and staging, so essentially I need not attend to the house much. She has her connections covering the entire process from handyman, repairing, at reasonable cost. From the very beginning, Tina had a clear written proposal, laying out concrete steps, cost estimate, and targeted achievement, so you would know what is going to happen and what is going to look like.

In the process, she adequately communicated information, respected my opinion, and made professional suggestions and judgement. We notified MLS and the problem was timely corrected. During the time that our property was on the market, Tina worked very hard to hold open house every weekend. Before the open house, Tina always arrived early to make sure the home was ready for showing. During the escrow period, Tina made a lot of effort to follow thru to ensure a smooth escrow. I visited over 20 open houses in my neighborhood to check out the market.

I discovered that almost all of the agents representing the homes were either non-professional or lacked even a basic understanding of the homes they were marketing. Then I met Tina. She was energetic, knowledgeable about both the market and the home she represented. She had, stages the home with expensive furniture and art. She could speak several foreign languages including mandarin Chinese and had access to the Chinese home buyers which is a big plus in the Irvine area.

I reconsidered sale by owner and decided she could sell my home quicker and for a better net price than I could ever do myself. I was proven right! She moved almost all of my furnishings out of the house and gave suggestions on how to modernize the home for a fast sale. She arranged several open houses in a row to both agents and potential homebuyers. Each step of the way she kept me informed up to the minute on how things were going and what I could do to help by text and email.

When offers started coming in, she handled all the paper work efficiently , often by email.

The tedious documents and counter offers were mostly done by e-signing. I highly recommend you contact her for help in selling your home or buying one. We had a rental house and we were in a time crunch to get our property sold as soon as possible. Even though the tenants were cooperative, there were many obstacles. Tina worked so well with them, once she listed the home, we had an offer within 2 weeks and a backup offer in 3 weeks. Tina was so professional in all she did from taking the pictures, making a website just for the house and dealing with the tenants and the buyers and their agent.

From the beginning to the end of the process, she was incredibly well-prepared, professional and on top of every detail. Our situation was unique in that we were already living abroad and needed a strong, energetic and capable broker to manage the process for us. Tina met our needs perfectly in this regard and, once we hired her, our sales process became very easy and hassle-free.

I cannot praise Tina enough for her hard work, integrity and true commitment to her clients. I recommend her as a broker hands-down — she is head and shoulders above the rest of the field in every way. Thank you Tina! This was my first selling experience and had no clues what to expect. At our first interview meeting, Tina came prepared with everything spelled out. She took care everything throughout the entire process, from staging to vacating the house. Tina actually kept her words, she has been very prompt and responsive in taking care of the unexpected. All in all, I would strongly recommend Tina to my circle of friends.

We noticed her a few years ago when she sold a house in our neighborhood for considerably more than the asking price. We hired her and our house was sold within a few days. Tina has an excellent knowledge of the trend of the values of homes in the neighborhood. She is very proactive and took care of all the details in order to get the property in good shape for sale. We did not have to deal with handymen, painters, carpenters. She did it for us in a very expedite manner. The house looked as a model home within a few days with all the details necessary to attract buyers. Tina is very knowledgeable in estate matters as well as the psychology of potential buyers.

She is very proactive and reliable. If you need a realtor out of ordinary we highly recommend Tina Lynne. But Tina suggested other area for higher return. She helped to take care everything even find the tenant for me.

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Tina is a highly motivated and reliable person with excellent knowledge of real estate. Strongly recommend. Within a week she had 3 buyers interested. Simple, easy and quick, exactly what I was looking for, no last minute hitches with the buyers. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone thinking of selling or buying a property. Tina was more than accommodating. She truly went above and beyond and got us top dollar on the house as well.

Thank you so much Tina, you have earned a customer for life! She was very professional, and attentive to all our needs. My husband and I both would recommend her to anyone desiring to list their home. She always followed up extensively with all the details regarding how sale was progressing, and we never once doubted her honesty.

From the first day we met the selling of our home had become automatic with Tina at the helm directing the sail. I was amazed at her incredible efficiency, boundless energy, delightful optimistic spirit, incisive market knowledge, and above all, the gracious human touch that makes you feel like you are her beloved family. I thank God for the blessings I received this time around.

I would proudly recommend Tina to anyone without reservation who wants to sell a home. You did an amazing job in decorations, staging and a quick sale, with the highest sale comp in the University Park community. We did not have the highest nor cash offer but we had decently good credit and she used her experience in negotiation skills to highlight our positives to the seller. Patience and excellent advice from Tina Lynne won the day for us.

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Gave us advice even though it might have been detrimental to her own interest. She understands perfectly the market and transaction processes. We have work with other agents in the area before meeting Tina, and from the very beginning, we know she is someone we can trust. We appreciate her effort in providing us with honest assessments of the pros and cons of each property.

