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Because of this, there is only special ways you can call on them within the terrestrial sphere.

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Within a selected and secluded space for ritual, the witch or theurgist can call the angels to manifest within that golden space of fine ethereal matter, which is produced by the body of a witch or theurgist that is capable of calling forth these particular particles of moving energy from out of their bodies.

Not all witches have this particular ability, and in truth, more might have the ability if they work in a coven that develops this skill. To make a phone call, you need a phone. To speak with angels, you need to produce a space in which their presence can manifest within. The space that seems to be best conducive to this type of working is a quiet, unfrequented place. This can be done in a number of ways, such as one way our coven uses in which the ritual area is sealed off ritually for twenty-four hours. You would not want to call upon the angels in the busiest areas of your home — angels come in quietly, whispering their short messages to us for brief periods of time.

In that space, they respond well to long taper candles — as the flame of a candle seems to be related to the particles that which makes up their bodies. Pleasing incense seems to be a big assistance to help with this work.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, recording the drums

The sorcerers of old would use fragrant woods within a thurible to make a thurible-fire that incense can be burned upon, but today, the self-igniting charcoals do the trick. As I said, I noticed that the angels did not come when drumming was present, but other nature spirits did. Secondly, after witnessing this effect a number of times, I spoke about this topic with a couple of members of the coven at a birthday dinner.

In fact, most folks in our coven do not even own a drum.

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Even looking back on the generations of witches before me, they did not drum either! We have witnessed witches having drum circles at other open pagan events, and even then, it seems like a far-out foreign concept to the methods of work that our coven is used to conducting.

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This class is definitely one that will introduce us to a possible new skill and tool! Why is most of our coven also not drawn to the practice of drumming? The first thing we should always look to is the practical — firstly, it is not something that was part of our traditional Wicca line. We have no mention of drums and nothing our collected writings about drumming instruments either. Even without the presence of drumming, the magical hypnotic state occurs very quickly in our rituals in which an infusion of vitality bombards the vital body, which is of course wrapped and made up of astral matter.

We sound the shofar in our rituals and also bells are rung. These instruments, along with the sound of our voice, correctly applied to tonal calls and vibrations during invocations are part of the releasing of the power necessary for angels and spirits to have a space within the aether to manifest within. Also, I have noticed that fairies of the air element are closer to human intellect and one of the most common of nature spirits that we stereotypically think of when celebrating Beltane and such.

They seem to respond very well to wind instruments and the shofar. I have also used a bull-roarer as well, made from apple-wood, to call up the fairies of the air. On top of that, angel magic is an important one to our coven, and these angels seem to respond very well to this. Are there are any instruments that I have recently clairvoyantly observed will help with the manifestation of angels? Come to think of it, maybe that is why we see cartoons with Angels playing a harp? Instruments that rattle, shake and strike seems to attract water spirits and fairies. This is because of the sounds of rain and even crashing ocean waves as they beat down upon the shore.

The elementals of the earth — the earth fairies and gnomes — seem to be the most attracted by drumming. The rhythm of the thuds and beats are reminiscent of the work I have clairvoyantly seen them conduct in nature. The sound of hooves and walking, the sound of the heartbeat or pulse, the sound of deer in high speed or a slow and graceful walk all add to the heartbeat of nature. What about the fire elementals? Well, they seem to not respond to any instrument in particular. The one strange exception I have noticed with the earth elementals in the forest involves the tree spirits or dryads.

The Sorcerer's Tower

These spirits are connected to the earth but have a unique spirit separate from the gnomes of the earth. The tree spirits also best respond to voice and wind instruments as they seem to love the breeze as it blows through their foliage. Drumming will also get the attention of tree spirits though, as they will step out to see what is going on.

If you make friends with them through voice or wind instruments, you might be able to get the tree spirits to dance with you while drumming. Once you win over the appreciation of the tree spirits, they will show great affection to you! In our coven lore, trees are highly important to us. We work with tree spirits, the dryads and all other sorts of trees.

Evil projectile sorcery

They have their own nature separate from earth spirits. It is also possible for tree spirits to take a disliking to certain people, so treat them kindly and as the friends they are — as they are dear friends of ours! Lastly, I wanted to describe what I have noticed on the effects of drumming from an occult and clairvoyant perspective. I have noticed clairvoyantly the effects of drumming on the astral matter that our astral bodies and vital bodies are cloaked in.

Drumming seems to pull the energy down towards the earth. It roots us in the dirt, both wet and dry.

Cozy Powell

Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Cozy Powell. Trivia Many rock and metal drummers have cited him as an influence. The stage name 'Cozy' was borrowed from the jazz drummer Cozy Cole. In October Powell made a new appearance on an album. This was a track Powell had recorded the drum track for when he and Tony were in Read more.

The Sorcerer: Piano Sheet: Carol Matz

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