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We just started a Patreon and have been doing bonus episodes so check it out and become a Patron! We try 4 mics for the first time. We have Jake and Mikey on to discuss stories such as: a man standing out of his sunroof while going mph because he hates his wife, a son living with his decomposing mom for 4 months, a LB coke dealer, and a lot of other crzay stories on the latest No Friggin' Way. Keihin is back from being sick and Dustin returns to eat cereal and discuss the news. We discuss a cheese challenge murder, a man who attacked a restaurant employee with an iguana, a politician trying to repeal the ban on dwarf-tossing, and a whole lot more.

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See you next week! No Friggin' Way is back with the hilarious Dustin Norton as the guest. We tried live-streaming for the first time and OBS accidently recorded the audio f Read more. This week we welcome the first female guest on No Friggin Way! We welcome Ryan Guynap as the third mic this week. We talk about a hotel employee that's sueing his boss for forcing him to get an exocision, the boss being sued for bullying by farting, a police officer experiencing road rage, and a lot more!!!

This week we have Alex Cribb on to discuss all the weird news you didn't know you missed last week. Some of the stories include a man who held up a train with a fire extinguisher, a 2 million dollar pigeon, a man run over by his own car, we go on a record number tangents. Buckle up for a wild ride! We're back with another week of weird news you didn't know you missed.

Local bartender stud Nelson is the guest this week and killed it. Some of the stories we cover are a Slovenian woman who cut off her hand for insurance money, a naked woman that beat up two officers, the controversial new video game "Rape Day", and many many more! No Friggin' Way is back with another hilarious episode.

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Jimmy McCartney joined Keihin and myself to discuss his karaoke career and weigh in on weird news from all over the world. This week Keihin returns to co-host No Friggin Way.

No Friggin' Way

We discuss a hawk trying to abduct a Yorkie, a strange Japanese festival, people faking disabilities, clown thieves with machetes, a drunk guy caught having sex with a car, and much much more! This week we've got Andrew Taylor and Keihin Bouchard as guests on the podcast. We discuss a variety of current events including a new bill banning serving aborted fetuses in food, pipe-bomb throwing dwarfs, the effects of Mamba, a woman who hides in a cat cage, and much much more!

This week we did the podcast from my apartment for the first time. This somehow turned into a 3 hour episode. We did the podcast out in Ocean Bay Park during a storm. We covered all the crazy stories you didn't know you missed. Here we go folks! I went to Plattsburgh's only open mic, met some comics, and recorded the podcast until they kicked us out. Log In Sign Up. No Friggin' Way Follow. Log in or Sign up. Jedi Council Forums. Welcome to the new boards!

Details here! R2's three-legged stair climb: no friggin' way!

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Registered: May 26, No, no friggin' way! That scene where R2 "climbed" a flight of stairs using his two side legs alternating with his third central leg is impossible. His center of balance would be totally off. And don't you tell me he did some sort of rocket-assist maneuver. I'd have noticed that.

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The three-legged stair climb is the most devastating scene of the entire saga. The fireplace scene may as well have been the Duel of the Fates by comparison. This brief but cataclysmic scene will haunt me to my grave. The three-legged stair climb: no, no friggin way!


Registered: Jul 19, Grilled-Sarlacc , Jun 8, Registered: Feb 23, Registered: Jul 27, Perhaps R2 has some sort of balancing mechanism inside Registered: Apr 14, The porters came by and picked him up Registered: Feb 3, You have no proof that his legs don't have some digging thing so he can claw his way up Rick McCallum loves you! AdamBertocci , Jun 8, Registered: May 31, He CGed his way up.

Registered: Jul 16, R2 used the Force. Registered: Feb 15, Don't most droids have some kinda gyro mechanism that keeps em up right? RogueWompRat , Jun 8, Registered: Dec 6, Registered: Dec 10, That scene has always stuck out in my mind as "weird". The way R2 climbs the stairs just looks unnatural.

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There was a reason they traditionally cut the scene before R2 reached the stairs. He's a three-foot tall manufactured droid, he himself is unnatural. But that doesn't prevent me from lovin' him anyway.

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KosmicKnine , Jun 9, Registered: Dec 31, I thought R2's stair climb was cute! I loved it! Registered: Jan 23, SW never defied the laws of physics However, I loved that scene. We always wondered how that little bugger maneauvered sp? In ANH how he made it through the rocks.