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Step 1: The Basics

UP Singapore. UP Hong Kong Central. UP Dubai. UP Los Angeles. Leave the gym with nothing left in the tank, knowing that you put everything you had into your training. Finally, make sure that your post-workout protocols are on point to maximize recovery and muscle growth. These are the small incremental changes that make progressive overload such a powerful muscle building tool. Categorised in: Build Muscle , Featured , Training.

The article was really very helpful. I previously had some confusions regarding hypertrophy exercises.

How to Build Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (MY SIMPLE STRATEGY!!)

However , after going through this article, I got a clear view. Thanks to the author for his efforts.

Free Daily Strength Tips

I am talking about compound movements and especially the squat. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Share this Typically you will select a starting weight with which you could comfortably perform 20 reps.

The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Gain and Hypertrophy

T he 10, 8, 6, 20 routine uses various percentages of your 6 rep max the most amount of weight you could lift six times This forces muscle confusion and in theory allows you to hit different muscle fibres and shock them all into muscle growth. This training protocol works on a traditional 4 day split. The way to set your reps and weights up is as follows:. H ST is a training protocol that is designed to affect the minimum effective stimulus to your muscles that will lead to a response of muscle gain.

This workout utilises three total body workouts and just 15 second rest periods. This is certainly an unorthodox training phase but it can be used to very good effect as a completely fresh stimulus. G etting the right nutrition is at least half the battle when it comes to putting on muscle mass. T o work out your required calorie intake, you can follow the below equations:. Protein is the building material your muscles are made from. There is some contention as to the exact amount of protein to take in for muscle building, but most people will see great results with 0.

Your sources of protein should be high quality meats, mushrooms, high quality protein powders, beans etc. A mistake a lot of people make is to avoid taking in dietary fats for fear of actually getting fat. When you are seeking to gain muscle mass you absolutely need a healthy intake of good fats in your diet.

The ultimate muscle building guide.

Healthy fats are best sourced from foods such as nuts, seeds, oils, avocado and fish. This is best achieved with low G. I carbohydrates as a part of your main meals, though there is also a time and place for higher G. To work out how many carbs you need, multiply your protein intake by four, multiply your fat intake by nine, and add the two results together. Now subtract the result from your overall caloric need and divide by four. The upside is that ectomorphs put on very little body fat as they come up in weight, which means less time spent cutting and a more muscular look year round.

A s an ectomorph you can process more carbs than other body types so keep pushing your caloric intake higher and higher until you reach your sweet spot. If that still does not work, try reducing your activity from other forms of exercise temporarily. Well, there is a lot of hype out there. This in my opinion is more the result of hype and a degree of fear mongering from the early days of supplement marketing. Many people including myself are getting fantastic results from intermittent fasting.

There are two schools of thought to this. Some people like to ride a training protocol out until there is a loss of results or a plateau in progression, which makes a lot of sense, though in my opinion can get a little repetitive. Personally, I like to schedule a training phase followed by a one week rest period every weeks, depending on how challenging the training protocol. For example, I wouldn't push German Volume Training to an 8 week phase purely because of the effect it has on the body.

G enerally I will rotate training phases that are tried and tested, then experiment with a new training protocol alongside some time to pull back and work on other goals like callisthenics or flexibility. Women have a similar amount of muscular potential as men, it's just that male and female anatomy is a little different and training needs to be adapted to reflect that. Most of the training protocols outlined above were originally created for use by male lifters.

However, generally speaking women can train more frequently, at a higher volume and recover quicker than men, so taking these traits into account when designing a training protocol would be wise. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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