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This book provides children with guidance on how to pray for themselves and encourages them to depend on God in every area of their life. The vignettes on each page show what children experience when they are away from parents, therefore teaching children how to problem solve by having faith and believing the promises of God will help lay a solid Christian foundation in their lives. This book is multicultural and equal in gender, it is designed to reach every child. This book consists of colorful illustrations, gorgeous and captivating characters that mirror the modern trend of the 21st Century.

The literacy in this book consists of sight words, high frequency words and multiple syllable words in which students can identify. I look forward to writing more literature! Blessings and thank you for your support!

Religious Band-Aids or Spiritual Healing?

Phyllis Brown. Neshaszda Wright.

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    Prayer Isn't Just a Band-Aid

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    God is My Band-Aid By Phyllis Z. Brown

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    Add the children's suggestions around or inside the Band-Aid as they are offered. I forgive you; That's OK; I can fix it; You can try again; I know you had a bad day; We're still friends After all the children have offered their suggestions, have them take turns reading the phrases in a forgiving voice.

    Best RUST Weapon Ever? BAND-AIDS (ft. Band-Aid Man)

    Conclude by telling the children to think about the smiley Band-Aid when they are in a difficult situation.