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However, this was not approved of by the Pope or by any papal teaching. The Curse of Cain was often conflated with the Curse of Ham. According to the Bible, Ham discovered his father Noah drunk and naked in his tent, but instead of honoring his father by covering his nakedness, he ran and told his brothers about it. Because of this, Noah cursed Ham's son, Canaan by saying that he was to be "a servant of servants".

Genesis One interpretation of this passage states that Ham married a descendant of Cain, who was black, so that the descendants of Canaan were both marked with black skin and cursed to be servants of servants. While there is no indication in the Bible of Ham's wife descending from Cain, this interpretation was used to justify slavery and it was particularly popular in America during the Atlantic slave trade.

Modern scholars now believe that the Canaanites are of Semitic origin, and therefore unrelated to black Africans. Mormonism began during the height of Protestant acceptance of the curse of Cain doctrine in America, as well as the even more popular curse of Ham doctrine. Like many Americans, [26] [27] Mormons of the 19th century commonly assumed that black Africans had Cain's "mark" of black skin, [28] and Ham's curse to be servants of servants. As related by Abraham O. Smoot after his death, Apostle David W. Patten said he encountered a black man in Paris, Tennessee , who said that he was Cain.

The account states that Cain had earnestly sought death but was denied it, and that his mission was to destroy the souls of men. Kimball 's The Miracle of Forgiveness.


Therefore, although Ham himself had the right to the priesthood, Canaan, his son, did not. Ham had married Egyptus, a descendant of Cain Abraham —24 , and so his sons were denied the priesthood. There is evidence that Joseph Smith did not consider the ban on black men to the priesthood to be relevant in modern times, since he himself and other church leaders close to him ordained black men into it, [35] notably Elijah Abel and Walker Lewis. Brigham Young the second President of the Church accepted the idea that people of African ancestry were generally under the curse of Cain, and in , he stated that people of black African descent were not eligible to hold the church's priesthood.

The spirits of black people fought under Cain and were assigned to be Cain's descendant. Those that fought under Abel were assigned to be Abel's descendants. Cain hoped that by killing his brother, the spirits that were under him would have an advantage over the spirits under Abel. However, God cursed Cain and his descendants to not have the priesthood until all of Abel's descendants had the priesthood. The spirits of black people understood this and stood with Cain and accepted the punishment.

Several of his successors defended it as being a result of the curse of Cain, though some disagreed. Sterling M. McMurrin reported that, in , church president David O. McKay said: "There is not now, and there never has been a doctrine in this church that the negroes are under a divine curse.

There is no doctrine in the church of any kind pertaining to the negro. We believe that we have a scriptural precedent for withholding the priesthood from the negro. It is a practice, not a doctrine, and the practice someday will be changed. And that's all there is to it. Kimball reported receiving a revelation from God allowing all worthy male members of the church to receive the priesthood without regard to race or color. Although the church had previously been criticized for its policy during the civil rights movement , the change seems to have been prompted by problems facing mixed-race converts in Brazil.

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There has neither been an official or an explicit church repudiation of its policy, nor has there been an admission that it was a mistake. Many black church members think that giving an apology would be a "detriment" to church work and a catalyst for further racial misunderstanding. African-American church member Bryan E. Powell says: "There is no pleasure in old news, and this news is old.

Afterwards, Cain was killed by the same instrument he used against his brother; his house fell on him and he was killed by its stones. With the instrument with which a man kills his neighbour with the same shall he be killed; after the manner that he wounded him, in like manner shall they deal with him. A Talmudic tradition says that after Cain had murdered his brother, God made a horn grow on his head see the mark of Cain.

Later, Cain was killed at the hands of his great grandson Lamech, who mistook him for a wild beast. His name in Hebrew is composed of the same three consonants as a root meaning "breath". Julius Wellhausen , and many scholars following him, have proposed that the name is independent of the root. In Christianity , comparisons are sometimes made between the death of Abel and that of Jesus , the former thus seen as being the first martyr. In Matthew Jesus speaks of Abel as "righteous", and the Epistle to the Hebrews states that "The blood of sprinkling The blood of Jesus is interpreted as bringing mercy; but that of Abel as demanding vengeance hence the curse and mark.

Abel is invoked in the litany for the dying in the Roman Catholic Church , and his sacrifice is mentioned in the Canon of the Mass along with those of Abraham and Melchizedek. The Alexandrian Rite commemorates him with a feast day on December According to the Coptic Book of Adam and Eve at —15 , and the Syriac Cave of Treasures , Abel's body, after many days of mourning, was placed in the Cave of Treasures , before which Adam and Eve, and descendants, offered their prayers. In addition, the Sethite line of the Generations of Adam swear by Abel's blood to segregate themselves from the unrighteous.

