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And after twelve years he succeeded to find one.

Nala and Damayanti

Kali guided him and his brother Pushkara to play a game of gambling Kali was a great gambler. But at the end of the game, Nala lost his everything and got deserted. In the power of Kali, Nala and Damayanti went to forests for their exile. Nala and Damayanti spent the first three days at the border of a nearby forest. They survived only on water from a river. Then, besieged by hunger, Nala went in deep forest for searching the food.

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He saw some birds in a reimbursement. He thought that he may be able to get at least one of them down. He took his clothes off and threw them over the birds. In a buzz of wings, the birds rose up and carried away the cloth with them. They also announced that they came to take everything lasts to Nala away from him. Nala told Damayanti to go back to his father and left him. But Damayanti chose to live with Nala and will face all problems with him. When Damayanti got slept Nala decided to leave her alone so that she can be safe.

Nala picked up his sword and cut the knot of their joint clothes. When Damayanti woke up she started looking for her husband. In her search, she gets into the deep forests. During this Damayanti was caught by a huge python. A hunter passing by looked at her. He killed the python and saved her life.

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Hunter got attracted by the beauty of Damayanti and tried to touch her. Damyanti warned him not to come closer to her otherwise he had to face consequences. Hunter ignored her warning, as a result, he got hit by the stroke of lightning which got him down. Damayanti again started looking for Nala and after many days she met a traveling group of priests. She joined them and reached the kingdom of Chedi. There she met the queen and her daughter. She told them all the story but kept her identity hidden. She started working there as the personal maid of the queen and her daughter.

On the counterpart when Nala left Damayanti, after walking for some distance he saw a huge fire and heard a shout of someone for help. Nala was boomed by Agni Deva that he will never go hurt by fire. So he decided to save that person. Nala passed flames easily and saw a huge snake there, it was a Naga named as Karkotaka.

Nala picked up the snake and started walking out of the fire. But after walking for nine steps at the tenth step Karkotaka sand its little fang into his hand. Which made Nala an ugly man. His color turned out in jet black from fair. He said to Nala that his poison will not hurt him but it will slowly end Kali hidden inside him. But now Nala cannot be recognized by anyone.

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Karkotaka advised him to go to Ayodhya and work with the King. He also gave him two clothes and assured him that soon he will become the old Nala. He also gave him a new name that was Vahuka. Nala went Ayodhya and picked up the job of Charioteer of King Rituparana. Varshneya was confused about the new charioteer Nala. Are you in thoughts of that miserable man who left you?


After saying these words, his tears would come to his eyes. Varshneya thought that If Vahuka did not look so different and dark she would have thought she was hearing the voice of her old master. Far away in the kingdom of the Ayodhya, Damayanti was living her life as a personal maid to the queen-mother and her daughter. They were very kind and humble towards her. One day a priest came to the queen — mother and told her that he came from the kingdom of King Vidarbha.

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  • He also told her that he is looking for the princess Damayanti who is lost. He said that he saw her maid and he confused her with princess Damayanti. He asked the queen to confirm that information for him with a birthmark on her body. Queen promised him for her help. Queen went to Damayanti and requested her that she wanted to wash her face.

    When queen washed her face she recognized a mole in the shape of lotus on her face. He guides him to play the game of dice with his brother, Pushkara and loses everything. He and his wife were deserted in exile, Still in the power of Kali, he deserted his wife, Damyanti.

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    • Damyanti finds refuge in the court of King Chedi. Nala finds a serpent in the forest from a fire. This was a influential Naga, named Karakotaka. In return, he was rewarded a bite from the Naga. He later explains that this would change his appearance, which will help him ultimately. The Naga also provides a magical garment to Nala, wearing which make him assume his normal form.

      Nala becomes Vahuka, who was a dwarf whose arms were short. He finds refuge at King of Ayodhya, named as Rituparana. Incidentally, King Rituaprna is a skilled dice player. Damyanti, not only good in look but sharp in brains, decides to find Nala with an innovative trick. She asks for her swayamvara to be conducted again. King Rituparna also comes, but he is accompanied by Vahuka, as he is good in riding chariots.

      Damayanti was waiting on her balcony listening to the hoof beats as the carriages passed her palace. She immediately recognised the pattern of the hoof beats of the chariot being driven by Nala. She sent a maid to inquire who had arrived in the chariot and was informed that it was King Rituparna and his chariot driver. She was also informed that the king had refused the hospitality of Vidarbh and was asking his chariot driver to prepare his meal.

      Damayanti then asked the maid to smuggle some item of food. Throwing all decorum to the winds she ran down to meet the chariot driver and was stunned to meet a dark, short and deformed man instead of a fair, tall and handsome Nala. Rituparna congratulated Damayanti and told her that she had found her husband but he would lose not only his best horseman and best cook but also his best friend.

      Nala had a proposal for Rituparna. Soon Rituparna was an adept horseman and Nala an adept gambler. Nala sent a challenge to his brother. He was willing to stake Damayanti if Pushkar staked the entire kingdom.

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      This time Kali and Dwapar were not there to aid him and Nala had become an expert player. Pushkar lost everything back to Nala. Nala had half a mind to send Pushkar out in a loincloth, but he was a large-hearted man. He gave Pushkar a part of the kingdom and suggested that he mend his ways.