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This type of large-scale wildlife trafficking can significantly impact the sustainability of the resources we are charged to protect.

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This sentencing is one of the final pending cases arising from Operation Fishing for Funds, an undercover operation run for approximately two years by Special Agents of the U. This undercover operation investigated the illegal harvest and sale of fish primarily walleye and trout taken from the Great Lakes. UPNFC bought and sold fish wholesale from individuals across the region, and also sold fish retail.

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The Operation has resulted in twenty-one convictions, seven in tribal courts and fourteen in federal courts. The Lacey Act, 16 U. The Lacey Act also prohibits making or submitting a false label, record, or account of fish, wildlife, or plant that has been or is intended to be transported in interstate or foreign commence.

Operation Fishing for Funds was investigated by the U. The prosecutions were handled by prosecutors from the Environmental Crimes Section of the U.

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