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He was our first Aboriginal fighter pilot, he flew multiple sorties during Australia's World War II Pacific campaign, and he should have had a world of opportunity ahead of him at the war's end, but Len Waters became the missing man in the country's wartime flying history. He lives in Canberra. Download cover. It was serious and dangerous work and his achievement was extraordinary. These would be the best years of his life.

Respected by his peers, he was living his dream. The war over, it should have been easy. He believed he could 'live on both sides of the fence' and be part of Australia's emerging commercial airline industry. He had, after all, broken through the 'black ceiling' once before. Who were we to. Mike told us that he and his wife, Nancy, were members of the Muskegon Irish Fest group and saw the need for a real Irish pub in the town.

The result is a two-sided establishment- the charming restaurant on one side and a large comfortable bar with performing space and its own entry door on the other side. Both dishes were delicious. He made it look effortless. Owner Dave Jurgensen stopped by to chat with us during the busy happy hour service.

He and wife Sophia opened the Curragh 9 years ago. The Curragh can seat on the patio and about the same indoors. Dave highly recommends a visit to Holland during tulip time May , and we recommend stopping by the Curragh for a perfect pint, and a bite to eat. We had a chance to speak with owner Mike.

Fremont Michigan is 28 miles west of Muskegon. Driving away from the Lake and through the little town of Fremont, you continue out to a surprisingly well-built and modern building that is the Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts. Inside, the Dogwood is just as artfully designed. Original canvas are place strategically for maximum affect.

The auditorium itself holds just under with nary a bad seat in the whole auditorium. Mick generously agreed to help us promote the Phil Coulter Concert around the area. Mick serenaded us all the way back to Illinois. Thanks Mick! Oh My Yum! Tickets are still available for the Coulter Concert July Buy online at dogwoodcenter. There are loads of places to stay in and around Fremont.

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It is definitely a curraghholland. One never expects Jefferson St Muskegon, MI to find above average food in out of the way places in one-horse towns, but hennessyspub. The fries were tasty and the beer was cold and well poured. While we were there, a group of road warriors stopped in to refresh themselves. This is the place to do that- very Irish, very low-key, and very worth catching one of their famously excellent Irish events.

On our way home, we were lucky to meet up with the larger-than-life, energy personified, Michigan music community staple Mick Lane at the Big Boy restaurant in Wayland Mi. Consul General Aidan Cronin with United representaives. Enjoy the convenience of home or office delivery. Know someone who would enjoy receiving their own copy each month? Why not get them a gift subscription as well!

Phil, the co-creator of the hugely. Shaw and hitting number one in Award for his outstanding contributions in Irish Music. Phil will sing and play the grand piano, tell a story or two, and entertain you completely. His lovely wife, the former Geraldine Branigan, a musical star in her own right, will sing a few songs as well. We created this section expressly for the Irish in Michigan. The Show will be on the Main Stage and seating is reserved.

Show time is 7 pm. Dogwood Box Office : Schwinn Stingray could take us. That dream of Trek films re-introducing the original television series characters with new actors Sitting in the darkness of the Milwaukee area theater with my big brother Tom I was beamed back to a time when we teens and pre-teens watched these roles first spring to life as the crew of the Starship Enterprise explored the galaxy and we explored the neighborhood as far as our Jack Purcell Doohan as Capt.

Which brings me back to September, and Richmond, Virginia when I walked into the hotel lobby of my temporary capitol news bureau duirng the three months I was Chief Political Correspondent for my television station in Norfolk. A short slightly portly figure of a man looking somewhat like Captain Kangaroo with a dark black moustache draggedan overnight bag into the central atrium of the small hotel and looked thoroughly whipped. And lost. Doohan, may I be of assistance, Sir? As he checked in, Doohan explained that he had a speaking appearance in the hotel the next day.

I assured him his hosts would no doubt show up soon. My parents were from Ireland. And call me Jimmy! Sitting alone together in a circular booth of the bar And how about you Jim? No way! I asked Doohan about DDay Live TV in New York. Yes that was me! We both laughed and he finally beamed up the Scottish brogue.

Nothing special there. Until he died in July, almost everyone who has met the fabled Scotsman with the Irish real life background felt that they had met a new friend indeed. E-mailIrishRoverJim aol. Irish American News for years, but are never allowed to play together because it is forbidden. We see him struggle to understand why young men from his community often just disappear. And we feel his frustration when he is held at gunpoint at various military checkpoints in the North. At the center of his world—and this story—is.