In the Book of Enoch , regarded by most Christian and Jewish traditions as extra-biblical, the soul of Abel is described as having been appointed as the chief of martyrs, crying for vengeance, for the destruction of the seed of Cain. The following family tree of the line of Cain is compiled from a variety of biblical and extra-biblical texts. Various early commentators have said that Cain and Abel have sisters, usually twin sisters. According to Rabbi Joshua ben Karha as quoted in Genesis Rabbah , "Only two entered the bed, and seven left it: Cain and his twin sister, Abel and his two twin sisters.

The Book of Genesis does not give a specific reason for the murder of Abel. Modern commentators typically assume that the motives were jealousy and anger due to God rejecting Cain's offering, while accepting Abel's. Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him?

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Ancient exegetes , such as the Midrash and the Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan , tell that the motive involved a desire for the most beautiful woman. According to Midrashic tradition, Cain and Abel each had twin sisters; each was to marry the other's. The Midrash states that Abel's promised wife, Aclima , was more beautiful than Awan. Since Cain would not consent to this arrangement, Adam suggested seeking God's blessing by means of a sacrifice. Whoever God blessed would marry Aclima.

Genesis 4:1-16

When God openly rejected Cain's sacrifice, Cain slew his brother in a fit of jealousy and anger. The story appears in the Quran , in Surah 5, verses 27 to [56]. One said, 'I will kill you,' but the other said, 'God only accepts the sacrifice of those who are mindful of Him. If you raise your hand to kill me, I will not raise mine to kill you. I fear God, the Lord of all worlds, and I would rather you were burdened with my sins as well as yours and became an inhabitant of the Fire: such is the evildoers' reward.

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God sent a raven to scratch up the ground and show him how to cover his brother's corpse and he said, 'Woe is me! Could I not have been like this raven and covered up my brother's body? The story of Cain and Abel has always been used as a deterrent from murder in Islamic tradition. Abdullah ibn Mas'ud reported that Muhammad said in a hadith:. Muslim scholars were divided on the motives behind Cain's murder of Abel, and further why the two brothers were obliged to offer sacrifices to God. Some scholars believed that Cain's motives were plain jealousy and lust.

Seeking to end the dispute between them, Adam suggested that each present an offering before God. The one whose offering God accepted would marry Aclima. Abel, a generous shepherd, offered the fattest of his sheep as an oblation to God. But Cain, a miserly farmer, offered only a bunch of grass and some worthless seeds to him.

God accepted Abel's offering and rejected Cain's—an indication that Abel was more righteous than Cain, and thus worthier of Aclima. As a result, it was decided that Abel would marry Aclima. Cain, on the other hand, would marry her less beautiful sister. Blinded by anger and lust for Aclima, Cain sought to get revenge on Abel and escape with Aclima.

According to another tradition, the devil appeared to Cain and instructed him how to exact revenge on Abel. After the murder, the devil hurried to Eve shouting: "Eve! Cain has murdered Abel! Eve did not know what murder was or how death felt like. She asked, bewildered and horrified, "Woe to you! What is murder? He does not drink.

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He does not move [That's what murder and death are]", answered the Devil. Eve burst out into tears and started to wail madly. She ran to Adam and tried to tell him what happened.

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However, she could not speak because she could not stop wailing. Since then, women wail brokenheartedly when a loved one dies. After burying Abel and escaping from his family, Cain got married and had children. They died in Noah's flood among other tyrants and unbelievers. Some Muslim scholars puzzled over the mention of offerings in the narrative of Cain and Abel.

Cain was Adam and Eve's first-born son and the first murderer in the Bible

Offerings and sacrifices were ordained only after the revelation of the Torah to Moses. This led some scholars, such as Said ibn al-Musayyib , to think that the sons of Adam mentioned in the Quran are actually two Israelites, not Cain and Abel. Shi'a are frequent visitors of this mosque for ziyarat.

The mosque was built by Ottoman Wali Ahmad Pasha in Allusions to Cain and Abel as an archetype of fratricide appear in numerous references and retellings, through medieval art and Shakespearean works up to present day fiction. A medieval legend has Cain arriving at the Moon, where he eternally settled with a bundle of twigs. This was originated by the popular fantasy of interpreting the shadows on the Moon as a face.

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  4. An example of this belief can be found in Dante Alighieri 's Inferno XX, [63] where the expression "Cain and the twigs" is used as a kenning for "moon". It shows us how brothers can become mortal enemies through the very fact that they worship the same God in the same way. According to the author, the source of religious wars is revealed.

    It is not the difference in dogma or ritual which is the cause, but the "pretention to equality" or "the negation of hierarchy".