She always spends her time to go over each property to make sure the properties are what we seek and that would be the property we are comfortable with for investment. She has an extensive knowledge of real estate and her great negotiation skill help us bought two beautiful investment properties in Irvine and Lake Forest within two months time.

She was involved in every steps of the way: staging the house, providing resources and lining up potential buyers. Tina is an excellent communicator, a great strategist and one with a sunny personality. She is very thorough with her paper work, and every time we met we were always given printed agenda for current status and future steps. We highly recommend Tina Lynne as your agent. Thank you Tina!!!

Tina Fetterly | Obituary | Vancouver Sun and Province

I called her because she seemed to have most of the listings for the neighborhood. The house had been upside down for a long time. She has a large list of buyers, both Chinese and domestic, and was able to get the price bid up and closed quickly with solid buyers. I would recommend her to my friends. Every step of the process was executed on time. The follow up was good and she always updated me on every aspect. Right from the start, she was super easy to work with. She was honest, straight forward and trustworthy person.

Her persistence, hard work and negotiation skills did result in a successful situation for both parties involved in the transaction. She was truly enthusiastic as my real estate consultant to sell my home. I really enjoy working with her because she is not only very knowledgeable about the Irvine area also have an very good negotiation skill. Tina also can speak Chinese, Taiwanese well which helped me a lot since English is my 2nd Lagrange, and she can translate and explain to me step-by-step to make me understand more. She is a professional realtor and also details and Patience.

Unlike other Realtors that I have dealed in the past that always try to close deal quickly vs. Tina always encourage me to view more homes before made the decision. I am glad I have Tina helped me on my first home. My next and future home will be with Tina Lynne for sure. She has very impressive local knowledge and speak fluent Chinese made me acknowledged all Irvine areas easily. Her excellent negotiation skills help me set the offer and get feedback quickly release my anxiously.

Her immediate responsiveness and masterful experience in this industry help me finish the transaction smoothly, and absolutely she will help you find a house that you will love! She was very professional and courteous. She gave us very good advice to prepare our house to show to potential buyers. We were very impressed by her honesty and her perseverance to meet our goal. We highly recommend Tina to anyone who is planning to sell. She is knowledgeable, well prepared, and always on time. She is very personable, reliable, and she will be your friend by the time your property is sold. She works hard to help you, it has been a pleasure to work with her.

I will definitely work with her to buy my next property. She is an awesome person and a true professional. Kudos to Tina Lynne! She is professional, responsive and knows how to find what her buyers are looking for. My experience with Tina was top-notch in the sale of my home — she sold it within the first week and we just closed escrow. All within one month! And, the month is December, typically a slower time in the market. All different sizes. And the daisy chain! Perfect for a whole meadow. These look fab. What a super talented design team you do have. All your design team members are extremely talented and they promote your goodies perfectly.

Shall try and watch if I can but it is set to record just in case. Ohh wow. These plates look amazing and right up my street You are right when you say you have a very talented team fantastic artwork Have a wonderful day x. Clever Tina. Lovely samples from the desigh team. TV set to record. Had a lazy day yesterday so must do some housework today.

I had a great day. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the retreat in April. Looking forward to today and the weekend. I craft or work on my family tree to relax although these days not having to go out work is relaxing enough.

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Tina is one very talented Lady and a lovely person she is so creative. Her plates look awesome. Especially that daisy xx. Watching Tina and Leonie at the moment…loving the new designs and postie has just delivered my latest order…I think he may be back very soon xx. Fabulous samples from the team and I am sitting here watching Tina as I write, and it has been a great hour and such pretty plates. Morning not long back from injections in Knees all sorted for anther 4 months. My papers arrived to day so nicely stocked up on papers and parchment design papers great offer.

Enjoy rest of your day not so sunny today love Joy xxx. Hi Barbara and everyone, well just love the new plates which Tina is showcasing today. These would look lovely in Fresh Cut Dies!!!! May have to buy just two of them as they are just beautiful. Thank you for the February die I just know why I joined this club , fantastic just need a little more time to play.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Thanks again. Lynn xx. Certainly my style so they will drop into my basket. The design team have done her proud. These might be the best yet! Good thing I did. Overslept this morning and when I checked they were sold out. More snow here in Belfast New York…looks like another day of cleaning up…. Spring where are you!

Tina Lynne

She is such a talented lady and the design team did her proud with the samples. What a great idea to use the flowers etc as a guide for free hand drawing. I am not good at that, so need ideas and it will be great fun to have a go. I must admit to basically copying your design for my first attempt and I was pleased with the results. More importantly, I just totally relaxed, which at the moment, for me, is quite an achievement.

Thanks to you and Tina. Annette X. Wow Barbara what some talent in your design team you have.

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These samples are gorgeous.