Colin Broderick grew up in Northern Ireland during the period of heightened tension and violence known as the Troubles. We watch as he and his brothers play ball with the neighbor children over a fence. Michael B. Barrett, Sr. Young Michael is a graduate of Marist High School. Experience the cultures of the Celtic lands through our unique collection of imported and domestic fine art and crafts, blending ancient and traditional themes with contemporary style.

Clark St. Well, how often do you actually seize the day? Before I give my thoughts on this matter, let me share a brief story. Years ago, my daughter, Erynn, met with a friend of mine who is a well-respected career consultant, with a strong psychological bent. He told Erynn that he had never met anyone more optimistic than me.

I genuinely believe that tomorrow will be another beautiful and bountiful day. Cynicism is not part of my life. That said, I think many of us, if not most of us, burn out very early in life. Their cynical view was that the very least that was acceptable was okay. I received my certificate just like those with higher scores. Could you inspire some friends or colleagues who for whatever reason were consumed by their.

Could you advise or mentor them? Maybe you could encourage and coach them. Your support might help them attain higher goals than they would have ever expected. To be sure, there is a significant pay off for you, too. Most people who help others feel more fulfilled. There is a great story of a person walking through a construction site. He asked one construction worker what he was doing; the response. One of the reasons mature people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure. John Gardner. The next worker said he was working for a pay check. But the third worker said he was helping to build a cathedral.

Or have we become a society of robots who expend the least amount of energy and creativity at work and save the rest for our TV viewing, sporting events, or whatever? When writing this article I spoke to my son, Neal, who works for a financial management company in CA. He was an outstanding basketball player in high school; during his summers, he would religiously spend hours every day working on his shots and his free throwing skills.

Not because it was essential to his making the team, but rather it was somehow essential in his mind to perform at a higher level than other players. How do we convince people to feel this way? People who are busy with meaningful work tend to be happier and more fulfilled than persons who are struggling to just look busy. Most bosses would be well advised to challenge and motivate their employees to stretch their goals.

Think about the greats in any field, they were motivated to excel rather than simply exist. When did you last feel that your work had a sense of purpose? If you think your work lacks a sense of purpose, develop one on your own that works for you. Then your purpose would not be something imposed on you by your employer but rather some internal standard that speaks to you.

Perhaps up till now you have been doing your work simply because it pays the bills. If your work life is filled with incidentals, it would seem to lack any real purpose to me. SEIZE the opportunity; find a purpose in your work life. Provide assistance to individuals in distress. Volunteer at the local hospital. Visit the sick; hold the hand of a sick patient.

Give some time at a pet shelter. Perhaps some readers are asking, how does this relate to my work life or my career? I am convinced that people who provide such support and care for others are often better performers. Why not give it a shot? Just try it. I feel blessed because I am convinced there is a sense of purpose in my consulting work and in my writing.

So again, I say to you, Carpe Diem. James F. Fitzgerald is the president of James F. Web site-jamesffitzgerald. Email:jamesffitz37 hotmail. King of the Course Dooley Car Rentals takes you there. For nearly half a century, travelers have trusted us to make their journeys in Ireland memorable. E-Mail: dooley monmouth. The debate is expected to go on until the end of June, and Senate leader Harry Reid has promised a vote before the 4th of July break. There is no doubt but this legislation will be hotly debated.

The opportunity to debate meaning to deliberate, offering opposing arguments and discussing differing points of view is something essential to a healthy and functioning democracy. This is what good legislators do; they beat the subject about that is the original meaning of the word in an effort to come to a middle ground and workable solution to a particular issue. Reading the news on the subject on line, I am convinced that the majority of the US Senators are ready to take their elected responsibility seriously and pass S.

In many respects, they have not changed their tune since They have however lost some of their big national bull horn carriers, both on talk radio and on TV.

Missing man may have been baked into pie - A Current Affair Australia

Senator Rubio R Florida expressed a thought that I have been sharing for the past eight years. I am therefore, hoping and praying that the Senate will have a vigorous and civil debate on fixing our broken immigration system. This bill is not perfect, it is however a good starting point, a point from which I hope the House of Representatives will also commit itself to a bi-partisan compromise that will seriously address this important issue that has a real chance of improving the economic conditions of the entire nation.

I take this chance on behalf of all at C. We had a very pleasant day at St. We truly appreciate all the support we receive from the community, without your support, we simply could not operate. Thanks again to all our sponsors and supporters. Let go of your Stresses! A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. It de-. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed — incapable of doing anything.

