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Jeff Sessions Wants to Single-Handedly Crush Immigration Reform

For families who had lost a loved one to deportation, S. The bill also created a new merit-based visa category to clear out the backlog of more than 4 million people who have been waiting for years—if not decades—to get a family- or employer-sponsored permanent visa.

By bringing millions of people off the economic sidelines and putting them on a pathway to permanent status, S. To put this number in perspective, that money could have been used to hire 7.

The final compromise that allowed it to move forward contained a long, prescribed list of border enforcement technology to be deployed along the U. Department of Homeland Security to marshal its resources as needed to meet ever-changing border needs. It also repealed the diversity visa lottery—the visa category that accounts for roughly one-fifth of permanent visas going to African migrants to the United States—and the family-based green card category for siblings of U.

Immigration reform bill Senate passes legislation - POLITICO

And yet this bipartisan bill represented a huge leap forward in solving many of the issues that have plagued the U. Had Speaker John Boehner R-OH allowed immigration reform to come up for a vote in the House in or , it would have almost certainly passed , and the same is likely true today. In the meantime, in November —more than days after the Senate passed S.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2013 (CIR) Part I

These programs would provide a starting point to keep families together and supercharge the economy. The deferred action programs would also make the process of implementing legislative immigration reform easier: Millions of people already would have completed much of the legwork by collecting documents that prove eligibility, applying for DACA, passing background checks, and providing their biometric information to the government.

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Yet rather than allow these programs to add to the economy and lay the groundwork for reform, the DACA expansion and DAPA program have been blocked in the wake of a politically minded Texas-led lawsuit. Given the growing demographic and electoral power of Latinos in particular and high support for policies such as deferred action and immigration reform , the actions of both parties on immigration will matter greatly as the nation moves toward the election.

Two years after the Senate passage of S. Spend any time with your nose buried in crosstabs from today and , and it is crystal clear this contraception issue has had a negative impact among women for the GOP. It stresses this is an initial buy and that it also will play in some House races. I know the needs of this congressional district very well. I also know that this district needs a strong, conservative voice in congress. I plan to continue to stand up for our veterans, bring common sense solutions to our nation's problems and most importantly I will fight to get our fiscal house back in order.

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