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Walk down a road far and out alone. Try to come back home. You got down low if you fall down, will I know? Take the long way home. When I'm lonely I smoke myself to sleep. You stand up but you know you're goddamn alone. North there's a love. You got another, a new home. The long way home. No Believers Aint no believers in this goddamn town. We're still here but we try to stay moving.

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Aint no reason for the way we are. No believers in this goddamn town. My clothes are filthy and falling apart even shoestrings are barely holding on but every stiff drink keeps me holding on and every first chord has me holding on onto every last word you left me choking on. It's wilderness and empty heads sung in perfect harmony but you never really say too much about it. Is it politics or a shred of dignity just another shallow fiction stuck between the teeth. Meanwhile the governments sold off the land to the highest bidder. First Nations get less while the rich get richer and all of those meticulously placed chords are strummed to your trite words but you never really say too much about it.

Fall Down I've been called a sinner I've been named a saint I've been called white an arab but often misnamed. I've been fired and fucked and fucked over and beaten I've been run down and loved but always jaded. I've got this privilege as a man but I still hate myself. You could hate me more but its harder to tell but I know I'm not alone and I know you're not alone. We're not alone. If you fall down I wanna pick you up. If you slip up I wanna keep you on.

Do you know a dead end when you see it?

If you fall down I want to pick you up. My lungs are black, the air is cold, im underdressed. I walk past this building called a symbol of pride by mostly white rich men in a parade of suit and ties. Call it what you will, it's undemocratic at best. Call us idealists for needing more than just the lies.

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You tell me politics are going out of style but when youre stripped of all cliches what expression will your face wear When the lights go on? This town represents the struggle borders and arms trades while you wear your leather jackets singing about your party days. Jason Kenny as a racist ran immigration. John Baird ran transport - but now controls our foreign affairs? Call us extremists for never being on your side. You tell me politics are going out of style. When theres a new trend when the bars are closing what expression will your face wear when the lights go on? All arrangements by Dead Weights.

Layout and Artwork by Edith Boucher. Tags pop punk punk punk rock indie Ottawa. Apocalypse Dude go to album.

Dead ends: Euphemisms hide our true feelings about growth

Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 29, go to album. KCoreComponents[ g , k ] gives the k -core components of the underlying simple graph of g. A k -core component is a maximal weakly connected subgraph in which all vertices have degree at least k. You can rrF g or fpF g to remove dead ends from graph g.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to remove all dead ends from a undirected graph? Ask Question. By the time it removes vertex 5, when vertex 4 has 1 edge and should thus be removed , it is already past it, so it returns: Obviously I could loop it several times. YungHummmma YungHummmma 1, 8 8 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. The double transpose will return the matrix to the initial state, but can not FixedPoint get stuck between two alternating states in this case for a directed graph?

You are absolutely right, that the conversion back to graph form should be moved outside of the FixedPoint. I should have added "it works in OP's example". But after awhile the money runs out, after awhile the music stops, after awhile the beautiful people get bored with you, and after awhile you are broke and penniless. Sin does that to you. Be sure, the Bible says, your sin will find you out. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap. In the end he lost everything. He ended up with the pigs. This son of a wealthy father has now thrown it all away. He who had it all has lost it all.

He who came from a good family now sleeps with the pigs. The prodigal son has hit rock bottom. O, how the mighty are fallen. When we finally hit rock bottom, then and only then do we begin to think about returning home again. First, there was an awakening. Sin is a form of temporary spiritual insanity. Turning away from God is insanity because you are turning away.

You are turning away from living water so you can drink out of a sewer. That is the definition of insanity. What was it that brought him to his senses? He was hungry. His stomach made him come back to his father.


Nothing suggests he turned back to his father because he realized what a terrible thing he had done. Why would a father take back a son whose only motive for coming back home is because he is hungry? If you are tired of eating with the pigs, I know where you can join a banquet that never ends. If you are thirsty and tired of the sewer water of sin, I know where you can get a drink of fresh, clear, flowing, living water.

All you have to have is the desire. Second, there was repentance. It means to change the direction of your life. Third, there was honesty. You will know that you are really serious about changing your life when you stop making excuses for your behavior. Think what the prodigal son could have said. He always picked on me, and Daddy always liked him best.

And that farmer never gave me a good job.

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When you stop making excuses for your failures, you are not far from a brand-new life. Fourth, there was humility. While he is still in the pigpen, he mentally rehearses what he will say to his father. He came back home with no pre-conditions. You have to replace it. If you will take me back, I will work like a hired hand. Fifth, there was resolution. It all leads to the resolution to go home.

But I will tell you at least one good thing about this young man. When the time came to move, he moved. Next week I will arise and go to my father. Next year, next day, next month. Give me some time to think about it. How hard is it to come from the far country back to God? It is not hard. But the hardest step is the first step. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. As you read these words, you may be living in the far country away from God.

You need to do what this young man did—take a first step back home. The hardest step is the first step. How do you think he felt coming home? I think he was scared to death. As he shuffled along that road, one question went through his mind: What is my father going to say? Will he take me back?

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With his head down, he shuffled along that dirt road, embarrassed and humiliated. One great question plays on his mind: What will my daddy do? The Bible says that while he was still a long way off, his father saw him. This is a great moment. His father sees him first.

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