As early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Remember to put the glass down! Author Unknown Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at: sliabhanoir yahoo. From the 18th to 21st September, Aer Lingus in partnership. The qualifying games will take place in regional towns around Galway with the finals being staged at Pearse Stadium. Last month, my year-old mother made her first transatlantic trip. My sister and her husband, who had visited me before, were trying to orientate the not too seasoned traveler to what she should expect on the other side.

Needless to say, in good oldfashioned Irish style, the woman remained nonplused. Having absolutely no idea of the magnitude of U. S third largest city, or its massive lake, she simply received all this information with the composure of someone who is used to such strange things.

Wulldog Missing Man by Weir Gardiner - AbeBooks

It was with this thought in mind my sister depleted the suitcase-cumwardrobe. On the return trip, once on Irish soil, she got out of the chair with the zeal of someone touched by the healing hands of a revival pastor. It was her pride, rather than an act of faith, that strengthened the muscles in her legs. When I met them at the airport, the journey had gone well. All of the possible awkward moments had failed to materialize.

Now in the U. S she was ready to see the new world. I was excited to have my family come to see me. I was thrilled to be. As part of the preparation for the trip, my mother was being schooled in what she could and could not bring. Instead, I instructed her to bring the most essential thing, dulce seaweed , and the kind with the shells still on, it tastes so much better. The land of opportunity offered her mall upon mall of shops to spend her newly converted sterling. Yet despite this information, she refused to pack lightly.

The case was stuffed with the right apparel for each season, just in case. I left the negotiations regarding this sensitive area to my. A Derry woman faced by bureaucratic dogma is not something any of us want to be witness too. She has not enough years in her to wear down the officialdom of the Republic of Ireland and the United States, but I have no doubt she would give it a hearty try.

This proud woman would crawl down the street to the shops before yielding to the chair. It might take her a long time to reach her destination, but she did it on her own feet. My sister had told me that on a previous holiday to England my mother only surrendered to the wheelchair when she reached. At the river, amid the awe inspiring skyscrapers, and enfolded by the throng of the bustling crowd, I was in full throttle.

This was a magnificent day. Here we were together in one of most ideal circumstances to see the city. I was feeling pretty chuffed to show it off. Mother sat in her chair, underwhelmed by the noise and activity around her. Meetings will reconvene in September. The new schedule will be announced in this column, so stay tuned. We would like to thank all those that participated in our senior group meetings over the past year and made them such a great success.

CIIS wishes you a very happy and health summer and we look forward to getting together again the fall. Of course, if you need any of our services over the summer you should not hesitate to contact the office on For those of you out there looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the Irish community, we have several ways that you can get involved and give something back. Currently we are working on three very important projects that need volunteers. CIIS is a small organization and in order to develop and improve the great services we provide to our community, we need to harness the power and skills of dedicated volunteers The first is the Golden Diners Program at the Irish American Heritage Center.

There are no particular requirements for volunteers with this program but a background in food services or a willingness to take a food services licensure course would certainly be a great advantage. The second project we are working on at this time is the Senior Health Insurance Program. This program offers guidance to seniors about their. Medicare entitlements. We are trying to recruit long term volunteers who would be interested in taking a training course to become certified as a SHIP counsellor. This is a great opportunity to gain some in-depth knowledge about Medicare and assist those who are a little confused by the whole system.

Lastly, we are looking to recruit volunteer operators for Irish Senior Connect, a national listening and information line geared towards Irish and Irish and Irish American seniors. Currently based at the Irish Pastoral Center in Boston, the line is staffed by trained volunteers who provide a listening ear to seniors who want to have a chat, discuss a problem, or obtain information on local resources.

The program has its origins in Co. Meath where a senior center recognized a need amongst the local isolated seniors for meaningful social interaction with others. Irish Senior Connect has enjoyed great success in Boston and the program will this year be rolled out to Chicago where it will be run by Chicago Irish Immigrant Support.

We are very excited to have been chosen from the member centers of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers to be next to house the listening line. We are still in the initial planning stages of the project but if you are interested in finding out more about Irish Senior Connect or volunteering with the any of the projects discussed here please call the office on and speak with Paul. If you are a senior and you would like someone to listen to you, you can call the listening line on The listen line is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 9am and 11am, and on Fridays and Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm.

Deliberate Indifference BishopAccountability. Eight Catholic dioceses have declared bankruptcy due to sex abuse cases from It is nowadays very widely reported. It may be the best reported crime in the world Certainly the safeguards against paedophilia in the priesthood are now among the tightest in the world. I think that objectively your child is less likely to be abused by a Catholic or Anglican priest in the west today than by the members of almost any other profession.

