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Posted on December 8, Kind of. It was a unique little tale and did not take much time at all to read, but I was particularly struck by the beauty of the original printing. The red cloth cover with the fancy gold embossing is a pleasure to hold. Sherlock Holmes had gone on the completely wrong path…. Take a look at these gorgeous end pages.

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They make sense as the majority of the story takes place in mountainous gold mining camps. I was wondering if I could take a page out of this book and create end pages for my novel that are cascades of falling letters…or stamps…. And the pages themselves are gorgeous. They all have a red frame with an accent in the corner. It was a two color job, which must have gotten expensive in because that meant they had to run each page through the press twice.

Which materials at the Ransom Center did you find most interesting?

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What insight did they offer? When he went to Russia, he convinced himself that the country was a kind of liminal zone, that is a place where the sacred ran through the mundane.


Finding Ygdrasil showed me how greatly Graham was influenced by the ideas of nineteenth-century German Romanticism—admittedly filtered through the pen of Thomas Carlyle. The collections at the Ransom Center allowed me to understand better what Graham was actually trying to do in his books.

Double Barrelled Detective Story Audiobook by Mark Twain

How did Graham portray Russia through his books and articles? What unique perspective did he offer? Although he was skilled at writing sketches of everyday scenes, the Russia he saw or thought he saw was a place spared the ravages of industrialization and urbanization. He was not alone. In the years before , both in the USA and Britain, there was a huge growth of interest in Russian culture.

Translations of the great nineteenth-century novelists were popular, whilst the Ballets Russes attracted large audiences when it toured the capitals of Western Europe. Many people in the West appeared to see in Russia a place of beguiling difference, an exotic country with a culture richer and more vibrant than anything that existed elsewhere.

This was something of a fantasy of course—but a fantasy that was widespread. In your book, you aim to reintroduce Graham as a significant literary figure of the twentieth century. Graham originally intended his autobiography to be less an account of his life and more a memoir of the numerous people he had known from the literary and political worlds. He was a good friend of the poet Vachel Lindsay and knew a number of other people involved in the Chicago literary renaissance of the inter-war period.

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He served as a kind of mentor to the author Wilfrid Ewart, author of The Way of Revelation , which is in my view of the best novels to come out of the First World War. He also helped the young poet and writer John Gawsworth launch his literary career.

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Gawsworth himself became an important figure in British literary life and was a friend of numerous writers, ranging from Lawrence Durrell to M. The British writer Robert Macfarlane, whose books about walking and mountaineering have been very popular, also writes warmly of Graham. In fact—and despite the fact that I am a Russian specialist by profession—I first came to know Graham through his books about walking.

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His book The Gentle Art of Tramping is still popular with many walkers today. While fanfiction may seem like an Internet-dependent phenomenon, its origins stretch far back into the past, beyond even the age of print.

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Kirk—or Sherlock Holmes. Holmes captured the imagination of other writers almost from his inception.

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One might argue that it was not long before other writers were more enamored of Holmes than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was himself, for Doyle attempted to kill off his obstreperous creation in in a thwarted effort to refocus attention on his historical fiction. Even P. The story ends with Holmes shamefacedly conceding his debt to Dupin.

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While Chapman leaves Holmes at home in London, other authors took Holmes on some distinctly American adventures. Alongside the proliferating Holmesian fictions, a tradition of tongue-in-cheek nonfiction also arose that treated Holmes and Watson as real people, with Doyle demoted to mere editor when he was acknowledged at all. Taken up by other enthusiasts, this practice of fan-nonfiction became known as the Higher Criticism or the Great Game.

Bell, S. Roberts, and Dorothy L. Sayers, among many others. Fascination with Holmes soon expanded beyond his English-speaking audience.