The U. Department of Justice has reported these Bureau of Justice Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse: In the year , , children were victims of child maltreatment. By gender there were1. And an average of 8. The median age for the occurrence of reported abuse was about the same for boys and girls, between 9 and Victimization occurs before age eight for about 22 percent of boys and girls. Most of the abuse was by offenders 10 or more years older than their victims. Samesex misconduct ranges from 18 to 28 percent of the reported cases, depending upon the study.

This shocking report was dealt with by the US government and your free press in the very same way that similar news has been greeted by most other institutions, including the Church: it was vigorously ignored and quickly buried. A planned follow-up study was quietly axed. Priestly abuse is negligible in comparison. The Dept. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that a typical child sex offender molests an average of children, most of whom do not report the offence.

So much for the Dept. It bears mentioning again: A report prepared for the U. Department of Education concluded that. As other institutions, the government hates to pay for sexual abuse by its own employees, so the American public was kept ignorant of the facts while its government and press pursued a long crusade to batter and bleed the Catholic Church with the very same charges.

The primary federal legal remedy for sexual misconduct in schools is Title IX of the Education Amendments of The silence of Congress has been deafening. And the press is busy elsewhere. More later. Blackburn Running for State Comptroller Duffy Blackburn grew up watching the adults around him overcome grave challenges. He watched his parents work back-breakingly hard to make not only themselves better, but also the people around them.

Duffy has dedication and perseverance in his blood. Among his earliest memories are of watching his dad, Bob, fight his way back through physical rehabilitation after a tragic crane accident working as an operating engineer that made him a quadrapolegic for six months. Considered DOA en route to the hospital, Bob had to learn how to read and write again. Actually quite the opposite is true.

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Bob has since gone back to school to get a masters in vocational counseling in order to help persons like himself get back to work and just be able to function with their day to day activities, Duffy explained. Duffy watched her work full time during the day, and go back to school at night, eventually earning a PhD. She was the public health director for the Village of Oak Park.

She then took a department chair position at Benedictine University. She brought an American degree to China. Because of her, students there can earn a masters of public health. His cache of degrees include a bachelors in economics, and double masters in business administration as well as account-. For example, he gave back the county car and does his own scheduling.

He is also flanked by cousins and uncles who continue to serve as firefighters and police.

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He and his wife, Rachel, have one son, Jack. He is running for the Democratic nomination in the primary. She was state treasurer from to Coveny Lane Has Moved! Reopening July 9, at am W. People never cease to surprise or disappoint me. It might have been reasonable well, in a parallel universe perhaps; admittedly it was always unlikely in this one to suppose that the whole abortion debate would have brought out the humanity in those who are campaigning so vigorously on one side or the other. One would have expected a certain level of reasoned discourse on such a sensitive subject.

Instead, the ordinary bewildered onlooker must find themselves stunned by the endless name-calling, points-scoring and even threatening behaviour from some of the characters involved. None of the groups have come out of this with much dignity. At times. Now admittedly not even someone who finds the carry-on of the Church as distasteful as myself would expect them to keep quiet completely on this one; but in their glee at actually feeling that they have the right to take the moral high-ground for the first time in years—having forfeited that position completely with their unbelievable and certainly un-Christian behaviour—they have lost the run of themselves.

Seriously, did they have to trot out the Excommunication card so heavily? To expect that is just daft. As low as I generally expect them to stoop, it was still with surprise that I was told by one of my best friends recently of an incident that she saw in one church. Despite her being a confirmed God-botherer and my indifference to that, we never argued about it in any major way, simply out of respect for the opinion of the other. Although as should be obvious she was wrong and I of course was right, as usual. So there were the children, dressed in their best.

What absolutely wonderful timing! What sensitivity from a man who is supposed to be of the cloth! It seemed to be the general feeling. Meanwhile some of the more extreme groups have been sending truly reprehensible letters and items—including plastic foetuses—to Taoiseach Enda Kenny. And no doubt sees no contradiction in flopping down on the knees every Sunday, into the bargain. They have also been harassing politicians at their homes.

Much of this—what a surprise—is done under cover of darkness. One deputy has been threatened with having her throat cut. We now have senior Vatican officials calling on deputies who might be Catholic to resign if they support the Bill. Threatening deputies to induce them to vote in a particular way must surely be illegal. Nor is Kenny the only one to be cracking the whip. TDs are responsible for their actions. As someone who believes strongly in the importance of being an individual I think it just flat-out sucks for people to be asked to vote against their beliefs just because their party leader has instructed them to.

Presumably it will be pretty much over by the time you read this; but in the meantime I expect that things will get worse before they get better. In my experience they generally do. You can email abuse to me at chasbrady7 eircom. On June 7 FBI agents visited us. Later, an anonymous tipster caused our lawyers to visit the Winnetka Police Department where they acquired copies of those reports. I had never even heard of Biro or his victims until the news of the murders, but owe my freedom if not my life to murderer David Biro. Seeking to somehow reciprocate, I have tried many times to talk with his father Nicholas and have written to David, all without result.

He later proved too frightened of his fellow agents to willingly testify as to his warn-. After fifteen months of expensive pre-trial motions, we proved that the only evidence against us, an FBI audiotape, was criminally-doctored. Law enforcement refused our pleas to charge Agent Buckley for any of his crimes against us, Judge Lindberg refused, in writing, my written demand that he notify law enforcement of the proven FBI crimes perpetrated in front of him in his courtroom, and two US Attorneys General also refused to uphold the law for us.

B Buckley had remained in Ireland for MI5 until 15Aug98, excepting, according to trial testimony, a visit to the Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site where he and his. We also provided the defense with four bankruptcy filings by Rupert, all fraudulent. D Currently, a contest is underway. Had the above-mentioned crimes and wrongs numbered 1 through 9 been duly reported and prosecuted, the far greater crimes lettered A, B, and C would have been precluded.

Arranging the Omagh atrocity and successfully blaming it on the IRA as they did the Langert atrocity demonized the IRA and stampeded the Irish into voting away their constitutional claim to the entire island and its territorial waters. Further signaling British complicity in Omagh was the. Beautiful Oceanfront Cottage in Dingle for rent Remodeled and furnished. Short walk to beach and only two miles from Dingle town. Sleeps Call Colleen Chris and Mary Fogarty N. Lake Shore Dr.

The Gathering Ireland is a unique opportunity to mingle with local Irish people doing extraordinary things! Travel with Irish Radio Hosts Skinny Air and Land Price based on double occupancy-sharing twin room and Houli on a fantastic itinerary through their favorite villages and sites. Plenty of Trip Highlights Include: Round trip airfare from Chicago on Aer Lingus laughs, camaraderie and insight that only Transport by luxury motorcoach these two can provide are included!

To learn more and reserve your space, call Cathy at or email : Triseasonsgroups gmail. Hotel porterage, service charges and government taxes. Flight bags, ticket wallets and baggage tags And much, much more! Refer to General Conditions on website cietours. Have you thought of how you can put them at the service of others? Do not bury your talents! Set your stakes on great ideals, the ideals that enlarge the heart, the ideals of service that make your talents fruitful. Life is not given to us to be jealously guarded for ourselves, but it is given to us so that we may give it in turn.

What a profound counterpoint to all the messages of materialism, greed, and selfishness that our young people are bombarded with on a daily basis. I am so looking forward to the excitement surrounding World Youth Day, which is happening this year in Rio de Janeiro July , and is expected to draw 1.

Locally, the Archdiocese of Chicago is co-hosting a Midwest Celebration on July 27 that will bring together 2, young Catholics from around the Midwest. Since its inception in , World Youth Day has energized millions of young people in their faith. This celebration shows the world the young face of the Church, which is a tremendous sign of hope.

This year, I am sure Pope Francis will inspire the crowd to new heights! Catholic Charities provides Junior Board members with real, hands-on opportunities for truly living their faith and serving others. We are honored that so many young people believe deeply in the mission of Catholic Charities and want to share their time and talents with us. I feel such positive energy in the air from young Catholics today. They want to get involved and be a part of something greater than themselves.

For information about World Youth Day, visitwww. Stop The Demolition of St. James Continued from page 14 five million dollars total, and one guaranteed that price offering to assume any overages. Donors have inquired about joining in a capital campaign but the archdiocese tells them the church must go. Cardinal George wishes to move St. He proposed that despite what many parishioners may want the parish should raise a minimum of six million dollars for building a new church on a plot of land that offers no room for a parish hall or food pantry.

Members of the parish appealed to Rome. All of these actions were pending but on Wednesday June 26 with only three days warning demolition began. The plan seemed to be to quickly knock a hole in the roof the rain could damage the interior thus making the case for further destruction.

Parishioners prayed in front of the church Wednesday morning hoping to delay the demolition. The police were called. The officers were actually sympathetic to the parishioners. One officer, Luke McKee, said his great grandparents were married in James and his grandfather played the bagpipes here. Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes.

May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Seller Inventory X More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory X. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.